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May 20, 2009


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carole groundwater

Just want to let you know that I am so glad that I found Attic 24. I love crocheting and I am now making a granny square quilt. I have joined my 4 squares together and need to granny around them. Not really sure how to start this. Do I start with 3 chain and then 2 treble or do I start with 4 chain (counting as 1 treble and 1 chain)? Not really sure which way to go. Thanks for everything you really are such an inspiration to me.


Oh, I am so glad you frogged the white. Many years ago I was lucky enough to take a design class with Kaffe Fassett. He said, "No white," when talking about the multi-color dazzlers he designs. And I have realized that he is spot on. White had its place but when you are combining as many colors and shades as your blanket it is just distractin. Hooray you!

bethel of bethania

Ohhh I think housework is such a thankless task - a complete waste of time actually - but seems nobody else wants to do it either sadly & it's just gotta be done... my nose can't stand all that dust but man of man do I leave it until it is absolutely neccessary & then my good man follows me around with the vacumn - no I don't protest one little bit... shame he wouldn't start the task but you can't have everything eh... what do they say Be thankful for small mercies...

Leilani Bennett

Ah! It will be absolutely perfect!


Well, I think you are right - you will love this blanket and likely more just because so much thought love and revision has gone into it. There is a lesson here for my writing students and they may be reading you to understand how re-seeing and re-envisioning can make something good - even better. In fact, great! ~Kelly

Elena, Moscow

Hm...in Russia these flowers are called Turkish cloves. ;-)
I like the prospect blanket without white better.
Thanks for posting again.

Tickled Paisley

Hi Lucy - I recently found your blog and have to say that I am really looking forward to seeing the finished blanket! The colors are devine and I agree, I love it without the white borders (although, I imagine that was bittersweet having to take them out!). I taught myself how to crochet last year, so I have LOTS to learn and am looking forward to reading your blog for info and inspiration.
-- susan


Glad you are back Lucy! The flowers are so simple but a lovely splash of colour.

Although it is a drag to take the white borders off all of the squares it looks like the purple/blue borders are more complementary to your squares (rather than framing and contrasting as the white did). Can't wait to see the blanket as it nears completion.


I liked white :( but I'm sure it'll be better with your new choice, you're always right about colours :D


Just be grateful it wasn't knitted! (One unpicked loop infinitely preferable to a whole row of loops)


It's funny, isn't it, how we would often rather lumber ourselves with a not-loved object because we cannot stand to 'undo' hours of our own hard labour. Well done, you, for recognising that the pain of ripping is only fleeting, compared to the dissatisfaction of seeing a not-quite-right blanket every day.

Gerry Hook

Well, Lucy, that's the great of working with yarn. We may frog and frog yet in the end we can use the yarn again. It's a cheap past time this working with yarn. Where else can you get so much for your money? Oh, maybe Sweet Williams :)
I'm working on a smaller version of your Crocheted Bag. I want one just the size to tote my sock knitting. I knit two-at-a-time on a circular needle so no fear about losing needles through those dc sts.
And I'm happy to hear you're changing the white 'sashing' for the blues/pinks. Now I think it's absolutely Lucy Perfect.


I think you did the right thing. All that time and money - it was too much of an investment to be not totally wrapped with the outcome!


I'm just like you, in that if I don't like something, it gets ripped and fixed, somehow, until I'm satisfied with it. I think I like the squares without the white. Good decision. Nice job.

Rita RC

Yippe, you're back!
I wasn't worried, I assumed you were deep into the patchwork project and just couldn't tear yourself away from it.
The blues are lovely and in my humble opinion, much better for your colorful squares.
I'm working feverishly to finish the many projects you have inspired me to attempt. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can share some photos.


he he, I feel so silly!!
you even wrote 'rip it rip it' in your post!
Oh I'll never be glum unpicking again!!! xx


It's always so hard for me to take something apart. I get this idea in my head of what it will look like and just merrily work away and then realize it's not at all what I had envisioned -- or, heaven forbid, my "envisioner" was on the blink when I first designed it. It's going to be lovely. And cheerful.


sometimes waiting for a decision is so nice ... your blanket will be as you like and the white was probably to important....
( i love your creations....they are wonderful!!) sorry for my english...


I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I LOVE your blog! It's so fun and inspirational (I must admit that I do get a little jealous at times because it is my dream to live in England) Your children and home are beautiful, and your projects are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your world!


I'm sure your blanket will look great once you've finished it. The blues will be better.

I think I'm going to have to attempt to do some of that dreadful cleaning/tidying lark tomorrow!


Oh it must be a relief to have made that decision now - I liked the white but blues sound very nice too - I'm sure it will look amazing! Love your jam jar covers too - very covetable!


I really enjoyed reading your lovely post. xxxx


the blanket is going to look so cool I have started a CAL bag but i think it is just looking too big so i think I need to frog it and start again:( at least i will know I am in good company



I can't believe you undid all that white! I could never do that after all your hard work. Good on you!!

Hang on, I'm on to you, you just want the big reveal again don't you? Smart lady you are! haha


So glad you are back.
Love the new color choices for the blanket, even if the ripping back is painful. Just think of the beautiful blanket you will have.

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