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April 09, 2009


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Shelley in SC

That . . . is . . . priceless!!!!


Oh, that's so sweet!


Very well done!!! Big hugs for the Little Man. I have a feeling that you may have more poems to come in the future. Make sure you put that one in a safe spot. :)


bethel of bethania

Ohh Lucy how lovely... I could feel your pride bursting through my screen... how wonderful... I do think he has got his Mummys genes too, in that, he is not going to be a 'beige' person & he's going to be a great writer, just like his Mum ... Have a wonderful Easter W/e ... OOroo ... Bethel


Excellent poem!


Sorry, i see your ripple's tutorial after my comment .... sorry and thank you

Michele C

I know that feeling! My son wrote a poem one Christmas when he was about eight that was so overwhelmingly beautiful, I actually printed it out and included it with our holiday cards. I look at it every Christmas and keep it in my jewelry box with my Christmas jewelry so I won't miss it! Your son is right, too. The daffodil, green and yellow parts, are as colorful as your blog.


What a dear little boy you have. His poem is wonderful. I really enjoyed it!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog with us!

kitschen pink

infinite! t.x


How intensly sweet!!! I'm about to cry! This will definitely be something you keep and cherish forever. Thank you so much for sharing, Lucy.


How sweet! I've always been amazed at the emotions that come through in my son's poetry. He's 13 and the motherly pride is still there!


That even makes ME a bit weepy! How sweet of him. It's one of those feelings you can't imagine until you become a mom - and then you can't believe you ever lived without it.

KC Quilter

Oh, wow, I am blown away. What a wonderful poem. You have a very talented boy there. And yes, motherly pride is one of the best emotions ever!!!!

Liz Lee

There is no better feeling than Motherly Pride. You feel your heart will explode. It may be something small they have made or something big they tell you, like their first crush!!
What a beautiful poem keep it safe it will cheer you up on a dull day.


so precious!
you have the right to be proud!

Alison Hutchison

It's one of those moments when all of blood, sweat and tears are forgotten isn't it. What a wonderful poem. It's the standing up in assembly though that brings the lump in the throat. My son stood up in church at Christmas and read from the bible, I thought I was going to implode trying to stem the tears. Cherish every moment, little man here is 9 next month and though is still my baby boy is a whole lot different xxxxxx


Unfortunately I have no children (yet) but I know what you mean about this kind of feeling ...I'm very proud of my nephews..for every little thing they do!!
Happy Easter


That is gorgeous Lucy, Well done to your son.


What a precious poem !! I love that you left the spelling just as he did it !!


So much love! A little boy to his Mum and a Mum to her little boy!!! Treasure it Lucy, they grow up very quick!


Wonderful words and a mind full of wonderment. You are growing a great little man.

Nina - Tabiboo

Oh how beautiful, I love it when you get a peek at somthing they are doing at school and reading it out in assembly well that is such a honour!

My son has had to do this a couple of times and I alway sneak him a rescue remedy pastel to suck on just to calm his nerves.

Hope your day went OK yesterday - four kids and rain, that was brave,

Have a lovely day,

take care,

Nina x


Cherish those moments, I remember moments when mine were small (now 32 and 29)and they still bring on 'that' feeling. Enjoy Easter


A lovely poem and a very precious memory.

Sue xx

Miriam Glen

Wow Lucy - How proud you must be - you have a real little poet in the making there!!

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