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May 07, 2009


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Gerry Hook

Lucy, since you are unsure if you like your Granny Square Blanket today - just know any of us would take it off your hands in a minute ! :D
Have finished my Crocheted Bag and just waiting for the sun to shine so that I can get a good photo to blog and am already starting a Granny Square Project - - using your wonderful instructions, of course.
Thanks for taking us along on your shopping outing.

Leilani Bennett

It's been my experience that whenever I post anything that isn't 101% positive, all manner of people post comments castigating me. But you did ask, didn't you. I love love love all the squares but really don't like the white border. I think that whenever white is thrown into something wildly colorful, the white becomes the predominant color.


I love your blanket....it's very nice with the white colour at the end. I started a hexagone blanket. It will take me ages, but it's so much fun. Thanks so much for your tutorial.
Love Angela

Penny L

Lovely lovely lovely ! A little retail therapy does you the world of good.
I like the blanket too. I'm in the midst of making lots of lovely flowers courtesy of your patterns and inspiration ( even though I shouldn't be as we're having a French girl to stay next week and I haven't made any preparations yet i.e. I can't remember what my daughters bedroom carpet looks like!!!)because an old blanket knitted by my mum's friend's mum when I was a little girl got left in the summer house at the end of last summer and a little mouse has nibbled lots of little holes in it. I was VERY sad until I was suddenly inspired by you now I'm feeling very enthusiastic about mending it. So Thank you. Pity I'm not feeling so enthusiastic about the housework !! Penny L XXXXXX


I love it, your crochet is beautiful. Love your blog....from Natalie(in Australia)

Jen Gough

I just love your blanket! So colorful and happy!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Mrs Bun

Each of your journeys from your home sound so magical and wonderful. We have fields one way and a duck pond the other, nothing quite so glorious as canals, blossom strewn paths and a train journey.

Your afternoon adventure sounds simply perfect - exactly how I would love to spend an afternoon. SImple pleasures.

Lisa x


blanket looks fab and what a stunning train journey would make doing the shoping loveley.
the blanket looks fab too and those cleaning cloths haven't spotted those in my sainsburys but the cleaning isn't soemthing I do as often as I should so perhaps i will have a better look next time:)


Hooray retail Therapy, did a little of my own today. After being cooped up in my house for 2 weeks with the most severe case of Poison Ivy ever, I needed to go out. I set a $10.00 limit on myself and browsed the sale bins at Target. It was fun and killed my craving.

I love, love, love, the blanket. I think you should too. Also I have noticed that sometimes when you crochet you actually build the next Granny Square on to one you have already made, rather than sewing it on after the fact. How do you do that? I can't seem to figure it out. Looks really great though.


I'm having some retail therapy on Saturday when I take my Mum to Springfields. She loves the scent of freesias, so I buy her some at Morrisons as I pass. Don't know what I will buy, but we will have a wander around. Love the Granny squares. I think it will look different when you put your border on. Happy hooking1

Shelley in SC

I really love the blanket, but I think the white might be really jumping out at you. It's definitely different than anything else you've shown us. I think the wide granny border will pull it all together. I do like your other blankets without the white better, but this will add a fresh change into the mix.


Hi there!

I've been really following your blog for a while (i'm one of those who check's it out everyday) and I really like it. Now I have my child at the hospital and I'm stucked 24 h a day in there but I use the wifi to keep following your posts and it really cheers me up. Thanks for sharing your good moments, I'll keep on following you and one day i'll share with you my creations, I'm a real craft addict.
thanks again,


Tania Hrziwnatzki

I love love love the blanket, can't wait to see it finished
love Tania x

Penny Peberdy

Yes, I love it too! I made some for my boys' beds in the 1970s but they were fairly restrained with 2 or 3 colours only. I much prefer a riot of colour.


Love the windmill - the colours are so inspiring! Its a lovely idea to get some retail therepy at the supermarket - and all for under £20. Your new blanket looks amazing so far - cannot wait to see the finished product!


Dear Lucy,
this is the first time in my life, that i post a comment to someones blog. But I think that you should know, that you kind of changed my life. After i have ssen your grannys i wanted one of my own so much, that i learned how to crotchet a few month ago and are nearly finished with my first grannysquare blanket by now. I love your blog. And I love your summergarden blanket. Would like to know what do you think of my blanket, please let me know, if you are interested in seeing it, then i will post a few pictures via flickr.
Thank you so much for all the joy you are givin me every day (with crotchet my own blanket and with reading your blog.
Love, Anna


Love it!
love it!
After following your blog for some time i finally found someone to help me master the basics of crocheting during the Easter hols. Since then i have been trying out your tutorials which are fab.
You could say i'm totally HOOKED
i would love to think that one day i could make a blanket as beautiful as yours,
at the moment i think it would take me a good few years.
I have only managed enough squares to make a blanket for my daughters dollys cot, but she loves it! Oh then eldest daughter asked for phone sock with flower on and i managed the flower and taught her how to make hdc square and she has the coolest phone sock! you are inspirational and i thank you!


I love your blog and ur blanket. U really are an inspiration. Thankyou


Oh wow! I love the sound of your retail therapy! I would do just the same. I am originally from the UK and pine for the British supermarkets in all their glory! I once headed out to Brent Cross on a visit back 'home' and ended up spending all of my time in the nearby Tesco (also avoiding all the food and buying the other stuff!). I am feeling very envious of your trip out now...


I love it....really I love all your work!

X Maureen


I love the blanket. However, I can't tear myself away from looking at the beautiful landscape of your retain therapy jaunt! I long to live in a place with that much beauty!


Love Them.... It is going to make a beautiful Blanket.... Thank you for the beautiful pictures... You always brighten my day....Thank you Lucy...


I so want a rainbow windmill
Very much enjoyed this little escapist escapade today :o)
Great idea for the bunting!
The crochet middles remind me of colourful windmills, or is that just my eyes? Anyway it's very, very gorgeous!


Mmmmmm freesias, I can just imagine the scent - I must look out for some on our market tomorrow.

Loving the look of the blanket, I rather like the borders in white.


What a lovely afternoon shop. Even a train ride to the supermarket. How wonderful. I am jealous. You made some lovely purchases and your crocheting is smashing.

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