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April 06, 2009


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Love your posts. Wish my DH was as understanding with crochet everywhere. His mum and sis would fill the house with aran and fair isle knitting and I think this put him off woolly goods for life!

I have two furry cats too that shed fur like there's no tomorrow. So any coloured wool would soon be hidden behind white fur.

I do love my life as it is, but come on here for a wee look-see at how it would be if I could keep cats, crochet and a home covered in woolly rugs entirely seperate.

As Kerry says, if it aint broke, don't fix it.


don't change, please, don't change a thing


Don't worry Lucy, we will never get bored of your blog. It is so wonderful to read your posts and see your lovely bright, cheerful and colourful pictures.


oh dear, can i have a ball of ur yarn pleaseee?? they looked so yummy, u sure cant wait to start on those yarn, can u?
the rockie mountain were as stunning as u were, lucy. lol..

Alison Hutchison

Oh Lucy I love that your blog follows the same pattern, with wee side bits added on. It's like sitting down with a latte, meeting a favourite friend, walking in the sunshine. I'm making my own little house picture inspired by you to go in the new place that we bought last week. Move 7 weeks today...not stressed!!! Would love to share a picture of it with you but not sure how? Have a wonderful week x


Your blog is still my favorite one of the moment, i havent got fed up of it yet! Yes it is predictable and samey, but thats what i like about it to be honest. And although i love all the shabby chic blogs, they are rather pretentious at times, and your blog isnt. I love your use of colour (although im a pastels girl at heart i am beginning to revert back to your colours which i used to like when i was younger). I always look forward to reading your blog (which i do almost daily), already looking forward to coming back tomorrow to see if youve posted again!

Aqeela xx

Linda O

Lucy, looks like you had a great weekend,my 4 year old can't get bike riding yet either, too much like hard work for her!!! Stunning scenery!
Love your bargain yarn, and to get it from an actual shop,and not have to buy it from the internet is a bonus, there is only one shop locally to me that sells wool, and the range is very poor.
I for one would never get bored with your blog, such beautiful colours, wonderful projects,and happy, happy words, keep it up, love it!!!
Linda xxx


I check your blog every day to enjoy the bright, colourful photos, and the happy text that always accompanies them. I can't imagine myself getting bored of your blog!
Very jealous of all that bright colourful yarn, I want more hours in the day to crochet! :o)

Nina - Tabiboo

Oh wow Lucy, such beautiful photos I could never get bored!!

Even though we live by the coast and I love it I also love to visit your blog for the scenery I miss 'yes' I'm afraid I'm a land lubber!! trees, hills, woods, birds... the whole thing does it far more for me than the coast so 'thank you'

And of course all that colour, just what is needed on even the sunniest of days!!

Have a lovely day,

take care,

Nina x


beautiful colours, and the rock photos are wonderful. I enjoy your blog, and visit for a daily colour hit.


Ooh I am so jealous of your bargainous baby cashmerino - the colours are fab. I must say I will never ever get bored of your blog. I know this because not only due I obsessively log on to catch up but I frequently go back and reread favourite posts/ look at the photos again. Which makes me think it's time you started thinking about writing your book...


Oh i love today's post!!! So many memories!! Yes, 4 children I've had to run behind as they learnt to cycle!! The last just WOULDN'T get it!! At the end of the 2nd summer, I gave up and asked a friend to help. He offered my little boy £10 if he could cycle around the block independently. And what do you know - that cheeky boy wobbled off, completed the block and claimed his tenner!!! And Ilkley Moor!! Those pics of the climbing rocks???? Well Lucy, that's exactly the spot where same fraidy cat cyclist learnt to climb and abseil - aged 4!!! Later, when I'm home from work, I will scan in the photos of him dangling off rope for my blog. That was an amazing day - thank you for returning that memory to me!! Cow and Calf I think the rock is called!!! Boo xx

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