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May 15, 2009


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Wow, I've just discovered your blog through Aneela, and I've been hit in the face by the colour...what a riot, I love it. Your crochet is to die for. I can't wait to see what you come up with your first patchwork quilt...go for, I'm sure you will find quilting addictive. And Kaffe is the Master!!


Wouahhhh these fabrics are so beautiful!! When I come to visit you I feel in a good mood, thanks for that My Lucy!!!
I am so happy of your visit on my blog...
Have a nice and sweet weekend!
Kiss from Brussels


That Chesterfield is AMAZING!!

Rain here too up in Scotland - perfect school Fete weather!!


Hi Lucy, I adore patchwork, and am definately going to take it up when I get a sewing machine. I have always wanted a ptachwork quilt, but have you seen the price of them! So I thought, I will just make one myself, might take a little longer than just going out and buying one, but at least it will not cost as much, plus it will be totally unique! xxxxxx


Wow love your fabric stash the colours are just so awesome, watch out I have made my first quilt and its addictive - especially the fabric buying LOL

Sarah T

Go for it lucy, once you start pathcwork you will get hooked! Pardon the pun! I am sure you take it to a new level like you did the crochet. I am looking forward to seeing the first of what I think will be many quilts!

Have a great weekend x


Your stash may not be huge, but it is very very pretty. So much promise in those little squares.

Enjoy your rainy day.


Totally in love with your sense of colour! Making old traditions all new and yummy.


Hi Lucy,
Setting up a flickr group sounds like a great idea. The fabrics you have chosen for the patchwork quilt are so cheery, it will really complement your beautiful crocheted cushions and blankets


Gorgeous fabric and that strip looks mighty fine! I can't wait to see your finished chair and then the quilt draped over it - ENJOY!!! :-)

Leilani Bennett

You are embarking on a project that is totally addictive! (Ask me how I know.)
You will be cozily quilting away by the fire and I will be cozily knitting with the air conditioner on because it's going to be one hot weekend here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Aren't we lucky we have fun ways to beat the weather?


Wow! I have only just recently discovered your blog through another (forget which one sorry!) and you have already inspired me! I am also starting to have a go at patchwork and this post is fantastic eye candy!

Thank you very much :)

Mrs Bun

I get very excited by all the colours of yarn out there and completely inspired when I see a new shade. When I see other people's fabric stash I fall in love with all of it and wish it was mine. It might be a small stash, but it's a very very good one you've got there Lucy. The colours are just gorgeous.

Your cosy weekend sounds all wintery and just perfect. I might copy you and fit the same in around popping to the village hall for the jumble sale.

Have a good weekend.

Lisa x


I've been putting off going to a patchwork shop as I know I will want to spend, spend, spend! But your fabrics are just sooo lovely. The chair will look so incredibly beautiful when you've finished with it!! Fabulous cushions and fabulous seat. Bet you don't use it for sitting in, you'll just want to look at it all day won't you?!!


Fabulous colours and thank you so much for visiting The Conservatory yesterday and commenting on my crochet. Love Oran xx


''in front of the fire with Country Living magazine to the left, my crochet bag to the right, cushions and blankets to the back and tea and cake somewhere reachable in front''.

Yeah , I so know what you mean , what more does one need :)

I love your Blog , and your work is fabulous. You are one of my very favorite Blogs


your stash is beautiful and the patchwork is gonna be fab

kitschen pink

Oh how I love the work of Lisa Whatmough. Have you seen her patchwork standard lamps? Oooh! I tried the patchwork upholstery in my class - it's very very ticksy to get the tension right! But your colours already look amazing - of course!! t.x (yes please flickr group - I don't do any crochet these days but I'd love to gaze upon everyone elses!)


I think you are doing very well indeed, those fabrics are the colors version of your crochet and they will all orchestrate to a wonderful crocendo in your home..Make sure you leave some time for this website too if you dont already have it http://quiltinggallery.com/quilting-bloggers/

..cheers Izzy


ohh my days!! i need that sofa!!!


Yummy scrummy pretty fabric! I too am glad that the weather in the Midlands is all rainy as I have spent the day sewing and got my first ever quilt finished! It is very addictive - be warned!


I tried the whole patchwork thing last autumn and enjoyed the day I had, making the top layer of the quilt. I treated myself to some special fabric to back it. tacked it all together and then proceeded to quilt it. (I logged it all carefully on my blog) That was when the corners of the mouth went down. My sewing machine just would not cope with it and it is now in a nicely folded heap on top of the machine waiting for me to have yet another attempt at quilting. The moral of the tale? Don't give up. If at first you don't succeed, try try again!!!!


I am hoping to finish my first ever patchwork quilt this weekend-have been sewing it by hand as my machine not working. It is SO addictive, I have already started collecting fabric for my next one..watch this space!x


I have just bought some fabric for a patchwork quilt (but haven't reached the cutting stage yet!) and I look forward to seeing how yours grows, too. Have a great weekend - your plans sound very nice!

Shelley in SC

Oh, my . . . it's a patchwork wonderland. Nothing would fit more beautifully in your home that patchwork out of these scrumptious colors. Go, Lucy!!

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