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April 09, 2009


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Ankita Vj (India)

Awwwwww this is sooooo sweet...best poem ever....god bless...


I just found your blog a month or so ago and I admit I'm a bit obsessed. Obsessed actually with the much needed joy it brings me. To peek into another SAHM's life for inspiration and the reminder of why we do what we do. I share your love of beautiful things- the little things. My friends always blame it on me being a Libra (my bday is Oct 13th) and I laugh but who knows? I just wanted to add my thanks to the many others. Thanks to you I'm on row 6 of a ripple blanket....my first ever crochet project! My daughter (13 y.o.) is helping me with the colors. Again, thank you. xx Jaymie (Los Angeles)


that is the sweetest thing ever!

Sharon Nisson

I'm quite new to your blog, so I've been looking through your archives for hours on end. They make me so happy. They are all wonderful, but my favorite by far is the Daffodil Poem written by your little boy! The answer to your question about the immensity of motherly pride is, of course, nothing compares! But grandmotherly pride comes very close!! By the way, I'm well on my way with my hexagon blanket and love, love, loving every minute. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!! Love from California


A lovely present for a mum, this poem....
you sure can be proud!!

Hookie, UK

If there was a William Wordsworth award for Daffodil poems, your Little Man would win it hands down. That poem is as beautiful and as poetic and as sweet and lovely as the famous Wordsworth one. Your son has the makings of a poet in him and I believe all art is love.

Lindylou from Oz!

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful poem and from one so young. Out of the mouths of babes indeed. Such innocence and truth! You have a right to be proud of your son and how brave of him to read it out in front of the school! I couldn't have done that at his age. Please keep his poem forever! cherish the moment.


what a beautiful poem! i don't blame you for being proud!!


What a wonderful poem


He has a talent - and you are a lucky mom! That poem is frame worthy. Maybe with a picture of daffodils? Happy Spring!


Oh what a lovely poem, well done to him!

Happy Easter to you and your family! Hugs x


So beautiful and special.
You have a writer at home!
Thank you for sharing.


Keep it forever - the little piece of paper. So wonderful. Meant to post a coment the other day re bathmat and pompoms- did you see the pompoms duvet cover in Homes and Antiques? Made me think of you.

The Antidote

What a clever boy, you must be so proud x


Oh my goodness...........tears rolling down my cheeks. I'm amazed at your son's writing ability at such a young age. To understand poetry at all, let alone carry through with a theme of color in each stanza..........amazing!!!! That boy is certainly your son. He has inherited your appreciation of color and your way with words. Don't worry.....he'll have spell checker soon. :D :D

Thank you so much for sharing that. My hubby is quickly walking away sniffling over this one. ;o}



What a little darling! x


How wonderful.
A treasure for sure.
And he has such neat writing for one so young!
Lisa x


I can understand why you'd feel like you were gushing with pride, what a beautiful poem, i think you should frame it or embroider it onto linen and treasure it forever.

Aqeela xx


How wonderful! I love the poem. He really understands the idea of poetry. I like the way he repeats the color lines.

Linda O

What a lovely poem, and so special to you xx
You must of been so proud to see your Little Man standing up in assembly, well done Little Man!!


It is so lovely that you share such special moments that children bring. Thank you and your little man for such a lovely poem.


We love your blog and find it very inspirational. Now we are taking over a wool shop in Frome Somerset. We are writing a blog about our exploits and you can see one of your inspirations on our post today at http://marmaladeyarns.blogspot.com/
One of our aims is to get more people to crochet and we will be mentioning your blog to our customers. If I can ever work out how to post our favourite blogs you will be on there too.
Keep on blogging, it makes our day,
Catriona and Maxine.


Oh that is just the best poem ever. What a clever little chap he is.
Its beautiful x


Awww! I'm filling up here! Such a special little poem. Such a lot of work for a little person. Full of hard work and love for his mum.

Lori French

This is so sweet, loved the poem. And the daffs, of course, love, and a very happy Easter, L xxx

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