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May 14, 2009


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Hello Lucy,
I've posted 2 photos, April 12,and April 24, on my blog http://cariadincrete.blogspot.com/
I'm waiting until I can buy some decent colours, then I going to make a hex cover. Love making the flowers but cannot get to grips with the rippley first row (after chain stitches)I've also started a big stripey bag...


Hello Lucy,
I loooooove everything you make! :-)
I have discovered your blog thanks to this one: http://grannymania.canalblog.com/ (it's in French)
Your wonderful sense of colours is an inspiration for many of us.
Thank you for sharing your gorgeous works.
Warm regards from Brussels.


Hi Lucy,

I loooove the new granny square, and you gave me hope I will finish one myself too :-)

Here are my flickr photo's of crochet projects inspired by your work http://www.flickr.com/photos/61685903@N00/sets/72157618172658894/


as soon as I make something worth showing, you'll be the first to know!!!


Lucy, thanks for your bright spot on the web! I'm making a bag and a ripple throw.....and would love it if we had an Attic24 on Ravelry to share, too....


I loved your bag and had to make one myself. Here it is
It didn't turn out quite as well as your, but I still love it and use it all the time.

Thank you

Sona Jacob


Though I have not made anything as yet, I must admit that I have been thoroughly inspired by your work and have begun to learn to crochet... some simple stuff. As soon as I do one of the big projects, I shall definitely send. Hope it is good enough to send!!!

Your work is lovely. So fresh and beautiful...

Warm wishes from my part of the world to yours!!



Hi Lucy,
I just started my own blog thanks to you, and I must say it really is coming along nicely! I tell ya what I'm gonna do - I'm going to try and finish my first ever dolls crochet blanket (that was entirely inspired by you) this weekend. I'll write back when it's done and you can check it out on my blog. Have a nice day!

tien nee

Of course Lucy :) Will love to show you my progress and welcome yr comments and guidance too! You are the one who inspired me and the user-friendly tutorials made it a breeze for me to get started on the GrannySquares cushion project. I'll never forget that. And i never fail to check yr blog daily for a dose of color happiness. :)
Will be posting some photos of a recent purse I've made for my mum. Cheers!

Bernadette B

Hi Lucy
thank you for your great tutorials, I have just started the hexagons, thank you for sharing your gorgeous projects.


Sorry to comment again but I wrote a little post about your blog thought you would like to see.


I hope you like and thanks again.


hey there Lucy, you give as much joy to all of us thank you for always sharing. Here is a link to some of my WIP's




I love your afghans. In fact I love it so much I ordered the yarn right away. I only ordered 1 of each of the colors so hope that is enough. I hope to get started soon. Thanks for all the inspiration. YOu do beautiful work. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work.


HI Lucy,

I made a bag for my FIL's GF for her birthday... it ended up being an adaptation of your pattern. Its done in AFL footy colours...

You can see it here:


I have been crocheting for as long as I can remember - my nana taught me before I started school. Over the years I have made many many projects and always given them away - I am still guilty of this much to my husbands dismay!!

Before I started reading your blog I had not picked up my crochet hook in around 7 years... Now its a regular part of my life again and I don't know how I ignored my love for it for so long? But I do want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for not only your crochet inspiration - but your blog as a whole... its a wonderful place to come visit, explore England with and I feel like I know you :)

Your Australian friend
Chars x


i always nip on your blog every few days hoping you have a fresh post up for me to read.

your blog has made me look at crochet in a whole different light, broadened (spelling??) my creativity with it.

my blog is artystitches.blogspot.com if you scroll down you will see a couple of crochet posts with you mentioned and what i am working on.

i have been a bit busy with my cross stitch lately and have been neglecting my blankets but your blog always kicks me back into action so did a bit of hooky last night.

what will you be crocheting next?


You certainly have this little crochet lover out here in the colonies (Australia) hooking like mad. Currently making the hexagons and thanks for your great pictorial tutorial on how-to. I have been able to pass on your site and your inspiration.
Love your work.


My crochet molluscs are from your summer garden pattern. I printed out your pattern when I went away for a weekend. I hadn't crocheted since I was around 10 years old but your pattern was easy to understand. I ended up crocheting 16 in my centre as opposed to 8 but it's still your pattern/instructions. The colours aren't that great but I was restricted to using what I had lying around from past projects and the like. oops this was meant to be brief!


Hi Lucy

Thanks to you I have switched back from Knitting to Crocheting and am having so much fun. I have already finished your crochet bag and am starting on a ripple blanket. I do have one request - I would like make the flower cushion and would like to know if the granny square is the same as the one used in the summer garden blanket. In your post you said the granny square is your design and would be posting it soon but I couldn't find it. Hope you can shed some light.
Thanks again for all the inspiration. I can't wait until my home is filled with lots as hooky blankets as yours.

lots of hugs,
Vickie in Seattle


Hi Lucy,

I feel like I have a kindred spirit who lives thousands of miles away somewhere in England. I too have an obsession with magazines, get totally jazzed over the smallest things, and because of you, have picked up the crochet hook again. I have a very large blister on my finger because I want to finish my Attic24 bag (which by the way is ginormous!). I haven't uploaded a pic to the blog yet, but just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading about my "friend" across the pond.

maria amelia

Hi Lucy
"Attic24" and "Alvorada Blog" inspired me to do this http://adorocrochet.blogspot.com/2009/05/projeto-novo-mas-nem-tanto.html
Since last year I'm trying to do it and finally I discoverd how to, thank you!. I love your blog, because I love pictures, flowers, crochet, cooking....and many many other things. I love all that is beautiful and that makes our life happier (or happiest??) Escuse my bad english. kissis from Brazil.


We, your fans, ARE awesome, aren't we?
(and modest)


I wish I had something splendid to show you Luce, but I am still in the process of making granny squares. They are coming along nicely though. I would love to know how to do that fancy edge you have just completed. Anyway here is my little piece for you (OK, it's not accepting my comment as I don't know how to do the link thing, Oh really!!) Just visit me and click on 'My Square Granny'! Thanks for your crochet lessons and keep hooking!

pip of meetmeatmikes

Oh let's just get married! We're perfect for each other! I think a Flickr group is the best ever idea! xx


Pants - still cannot master the hook. Do you have any rooms left that need painting in leu of a teaching session???
Keep up the lovely colourful work - its eye candy for the soul...



Am off to a crafty retreat today....will be home late Sunday afternoon....am taking my bucket of Bendigo Merino Luxury wool, my crochet hook, my already started Attic24 Ripply gorgeousness and I PROMISE to do a blog post when my feet touch the ground again...... :)

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