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April 30, 2009


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Love, love, love reading what you have to say and your pictures, Oh my!! What a treat for the eyes. You inspire me to clean my house and create something pretty. Thank you ever so much!


happy birthday to your little lady...and do you mind sharing the recipe for party ring, i looked all over in the internet, but still couldn't find it..thank you so much

Heather Thorp

How on earth were the biscuits left over? They are my favourites! Sending celebratoriness your way!xxx


I'm loving life at the moment too! I can't believe R is five, she's so tall, and mature, she seems older. Children's parties hey! You don't sound too traumatised by it, which I imagine is a huge achievement!
Have a great weekend, lots to look forward to I imagine.
vanessa xxx


I loooooove the colors you are using.. makes me want to go out to the yarn shop..


Lucy - I wish I was a stay at home mom, too! You're days seem so wonderful. Happy birthday to your 5 year old!


Another beautiful post - you are amazine Lucy!! Happy birthday to you daughter - love that cupcake wrapping paper - so cute.


I read the wiki def. of party rings but I'm hoping you made those yourself because I want the recipe because you can't buy those here! They're so cheerful!


I've just recently found your blog, I wanted to say how much I love all the colour in your photos. We are heading into winter here and I'm going to make myself another granny rug only this time I'm going to use bright colours. Yours looks so cheerful for a cold, grey winter.

cheers Kate


Happy birthday to your little lady :) Thank you for your daily bursts of colour - they really do wonders to cheer me up whenever I feel down.
Estelle x


Happy birthday to your little one. Thanks for sharing your colourful day. If you break the chocolate into little pieces, it lessens the calories!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawn Sparks

All that yummy color has be wanting to pick up my crochet hook!


Hope your little daughter had a lovely birthday. That tea-set is gorgeous reminds me of one I had as a child with tiny forget-me-nots on. Wish I had it now! Love the healthy salad so colourful. Karenx


whats really scary is when you turn round and they are teenagers!!! love the little tea set - well worth squealing over! your crochet as always is inspiring and sooo colourful!


Hi Lucy, delightful photos as always, we also had a 5th birthday this year and a 4th-she also received a pink ds which she adores!!....Check out my last post, as soon as i discovered Yarnbombing i thought of you!, i linked to your blog, hope you dont mind.
Hope your enjoying the 'fresh' smell of rain on concrete!! I love it x

Louise D

Your picture and your colours and I think of Kaffe F. Lovely colours. And photos at the seashore and I´ll think of wisiting Brigthon 1953!! Wonderful.


that bus is just so cool

Shelley in SC

Oh, oh, oh, the round pillow and the small throw over the back of the new chair!! Isn't this the first time we've seen all three together!! And it looks just as lovely as you imagined it would. Thanks for bringing some of the delights of your world into our world. (Three cheers for the toy picnic set too!!! Adorable!)

Lynn at http://thingsbrightbeautiful.blogspot.com/

I would have squealed at that tea set too - and I'm 45 - lol!


Yum to all! From the party details and gifts to the lovely crochet decor photos to the luncheon plate! Now I'm hungry...


Hi Lucy! I'm loving your photos today! Crochet, salad, flowers, chocolate, mini tea set, a pretty button, and cozy magazines to look at....total simple pleasures and delights! Happy Birthday, yesterday, to your sweet little girlie! I am having a May Day giveaway tomorrow. I really hope you come and visit me!


I love the little picnic hamper and all the colourful pics on your post today....just gorgeous.

Sue xx


Happy 5th Birthday to sweet little lady x
Your rainbow button is so cute :o) what a lovely gift.
Glad you are having a lovely rainbowy day x


happy birthday to little lady! what a great teaset, oh how i want one of those!! A lovely colourful post. x x noelle x

The Antidote

Birthday love to the little one.
I always think the mummy's should receive presents and cake on their little one birthdays, after all five years ago you were the strongest bravest cleverist person in the whole world!!

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