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May 07, 2009


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Garden Bags

Very creative. Im sure the blanket will be beautiful. :)

Linda Johnson

I just want to tell you that I love you so much...although I don't really know you in person. I know a little bit about you on here and you make me smile. My dear friend told me about this site because she said you reminded her of me. How very dear that is because I think you are one-in-a-million. You are delightful and your attitude is beautiful. You bless us all...everyone who gets to read your blog and look at your beautiful photo's. Thank you for the smiles and dreamy heart you put in me!
Love, Linda

Anita Roggendorf

Hello there!

I recently found your blog...I love your work.

When I was a child my grandma taught me how to crochet. She would give me yarn and I would make these ridiculously long chains. As I got older I completely stopped. Heck, I forgot I even knew how to crochet. (I blame on my NYC lifestyle. LOL)

While packing for my big move to California I came across an old hook… and well it was like riding a bike.

Although, I loved getting back into crochet, I've been less than inspired by the books and yarn selection in my local craft store. My projects, though well stitched, lacked luster.

Then I stumbled across your blog, now all I can think of is yummy candy colors.
You made me fall back in love with Grannies. I’m making ripples…and working on my first hexagon.

I’ve given up on the beige, burgundy, and dull pastel colors of my local craft store. I now search the internet looking for new yarn and I look for beauty in my everyday life. AND I even bought Rowan based on your recommendation. :)

I just wanted to say thank you. The fact that you share all of this for FREE is as inspiring as your work.

I'm going to work on my own website and will share!

Please don’t stop posting!!! Loving it!



How did you join the individual squares? Did you join as you went? or after?

thank you! :)

your fan in Los Angeles


Glad I am not the only one who loves the supermarket non food delights. Thanks for cheering up my maudling monday!

kitschen pink

Lucy. I hate to say it. Make the remaining squares to get it out of your system, but sadly the blanket is a disaster. Send it to me and I'll look after it for you so you don't have to live with it. No trouble. Don't mention it. I'd be happy to help. No really. I'll pay the postage - I have just the place for it.... t.xx


Trim in yellow or lime green? Something to make it pop!

Samantha Terry

Hey Lucy! I've got those paper napkins too! Picked them up a couple of weeks ago at my local Sainsburys. Also got some called Caravan Floral and a co-ordinating wipeable paper tablecloth (floral) - couldn't resist all the lovely bright colours. Red is my favourite colour with yellow a very close second. Are you watching Kirsty's Handmade Home on Five on Thursday night?? She's dabbled in knitting, but don't know if she's going to cover crochet or not, but she had a lovely crochet blanket on last week that she'd got from a car boot (I think). Love love love the summer garden blanket - have faith - it will look even more spectacular when it's finished. Hope you have a fantastic weekend whatever you're up to. Take care. Love Sam xx

Gerry Hook

Lucy, thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip. The train trip is a novel way of traveling for most of us in the U.S. where we drive, drive, drive. In our own little cocoon.
As always, your sense of color is magnificant ! !

Rita RC

What a joy you are! Thank you for another lovely post and for a ray of sunshine and brightness in an otherwise bleak day. We have had nothing but rain here for two weeks and it's a bit depressing. I adore your blog and have been hooking up a storm!
You are an inspiration to all who visit your lovely colorful world. hugs!

Victoria Leather

Hi Lucy

Firstly, LOVE reading your blog. Its so colourful and positive and joyous, thank you for sharing with us. Secondly, I'm with you on the seasonal supermarket thing. This week I managed to get the stripy deckchairs I've lusted after from said supermarket plus some colourful unnecessaries - lovely! Can't tell you how much I missed english supermarkets when we lived in Singapore - is one of the best bits about coming home. Mmm, does that make me a bit strange?

Lastly - are you mad???? That blanket is lovely lovely lovely. If you feel you can't love it enough just let me know and I'd happily purchase it from you ;-))) !!

Best wishes
Victoria xx


Can't beat a good bit of retail therapy - and all those goodies (for all the family I note, very generous) for under £20 - who could complain at that.

Blanket looks fab - different to the others, but every bit as lovely, am sure you will love it when it is finished off as you describe.


What a nice trip you this gives my some ideas..And the blanket is beautiful I do especialy like the white borders.


I'm finally sending a note because your new blanket inspired me to speak up. It's lovely! I think the white sets off your superb color sense in a fresh new way. I'm an Anglophile in hot Southern California - where IF trees blossom they don't last very long. Your local ramblings make me very happy and I live vicariously through the jaunts you take and the views you show us. Your crochet has inspired my entire local knitting group, and we talk about your work a lot as we plan a summer crochet-along. (I taught myself to make your great bag - and it's great fun!) Anyway - I'm inspired by what you do. Thank you!


Thanks for sharing your little shopping trip - I agree, it's needed from time to time - and if you buy things that continue to make you smile then it's worth every penny spent.
It think the blanket looks great - can't wait to see it all finished.
Not sure if I've said thanks before for putting me on to Country Living mag. I LOVE it!!! It's not easy to find in Australia so everytime I walk past a newsagents I go in to see if they have a new issue. You've also inspired me to learn crochet - I have a friend who is going to teach me next month. And while, I'm here, you've also got me buying fresh flower for my home and breaking them up to spread around. I LOVE it!! Makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing your life with us all.


A Palmer

Thanks for inviting us on your train trip. I love "retail therapy" - great term! Love the blanket - so much work, girl. It's beautiful and I think the white border will pull it all together. Enjoy your finds.


Wow what a gorgeous way to spend the day ! LOVEEEE those dish clothes if we had those in Australia i might even enjoy doing the dishes.....NAH I would make bunting instead !! I love visiting your blog I am new at all this (1st week) but come to your place over and over again.... its lovely to see all your lovely colours and ideas. Thanks for letting me into a little piece of England. Aussie Hugs Danielle


I think your blanket looks great already.


Gorgeous blanket as always! My friend just finished a granny-ish blanket and she added a granny-style border and it is beautiful! So I think that would be a lovely finishing touch on this one too!


Your blanket looks wonderful - but then all your crochet does. You're beautiful bright and cheering colours have inspired me to lose one stick, and learn to crochet. (I also love going on Supermarket Shopping Sprees - I live 100yards from a 24 hour Tescos. It's very dangerous!)

Alison Hutchison

Hot diggety darn that blanket is fabulous xxxx


Hi Lucy
I recently discovered your blog after looking at granny square afghans on ravelry - you should know that you are now entirely responsible for a whole lot of yarn retail therapy going on at my house LOL!! I really adore all your projects and fully intend to make my own ripple, granny square afghan and your fantastic bag.
Your retail trip today looks like fun. I know that there are just some days when I get the urge to just go buy something - doesn't have to be much - and usually those little splurges are the best! Thanks for all your colorful enthusiasm - I come to your blog whenever I need a lift.


Ooooo - I played with that windmill in my local Sainsbury's! I so nearly bought it! Beautiful crochet as always. C x


I love the blanket squares but the best bit of the picture is the Croc clad toes on the chair!!

I too spend much too much time in the non-food aisles of any supermarket I go to.

Sue xx


Your blanket looks just delicious!!! Okay I admit I am partial to purple, but I can't wait to see it finished. And now you have me wanting some of those Sarah Smith cloths, so not fair Lucy!!!!!

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