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May 06, 2009


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You live in such a beautiful area with lots to see and do. Thank you for sharing. Make the most of your Little Man; they grow up far too quickly!


This is so very sweet - and more exciting as I saw pictures on our news about your festival! It looks smashing!

Hope your little girl is feeling better, but Im happy you and little man had such a splendid time.

Love Julia xxx


What a grand time you and Little Man had. I too love the boats and would like to hire one for a holiday. What fun that would be!


Beautiful! Love the boats and decor, what a treat to have a festival! And, how lucky you are, having so much to explore with your little ones, right outside your door. Delightful! Hope the former birthday girl/now feeling poorly girl is better in no time!


what a beautiful colourful post xx hope little sister is feeling better xx


Thank you for taking us on your lovely walk and sharing such a special morning.

Mrs B

oooooooooooooh I whelled up a little bit there!! just lovely x


What a lovely festival, i bet the boats looked lovely at twilight. My little boy is great company too and we go on a lot of outings together. His sister is eighteen soon and does her own thing, you know, boyfriend and such things. Sam is only nine so we hang out alot, trying to make the most of it, they grow up so quick. Lovely photos as always lucy. xx noelle xx


Sounds like you had a lovely time and good weather. Its nice to do things with children individually as they often have different interests themselves. Hope Little Lady is feeling better today. Karenx


Thank you for sharing another beautiful day in your life! Do you mind if i use your photo of the pink blossom lined lane as my monitor background??? Just love it, especially as we are coming into winter. Am off to bed, but before I go, I must do another row or two on my scrummy Merino ripple blanket...again thanks to you and your very useful tutorial......
lzilulu xox Australia

Adrienne van Hövell-van Lynden

Hello Lucy!

Not to be "a lurker" I already tried to post a comment but it went wrong. So this should figure on top of the previous comment! I am living at this moment in the Netherlands and discovered your blog 2 weeks ago, looking for something on Google about crochet flowers. This led me to you and ever since I have been hooked! you inspire with all the freshness, colours, walks in the morning down hills covered in pink petals. As a mother of three "Little People"(now aged 23, 21 and 17) we had many adventures over the globe, together with my husband, living in many different places teaching and helping refugees. We unfolded our suitcases in Yaoundé, Djibouti, Beograd, Dhaka, Addis Abeba, and a few other places, staying for one, two, three up to six years in one place. My own "suitcase" always beheld a good pair of scissors, a few crochet hooks, knitting needles, a spinning toll and good pencils. The hunt for new, local materials has always been and will always remain one of my greatest pleasures.
In your stories I recognise the same spirit and enjoy your errands even more!Sorry for this too long posting but I wanted to tell you this!

For the Paper Boats, I think tou will be interested. Joanne B. Kaar is a paper artist and very explorative.

greetings, adrienne


That last line brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful!

The Coffee Lady

I love the idea of the burning boat. Were you tempted to go back and photograph the flames?

Adrienne van Hövell-van Lynden

so about the Paper boats:/www.joannebkaarpaperboats.blogspot.com, maybe you want to make some as well???

and for the crochet, a nice project in paris and burkina faso!:http://fillesdufacteur.typepad.com/and also :/www.facteurceleste.blogs.com
Delphine, the initiator , is a cousin of mine. She built herself a traditional mud-house in a very beautifully decorated village called Tiébélé. Strolling through her blog you will see it.
Nice, all these inspirations over the globe!
Adrienne, Holland


That was lovely Lucy. It is hard to find time for each on their own isn't it? And as for time as a couple or time for oneself...ha! We have 7 children, ducks, cats, hens and each other!!! x

Kenia Cris

Lucy I love your pictures and your work. I'll certainly follow you around. YOu'll see a lot of me around here. Kisses dear! Take care and keep smiling.


How sweet! I love the photo of the path lined with pink petals...gorgeous!

Nina - Tabiboo

OOoohhh I love canal's and a festival too with colourful jaunty bunting - what a treat!

Thanks for the croc/scoot adventure.

take care,

Nina x


What absolutely wonderful photos!!! I loved seeing a slice of the festival scene--we have nothing quite like that here. And such a special memory you've made with your little fellow!

The Antidote

I have a little lad who is an incredible daddy clone! It makes me happy that I can see a bit of what my husband was like before I knew him.
I have serious union jack bunting envy, I saw some in a local shop for £25!!! I know!! (ok, it was handmade) x


What a lovely morning you had. When I first came here in 1995 I got to ride up a canal on a canal boat with my little boy - he was 3 1/2 years old at the time. He used to chatter and express lots of opinions as well. It was such a lovely experience even though it was the middle of winter!


Those are great pictures. When i was in England two weeks ago, the weather looked the same, the petals were flying everywhere... It was a perfect time to go. The boats are really awesome, and thanks for sharing. It makes me want to be back in Hull, visiting my boyfriend.


Wow how lovely! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world! When I was a teenager my dad wanted to do a 'canal trip' of europe. Just mum,dad, my sister and I on a boat. At the time I thought nothing could be worse- imagine your parents dragging you to the other side of the world away from your friends! At the time I was relieved that it didn't happen...Now especially as my father passed away aged 48 I wish that it had actually happened...it would have been beautiful!


Best sort of day!


I love stopping by your blog, the colours and all the inspiration that you just througing towards my eyes!

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