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May 11, 2009


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Kathy Prickett

Ohhhh....thank you so much for taking pics of your beautiful homeland and posting for us to see! How very thoughtful of you and wonderful for us to have a look-see into your world. You have given me some great ideas to try out. I can't wait! Thank you again, Miss Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds!!! :o)


Welcome home Luce! I have enjoyed your photos and really looking forward to tomorrow's. Not been there. We have the same skies you have, but we have that crispness in the air that you get in Autumn. The one that reminds you that winter is truely here - scary!!

The Coffee Lady

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this post - it's years since I went there, and had never thought of taking my children there because I didn't remember it being a disabled accessible place at all. But that path, all smooth and wide and welcoming! It lured me onto the website for more information, and it looks like we'll definitely be able to plan a visit.


wow. that's a super start to the weekend, whatver you are wearing. i love it when the experience is the thing, not how we look or prepare for it. kudos to you for doing it! and what a site!! gorgeous!jkj


A picnic breakfast is a wonderful idea! I must do this. Your posts are very inspiring to get out and explore, with your beautiful photos.
P.S. I love that little road too!


Sounds like a brilliant day, lovely photo's!! S


Lucy what a lovely morning you had. Its so nice to get up early and do these things when no-one else is about although we don't manage it very often either. The gated road brought back happy memories of my Father and myself going to climb Helvellyn in the Lakes where the little road had several gates before we could park. Karenx


Beautiful post Lucy :o)
Isn't it wonderful when the bluebells are out!
Before being agoraphobic, I used to do just as you did, grab a spontanious breakfast, lunch or supper and head off to a magical woodland or beach.
Hope you have a lovely day


What a splendid day indeed. You live in such a wonderful area. I'm so jealous. Those bluebells are just magnificant.



beautiful place..Glad you all had a nice time..

Sharon McQuistion

Ah! to be in England now that spring is there!

Val from Down Under

Oh Lucy, you live in the most wonderful part of the world! I love to visit you every day. Thank you for sharing it with us!


Oh I just love your posts!!!! You take us along with you on your jaunts with your wonderful words and beautiful photography.A lovely start to my day.Thanks Lucy.xxx


Can I come too! That looked lovely. Florida is now rain free and feels like the Dog Days of August, over 90F degrees for the last 10 days! I wish I was in cool green England! Thanks for brightening up the dreary police station once again. BeBe in FL


It's good for the soul to be spontaneous sometimes. I forget all too often.


Oooohhhhh....we used to live near Bolton Abbey and just LOVE it! We try and return once a year for a restorative holiday (staying near Barden Tower). You made my heart sing with this photographic journey-thank you!

Fiona (now in Devon!)


The pictures are wonderful. I know Bolton Abbey from my time in Yorkshire. I miss England a lot and you bring the pictures back to me.

Love from Angela


Lucy...passare dal tuo blog è un pò come sognare..............


Hi Lucy Just to say how much i love our blog and the way in which you see your world. especially your tutorials -they have inspired me to learn to crochet. So i have posted two projects on my blog inspired by ideas form your blog: if you have time take alook!


oh yes, you must do this more often! I am usually eating my breakfast at my desk while catching up with your doings, and this was a lovely breakfast indeed!


your little people have got the most lovely parents, taking them on super outings like this. the bluebells are so pretty. enjoyed this post thanks.


What a wonderful idea! now if only I could rouse my teenage daughter at a decent hour on the weekend, I would be happy, maybe I will have to settle for lunch :)


I just found your blog and how lovely! Just what I needed, I'm back in the city after a stint in the somerset countryside (see blog) and I'm missing greenery!
I'm going to take my little pink bbq to the woods tomorrow and have sausage sandwiches for lunch and build a log teepee. Sod the housework and chores!
Thanks for the inspiration!

brianna marchaj

Truly wonderful pictures, and it sounds like a delicious day of decadent relaxation. I envy you!

Glad you had such a lovely day.

Anne Bebbington

Somerset is beautiful but nothing quite hits the spot like Strid Woods at bluebell time - I feel so homesick I could burst and I've lived away over 17years. Thank you for sharing your delicious photos

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