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May 01, 2009


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flowers Philippines

Hey! Lucy,

it seems you have a great garden in your house. i was fascinated by your cute purple flowers. it refresh me a lot. keep it up!


Susana Alves (mundoacores)

Hi Lucy,

Thank you so much for your comment in my flickr page!!! It´s a compliment for me! :)
Your work is absolutely inspiring to me! I think we have many things in common: the passion for colors!!! And art sensibility! I want to be your blog follower, but I didn´t find how, anyways, I come here regularly!
Keep up with all your good work!!


Susana Alves


Hello Lucy!

I'm so glad you brought up school holidays...I'm dying to know how the school year is set up in England! Here in the states, they begin the school year at the end of August/beginning of September (depending on the city or state). They have various one day holidays, maybe a few days inbetween, and a Thanksgiving holiday at the end of November, then around 2 weeks or so at Christmas. Then, they have one day holidays until spring break, which is the middle of March for us (in Texas), then only one day holidays here and there until the end of school around the first of June. They have the summer off. How do they do it there in England? Is it very different? Thanks for feeding my fascination...:)



I know exactly what you mean about buying seeds with all good intentions of sowing them! I'm with you I buy but forget to sow!
There were Cheddar Strawberries at our local farmers market yesterday, now I have three punnets in the fridge!


Mmmm - asparagus! I have just started picking my very own asparagus from my allotment. It has been three years in the waiting but oh boy is it worth the wait. I have a system in place involving my other half poised at home waiting for my phone call telling him the asparagus is picked and that I am on my way home. He then gets the steamer going so when I walk in the door five minutes later the water is boiling. In goes the asparagus and I reckon I am eating it within fifteen minutes of it being picked. It is divine - and better still it is all mine as no one else in the house likes it! Enjoy your weekend and your asparagus!

Shelley in SC

A very happy May to you, Lucy!! As usual, getting a big smile out of the bossy calendar! Hope you enjoy your May Day and can't wait to see the surprises you have in store for us next week!


Happy May Day. Your strawberry photo looks positively luscious! Enjoy your holiday weekend. I live in the northwest corner of the US and our Spring Break was in April. We are heading into Summer Vacation after the first week of June. I am looking forward to the farmer's market opening and time at the beach with the kids... if only I was as clever with my camera as you are! I loved your vacation posts!


Hi there, I am new to your blog, but I love it!! I don't know where you live, but I LOVE the views in your picture. I want to move there... I live in the states, and I am quite certain that you are across the ocean!! Still, the views rival anything here!! Lovely photos!!

hill upon hill

My husband won't any strawberries other than English ones. I love May, it is cold now, the leaves are golden and it is Mothers' Day.


We've got the May day holiday on Monday but no Spring week later in the month in Scotland. Used to love May when I lived in France - 3 public holidays in a month and if they fell on a Thursday or Tuesday then obviously the civilised French had to have the extra day off for "le pont" (the bridge), and because of the dates they all fell in the same pattern so sometimes May was the shortest month of all with lots of long weekends at the beach.

Val from Down Under

Hi Lucy, no Spring Bank here in Australia either! Love your view from the attic window (sigh...) Love your pictures and your posts too!

Annie Wynen

I'm loving the photographs on your blog, and your crotchet pics are just brilliant!


Happy May to you, Lucy. I'm looking forward to hearing about your holiday involving the big boat and passports. Thanks for the cheery post, as always!


Have a lovely w/end - I've got my eye on a Norfolk Cream Tea with strawberries with Lu X


aaahhh Pimms - my favorite - well maybe strawbs and cream coming close!!!



Hi Lucy,
We had May Day here in Crete today. Its always on the 1st no matter what day it is. Hope you have a jolly weekend and catch you next week. Love the photos.


Loved the walk around your garden! Enjoy the May merriment!

Nina - Tabiboo

Hi Lucy - Happy May Day!

What a pretty post, I do love all those calenders, mine's the Laura Ashely one too.

Love your violas such a beautiful colour, I have to say probably one of my favorites. It's good to have you back to your jolly, jolly self!

Have a lovely weekend with all you festivities!

take care,

Nina x


I wish my trowel and fork were as pretty as in that picture. Have a lovely May Day .

Sue xx


Happy May Lucy - enjoy your weekend. :-)

The Antidote

I think you should ignore that bossy calendar and go with the Pimms!
Enjoy the bank holiday x


Happy May Day, Lucy! :)


No spring Bank holiday here in the states.. We have a one day Memorial day and most schools close for the summer at the end of May. Joy for the children!!! Adults should get such holiday!! The weather here is perfect for gardening and enjoying some quality time with my husband on the motorcycle!! Enjoy your festival weekend!!


Love the post Lucy :o)
Hope you and your family have a fantabulous may weekendy xx


Hi Lucy,
My name is Alexis and I love your blog and visit every day. I just wanted to let you know that I linked to you today at http://knotsewcrafty.typepad.com/knot_sew_crafty/2009/05/photo-by-webmink--on-flickr--enjoying-the-sprays-boughs-cuttings-of-quince-that-our-new-neighbor-brought-over-to-us-w.html

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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