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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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April 06, 2009


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Suzy's Vintage Attic

Hello Lucy

I love your bright and colourful blog. I have always liked crochet blankets, crochet cushions etc.. Seeing your blog really makes me want to get stuck in to it seriously. Any particular book that you could recommend for a beginner please?
Isabelle x


lucy im wondering whether the shop u went got any online sales on those yarn, it is simply fantastic if they do. wish u have mention it earlier, i guess many of us would order it from u or lovely C... wished i could follow u there.


Hello. I have just recently discovered your blog and really enjoy a good read of it! In fact, your fabulous crocheting skills have inspired me to learn myself, and my eight year old daughter and I are off to the mother-in-laws tomorrow for a lesson! Yay!
Kerry x


Sorry, this is with the correct adress!


Here come's a little hello from Norway. I realy love your blog and your great work, all your blanket and pillows. I get a lot of inspiration everytime a visit your blog, and I also love your beatiful pictures.

I am working with a hooked pillow myself, I am a copycat, because it is exactely like your granny squares pillow. If you want you can have a look at it in my blog.

Sorry for my english!
Wish you a great day!


Oh my God!!!!!!!
Baby Cashmerino at 2 euros (you know all the money crisis, lol...) I can't believe I live so far away from there!!! lol... Maybe I could get a cheap flight there to your next sale! Would you accept one more girl to go with you to the sale???
I would go nuts with all that yarn at such an impressive price!!!!!


Don't stop blogging - your posts are a big burst of colour on a dull day and I love to see what you've been up to each weekend. It's interesting to hear about your most mundane and repetitive experiences and your pictures are always fab.

I have felt a little uninspired as to what to put in my blog recently and know that it's in desperate need of an update. Even though I've been busy, I'm just not sure people want to hear about my washing and ironing - plus I don't think my pictures would be even half as good!

Please keep blogging - looking at your post have become routine as my afternoon pickup at work!


I'm clicking onto your blog at 3 o'c your time and see that there are already 28 comments - proof if it were needed that no one's bored yet!

Keep on keeping on with the joyfulness, Lucy.

donnette fever

I tuoi lavori sono bellissimi e mi piacciono molto i colori!
Saluti dall'Italia ciao Elisa

Shelley in SC

Mmm, my heart beats faster just seeing that big bag of yarn and thinking of all its delicious possibilities!! Request: Can you show us how you decorate your Easter eggs and make the chocolate nests?


It's a tough one, getting children riding without stabilisers. Harry has achieved this in the past month and he's 7 so little lady is doing well to give it a go at age 4. In fact, Harry is out on his bike right now, I can spy him through the window. I was VERY impressed when you mentioned you could crochet and magazine mooch at the same time, until I realised you were alternating! Personally, I love the pink broom in the photo too.
Hope you have a good Easter holiday and enjoy the West country, if I don't cyber-chat with you again beforehand. Go steady in Girls' Own Store!
Hen x


How could we ever get bored with the happenings at Attic24?! Never!!!! Too much happy go lucky life stuff going on that you must share. And of course all the lovely yarny bits of things. The things you find wonderful are the same things all your readers find to be wonderful. So stay on the path you are on dear. We adore it all!

Have a Fab day Luce!!!!



your blog is never boring - why - because it's filled with honesty, passion, love, euthusiasm and excitement - and that's infectious to all your readers. Like someone else said, not only do I look forward to the day's new entries, I also like to look back over previous entries and savour them again.

Sounds like a very active sunday with all that bike riding and climbing. We are just tackling the two wheels stage too - although my son is too like me - ready to give up when the going gets tough. He'll get there though. The moors look wild but wonderful - and a spot of hooking and reading sounds like the perfect counterbalance to all that activity and excitement.

Keep on keeping on please. We love it. xx


Hello Lucy, and thank your for taking us along on all your adventures.

The views glimpsed from behind those huge rocks is splendid. You are a brave parent to let your Little People safely play there, without letting them become fraidy cats.

And as for the lovely new yarn ... the colors and the texture seem a perfect match. We never, never have yarn sales like that over here in New York. I think the shops really keep a tight control on their inventories, and when sale time arrives ... say for discontinued colors ... there are usually only a few skeins left.

I know you will have a fine time discovering what your newest project will be.

Best wishes!

Kris Van Allen

I'll never tire of your blog!

I love DB baby cashmerino....I made a granny square blanket out of in for our king sized bed...just yummy. And it blocks so beautifully!


your blog is never boring - you make ordinary things interesting and to be honest i find taking pleasure in say a bit of knitting, or crochet or reading is just great - doesn't take much to make me happy!


Green- greener --greenest : ) Bit jealous and envious seeing all that wonderfull yarn. But I'll be looking forward to see what you're creative magic will turn it into and make it even more beautifull.

Don't wonder bout your life or the blog. You can tell by the amount of readers we all LOVE it.

