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April 09, 2009


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Karen Greenfield

My son (now 20) wrote out a little ditty much like your son's when he was 5 in which he claimed he would not trade me "for a ded flouwr"....it's always good to know you're valued.....


The poem is perfect. The feelings it provides to a mum are so ... well I don't know how to say. My eyes were full of tears!

And as a french it was intersting to read a 6.5 yo little man's poetry and discover the mistakes and his lovely kind of phonetic way to write. Really cute!
I mean : his mistakes are much more sweeter than mine!

Well.. er... what I want to say is that it is totally charming.

Trop mignon!


Cuuuuuuuuute. A real poet even still so young. Must have it from his mom ; )


A beautiful poem


How wonderful. You will always treasure this!


OOOoh! with wistful poetry like that your boy is sure to melt the hearts of many ladies to come.


That's precious! I love the phonetic spelling. It amazes me how they can make the words look exactly like they sound when I think we as adults would struggle to do that.

Motherly pride entirely justified I'd say.



that is so beautiful. I would have been completely choked up if that had been Jamie in the school assembly. I always get that lump in my throat whenever he has to do anything at school let alone anything as wonderful as that. Definately something to do in the memory box I think.

have a great Easter


Wow, brilliant poem and you are rightly proud.

I'm waiting for my three year old to get to this stage.

And I'm going to learn to crochet, thanks to your insipiration (and killing my sewing machine).



Dear lucy, wow...keep these beautiful stories coming. Its touching in a way that it's simple and sweet. :)


Dear Lucy,
my English is not so good,but I'll try to translate something that your son remind me of,and it is a strophe by one Croatia's poet.It goes something like this:"If life is a flowing river,than love is gold on the river's bottom." by Vesna Parun
I think that your life(river) is full with gold(love).
Your blog is beautiful as always.
Love,Marija xxx


I don't know about motherly feelings as I don't have kids, but the poem did touch me too. It is actually quite good a poem even in adult standards, the wonderful repetition of colors and how they take over the "broring wite". Love it!


A wonderful poem for such a little boy, bravo!! Be proud, be proud. And he dares to read it aloud to the whole school, your little boy may be proud too!!
Sometimes I long for the years my boys where that little.

Oh, and never stop blogging, it's a joy to read about the things you share with us and the way you write about it. And the colours!!It is so clear you enjoy your life, it sparkles, your blog brings light.

Gerda (from Holland) who thinks she should get starting blogging.


Yes - the pride and joy they supply is seemingly limitless. And the laughter - yesterday I overheard Mister Nine say to Miss Seven out in the garden - ".....it's okay, no-one was poisoned...."

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