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May 27, 2009


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hi. i just took a trip down memory lane and read from a year ago's postings. so fun. love the easter snow and your experiences around that time. a true mine-vac for me! many thanks- jkj


I have only recently discovered blogs, and yours is lovely, lovely! I do love the absolutely endearing way in which you write about your art, your children, your home, your life. You give the world a peek into a very precious world. Thank you so much!

These little houses remind me that when I first stumbled upon your blog, you had a fantastic banner with fabric houses that you had created yourself. But your little house-banner has disappeared! Oh, where did it go? And will it ever come back again? I loved those little houses!! from Kari on the other side of the world from you in Texas.


I don't know what a Jolly day is, but I gues you'll have fun with it!
And the houses looks like the houses from my country, Holland. Amsterdam I guess?


Look forward to your jolly post. I vividly remember a childhood camping holiday (35 yrs ago now) around Windermere and Grasmere.

bethel of bethania

Hope you are having a Jollying time of it all in the Lakes District... B


hi lucy,
iwish you a nice weekend.


Have a fab trip to the Lakes, I love the Lake District. xxxx


Having recently discovered your lovely colourful blog it quickly became a favourite of mine,love love the way you use colour in your life.I'm a painter living in Sweden with my English hubby.Your creations are beautiful,love what you did to that chair.Keep that creativity flowing,have a nice weekend!


The first thing that came to my mind was Belgium.....Brugge to be exact. If that's where you are going oh it'll be so nice. It's such a pretty place. Wherever you r going, have fun!! :)


oooh! i LOVE Belgium! Is that where you've been???


I am an American and I'm not quite sure what "jollying" is, but I'm very sure it applies to how I spend my best days. So, if I may, Lucie, I will borrow it and enjoy those days even a little more! You teach me much!!!


A jolly sounds like a lot of fun!!


I'm so jealous! Wish I was going to the Lake District... Enjoy your holidays and bring lots of photos ;)


Its Bruges! ferry from Hull perhaps?

Helen Charlton

Hope the sun shines on you!!


have a great time:)


"Jollying" - sounds delightful but what does it mean? A holiday? English sounds lovlier coming from the UK. I think I need to do a little "jollying."


Must be BELGIUM ! ; ) Next time drop me a line and we will meet up


Have a wonderful time!!!

And thanks again for teaching me to crochet-- I just turned my granny square baby blanket into a "big boy" blanket :-)


jacoline (lien)

Have fun!!!!!!!!


It looks to me like Bath----and if it is Im so jealous!! Have a wonderfu7l time in the lake district---it is so beautiful
Will miss your blog Australia J


Hey, these houses look familiar to me, since I live in Amsterdam...but I think you mean Brussels, right?

And enjou the beautiful Lake District, I just love that place...(my ex-husband is English, don´t know if you remember that)


hope you have the most fab time


Oh! I *love* the little houses/shops in your hand :) Have fun. Looking forward to your updates when you get back. You are my bright spot in an otherwise dull week. :)


we've just got back from the lakes today - camping at Ullswater -- very nice

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