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May 14, 2009


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Dear Lucy,

I've never commented before and usually don't read blogs. But... when I wanted to crochet a flower dress for my 1-year old daughter, while looking for the pattern, I found your crochet perfect-flower scarf on the flickr, and then your blog. Ahhhhh! What a colourful world! Lovely crochet. Mmmm. The pictures, colours, cuisine, family attitude.... all very inspiring. I couldn't resist.
So, this is my first Attic24-inspired work: the flower dress, as a whole still WIP, but the top is already in use:
I also tried (click next on the above page) hexagons, hearts, granny squares and lentil and peanut bake ... love your blog. Thank you Lucy for sharing.

greetings from Poland

Emma - Dotty Mays

Hi Lucy
Still loving to read your blogs. I still haven't followed the crochet tutorial you posted a while back ... time moves too fast with a baby. I have a website of my makes if you'd like to take a look (leave a message to say you've called!) www.DottyMays.co.nr

I hope all is well with you - missing your start of week update so was concerned that all in the Attic was well?



Hi there!

I think this has been a great initiative as I'm meeting lots of new great places to visit,... so many that I had no time to post on my blog. I promise I'll soon have some grannys I've been working on in there. Have a nice day and keep all crocheting!!



thank you so much for teach me how to be a crochet lover!!!
you are an inspiration!!!


here's the lik to my crochet project..
Good idea!!
Have a good day


Lucy I don't often comment, but I do love your blog, and you have inspired me to explore my colourful side and not be swayed by the magnolia brigade!
I've just posted a pic of my hexagon blanket on my blog!
Take care


Hi Lucy!!
here I am, far from England, in Argentina actually, trying to fulfill your request. I got to your blog, only God knows how, someday last january and found it obviously highly inspiring. I made a blanket inspired on your Summer Garden Granny Square one. I got your idea of joining the little squares together and then it turned quite different from yours because I used a palet of only six colours. This is the link to the post of the first block of the blanket: http://tramandotramas.blogspot.com/2009/01/manta-para-helena.html
If you browse my blog( http://tramandotramas.blogspot.com) you'll be able to see the progess and results. The blog is in Spanish, for obviuos reasons, but the pictures speak by themselves.
My current project is a ripple baby blanket, and I must confess I learnt the pattern from your blog!! Follow this link http://tramandotramas.blogspot.com/2009/05/zigzags-en-rosas-y-verdes.html and you'll see the progess.
Thank you for your colours, your ideas and your patterns of course!! A big hug from South America


Hi Lucy! I love your blog, it's so colorful and inspiring! I'm making the hexagon blanket and I love the pattern! Here are two recent blog posts with pictures:



Thank you so much for sharing the pattern! I can't wait to try your other patterns too, they are all so pretty!


Lucy, I made your bag for myself -- I HAD to have one! -- and my 3-year-old little miss KJ wanted one in pink and purple, so here's a link to my blog with both of them posted! Thank you for your inspiring blog, I LOVE your colors and check in daily! Thanks for keeping us going! :-) Rona in Colorado


Hi Lucy here is the link to the strart of my Ripple Blanket, which will be for my nephew/neice. I have until September to get it finished...so plenty of time!


I am really enjoying making it. Thank you so much for the patterns!


lynnie jones

hi fro oz ,i am a crochetholic as you can see by my vintage blanket etc etc etc lynnie


Dear Lucy,
Thanks you so much for the list of colors you used for your summer garden squares. Approximately, how many skeins did you have to buy for each color?

I enjoy reading about your crochet projects but also your trips with your family. My husband and I did a "walk" in the the Cotswolds, following instructions going from inn to inn. For Americans, it was quite an adventure, especially walking through, around, and over stiles. We were alarmed when a sign said beware of bull. We were wearing red jackets!



I love you pattern! Easy to use and I made a baby blanket for my sisters baby!



Hi There!
Looking back over the things you've inspired me to make, I feel like a bit of a copy cat. But actually, your sweet inspiration eggs me on to create my own lovelies. :D You are special! I have made about 5 of your wonderful tote bags and have sold them on suzimoon.etsy.com and have more pics and projects on my blog, suzimoon.blogspot.com . Making your wonderful flowers got it all started and now I have my own little flowers I created my own pattern for and hats and bags galore!!!! They make me happy...just like you. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

Sara Wright

Hi Lucy- I learned to crochet many years ago but let it drop after I learned to quilt and knit. After coming across your blog I picked up the hook again and remembered all the things I love about crochet. Thanks!


You have inspired me to try ripple patterns. I've bought the Jan Eaton book and am completing a throw in shades of purple & lilac. Have also made a blanket of granny squares in same shades.I've also ordered the book with crochet and knitted flowers. I am in France for a couple of months. Hope the book will be waiting for me when I get home. I can't send pics as my pieces are at home. My French project is knitting lacey fingerless gloves. Woderful to be able to read your blog from across the channel.


Lovely fabrics, I'm sitting drooling over them (& my keyboard!) You inspired me to start crochet again - my first flower can be found here:- http://www.flickr.com/photos/thesnailgarden/3394739984/in/set-72157603110379513/
Starting a new Flickr group sounds like a great idea. Best wishes, Pj x

The Girl from Mozambique

Love you Lucy!
Here I am: http://thepinkneedle.blogspot.com/



http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3534465635/
is my hexagon blanket in progress. I don't have any photos of the finished product yet. I'll post them soon!


Helen from Boston

Hi Lucy,
I'm so glad I came across your blog when I began my 1st ripple blanket. I have learned so much from you. Your instructions are so clear and concise.
Thank you so much!! I love your designs and your use of color.
I have posted some of my work that was inspired by you on Flickr.
:) Helen


Hello Loopy Lucy

I was inspired by your love of crochet and after months of trying to resist, I gave in and succumbed to the crochet bug.

Here is my first attempt at a granny square blanket using two sizes of square and Cath Kidston inspired colour scheme.


Hello Lucy!

Your blanket is just the most gorgeous and adorable bit of crochet I've ever seen! I love crocheting anyway, but your blog has inspired me so much. I've begun a little project (inspired by your blanket) which I blogged about this evening!

If you get chance you can check out my blog here...

Each time your blog posts pop up in my google reader I get excited and have to read your post first! Thanks for giving me that warm fuzzy happiness!
Marie x


hi there, my computer has broken so only read this post today. I have been incredibly inspired by your blog. For years i have been trying to get to grips with knitting, until i came across your blog. I now crochet and i'm enjoying it so much. I am currently making your neat ripple pattern as a blanket for my sister. I have always found crochet patterns hard to read until i read yours. please please keep writing patterns. I love all the stuff that you blog about, and as soon as my computer is fixed, i will be back at my desk checking everday to see if you have posted again.

janine x

Beth in Austin (USA)

Oh Lucy,

I am a new visitor (via Ellen Bloom of L.A. is my Beat) and I love and am inspired by the rainbow of colors and the upbeat attitude you share with us everyday. I have just gotten back into the swing of crocheting and have decided to give your rainbow squares a go with a twist. I am using the colors of the town college (The University of Texas). I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I "got" the bobble stitch!! You can see the first flower circles for my afghan posted 5/15/09 on my site.

Thank you ever so much for just being you!!


Hi dear Lucy, i'm Manuela from Genova (Italy), i'm fallen in love of your projects,i've made a plaid, well, i'm doing a plaid, it is so beautiful, i'll made a bag, but at the moment i spent a lot of time for my job and for my family, so i have a few moments to crochet, my blog is:
i also work with an international blog of crochet:
thank you so much ...
you are a genius !!!

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