To me it is like you remeber me about how good and nice every day life can be if you just learn to look at and cherish the simple things.

I said it before and I'll say it again, you manage to put a smile on my face every time I read your blog. Keep going and ENJOY ! ; )


On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at

I'm singing along ;o)

BORED ?!?!?!?!? EH?! WHAT?!? NEVER?!?!?!?! NEVER EVER, EVER!

I really, really Love the view! and the rocks! I would so love to visit them.

I cried - a lot (and I mean a lot) when I watched Charlotte's web.

Am about to have a hunt in my cupboard for cookie ingredients, but before I go I want to wish you a very lovely week... Oh and someone can go to the post for me on Thursday, so if we want to send me an email...

And of course I can't leave without mentioning your delicious yarn - the baby cashmerino is gorgeous!
I rather naughtily spent my life savings on wool last week, but I haden't bought any new wool for ages and ages and ages. I loved your rowan and when I saw all the gorgeous colours it came in, I totally impulsively bought 22 balls in 22 different colours and I haven't got a clue what I am going to do with it. How mad is that?!! Mind you it was worth what I paid for the enjoyment I've had just sitting looking at it and stroking it, Bliss!
I have put up a really easy-peasy egg tutorial, you mind find useful if you haven't already done your eggy stuff. I made couple of nice eggs but for some reason they look really awful in the photo's. Have yet to get the hang of indoor photography.
I just love Easter week :o)
Hope you and your little ones have loads of fun xx

The Antidote

While studying, I learnt that routines make babies feel safe and secure and nurtured, and I believe that carries throughout adulthood. Your blog (like mine and so many others) is repetitive, but the ryhthmic quality of it feeds the soul. I think in such uncertain times they beauty found in the simple things we do should be cherished.
It is a little daily dose of colour which picks a lot of people up when they could be feeling a little down. Please don't think we will tire of it any time soon!
On another point, obviously your crochet is inspiring (everytime!) but there is a picture of a little girl in pj's in the Boden catalogue, and behind her there is a beautiful granny blanket with a cream background that just won't stay out of my head!
Goodness, I have gone on a lot today x


Hi Lovely Luce,
How funny - I was just writing a little add on to my blog post about you, when you left me a comment!
I have raved about your tutorials as they are simply the best. THANK YOU!!


Beautiful! All of it...from the rough landscapes to the gorgeous new yarns...beauty everywhere! Even envisioning your Little Lady on her 2 wheels! We're still working on getting our 6 year old onto 2 wheels...she's still quite reluctant. Oh! And that stripey rectangular blankie in the greenhouse? Well, now "next new project" has been added to the top of my list to try, meanwhile I'm doing the tiny squares with your clever crochet together tutorial...coming along quite well I must say though this is just practice with a cheesy inexpensive yarn, then I'll break out the softness...
Thanks again Lucy!


I jolly well hope you sang this on your day out!

Ilkley Moor Bar T'at

Where 'as tha bin since ah saw thee, ah saw thee
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
Where ‘as tha bin sin ah saw thee
Where 'as tha bin sin ah saw thee

On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at

Thou's bin a courtin Mary Jane, Mary Jane
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
Thou's bin a courtin Mary Jane
Thou’s bin a courtin Mary Jane

On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
Tha’s gonna catch tha death of cold, death of cold
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
Tha’s gonna catch tha death of cold
Tha’s gonna catch tha death of cold

On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at

Then we shall ‘ave to bury thee, bury thee
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
Then we shall ‘ave to bury thee
Then we shall ‘ave to bury thee

On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at

Then t’worms’ll come and eat thee up, eat thee up
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
Then t’worms’ll come and eat thee up
Then t’worms’ll come and eat thee up

On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at

Then ducks’ll come and eat up t’worms, eat up t’worms
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
Then ducks’ll come and eat up t’worms
Then ducks’ll come and eat up t’worms

On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at

Then we shall come and eat up t’ducks, eat up t’ducks
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
Then we shall come and eat up t’ducks
Then we shall come and eat up t’ducks

On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at

Then we shall all ‘ave etten thee, etten thee
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
Then we shall all ‘ave etten thee
Then we shall all ‘ave etten thee

On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at
On Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at

Phew! teach it to the little people, they will love it!

sarah x


My favourite crochet yarn, I've made numerous blankets out of this. What a bargain!


Great photos of the moors. Looks like a fab day out. *drool* at the cashmerino haul too - there's something about big piles of yummy yarn that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I can't wait to see what project you come up with for it.



Oh I so covet your new yarn....
The colours..I can feel the sofness from here...
Does the shop have a web site, an email address, would they send to Greece???
I love the open space of the Sunday trip, I hope your daughter gets confident soon.
I'm just about finished my squares, it's a gift to a friend for her birthday at the end of the week so I'm madly darning loose ends etc. I hope you pop by to look, after all, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have got my interest in crocheting back.

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