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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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April 06, 2009


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I shall never, never, never tire of your blog, Lucy, nor will I ever tire of our picnics on Ilkley Moor on the way home from the Lake District every year even when we still have at least a 7 hour journey back to the Sussex coast. Karenx


Tire of you???? Ha! Even when you had that little rutty bit where you questioned the meaning of your life.....I poured over every word, every feeling. Felt much closer to you then and now. Yes, the things you inspire in us are addictive for sure. You are the Me I wanted to be, were it not for this boring meloncholiness I possess. Your colors woke me up, but the essence of your true self is what keeps me coming back day after day. I even catch myself speaking with a British accent instead of the US slang. I watch a lot of English movies now too. You are an ambassador of color, crochet, innocense, motherhood, housewifery, all things simply lovely and inner joy. :D Many blessings upon you and even though I hope you will never change, when you do, as all of us must a little, I'll still be checking in to see what's new.

Luv ya,


Merry Susan

Oh Lucy what a lovely Sunday! I am seriously considering moving to Yorkshire!!!
We holidayed there last August and I do so love it up there...Where oh where is this little shop with the sale???Sorry to confess but I'm lime , no maybe grass or even PINE green with envy at cashmerino at those prices!Can't we buy some too????I had some at £20 per pack of 10 and snapped it up, BUT it's a pastely lilac in one and a very pale blue in the other bag- I'm planning on dying some of them to get turquoises,royal, some sky and some purples- kinda tonal... well I can dream Can't I? Mine's to be a throw or blanket as it's sooooo gloriously scrummily ssssofffft.Please keep up the blog: my kids and I visit it every day!And the puppy is now 5 weeks and very adventurous, she was the one to escape the puppy pen last Friday...We cuddle while I read your blog as the computer and desk are next to her puppy pen. She wriggles a lot more now though...Best done when she's had a meal and about to doze off again.Thanks for giving us the scenery the fun and the COLOURS!!!! xxxxSusan


It's always a pleasure to come and visit your blog...


I love the Moors, my Dad was from there and we always go when we get back to the UK. Snakes Alive - Debbie Bliss for 2 Quid a ball? You cannot buy it here and if someone is onselling it you'd be more likely to pay 5 - 6 Pounds


Lucy, I'm pleased to 'meet' another wool sniffer. Shoe shops do it as well, at least for me, like an adrenaline shot! Lovely photos as ever.


Oh, I am jealous of all that yummy yarn at such a bargain price - well done you on snaffling it! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create! Glad to know I'm not the only one who pets her stash...

Those rock formations are pretty impressive - must add Ilkley Moor to my list of places to visit - although I very much doubt I'll be hauling myself up any rockfaces! I can see how it might be a tad stressful to have little people clambering about in such a place!


I love your post and wouldn't want you to change a thing. I love to know that each day when I come to your blog I know that I will have colour, happy text and stunning photos :)
Estelle x


How could anyone every get bored with such pretty coloured crochet, baking and fab scenery. Certainly not me anyway.

I'm intrigued, where is this fab wool sale? I live about 45 minutes away from you. We've only been here a few years and we've never gone exploring round there. Last weekend after seeing all the great photos you've been posting, and the link to the pottery shop I decided it was time for a vist. However things happened and we never got there, but a trip north is still on the cards.
My current crochet blanket is almost finished, and my local yarn shop has just closed down so I need a new source of wooly goodness. Especially if it's cheap!

Luci Sharp

I'm not sure if you'll get all the way down here on your posts!!!!

I've come home from work, (short hols start here), and the first thing I do after making a lovely cuppa is to see what you've been up to!! It's so relaxing and inspiring, all thoughts of work disappear in a warm glow of comfort!

It really is good to know that other people are made happy by the simple things in life too, I'm "odd" here because I would rather potter and create than go and get drunk every night!

Oh and you can't give up unless you really hate it because you are getting a cult following from my customers in sunny Somerset!!

Loopy xxx


YOU??? Boring??? No way..NEVER...not going to happen, ever, ever, ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your recent photos and posts, Lucy. You are a wonderfully bright and peaceful spot in my life right now.


Oh Lucy, please continue to spoil us with your happiness. I dream about a life like yours and a house like yours instead of seeing a gray cubicle 5 days a week.
The colors from your blog bring happiness for my soul.
Keep on.


Oh Luce I never tire of your blog it is an absolute joy, and oh how I envy you that wonderful bag of yarn. I will be taking my crochet with me to the coast this week for some sea air and inspiration
Louise x


Although I have not been following your blog for long I love it! I cant wait to check it out everyday, and as for Mondays they cant come round quick enough.
Its got a wee bit of everything that I love - yarn, colour, crochet, food etc...
As lots of others have asked about the whereabouts of your little wool shop is there ANY chance of sharing (please)!? York is my nearest town and as youre probably aware theres not much choice!
L & H
Wendy xx


I think the number of comments on your daily blog says it all Lucy,and the fact that its vibrancy,colour and your joy in sharing has encouraged so many others to try their hand and give it a go is truly inspirational.........you should feel really proud of your achievements.I,have always loved yarn,crochet,knitting and sewing and feel relly lucky to have learned those skills as a young girl....and find it so totally relaxing and therapeutic,that I think it should be on the NHS!!...might help a lot of people!!Cheekily I wo
uld love to know of the whereabouts of your LYS(although I live miles from you) and the details of their forthcoming sale.Could you share that with me,I would be so happy if you felt you could..I might try and somehow plan to get to this sale as I too want to start a blanket and am in need of a fair bit of yarn.Carolinex

Umm Hibaat

NO Lucy! Never bored! I get my biggest crochet fix at your blog and I love the other stuff too! Can't wait to see what you get up to with that lovely yarn!

karen smith

ooooh how yummy does that yarn look i'm sooo very jealous. My local yarn store doesn't seem to stock much more than a range of acrylic yarn.
Anyway I just popped over to say that I have just blogged about my first crochet projects and thought you might like to take a look.
Big hugs and a big thankyou for helping me to learn.


I will NEVER get tired of your beautiful pictures and posts. You motivate me such much. I just started crocheting in January and I come to your blog every single day to get inspiration. I just posted a pic of my almost finished first blanket and I would love to know what you think.

Looks like you had a great weekend. You have such beautiful landscapes there.:)


I wish more people felt blessed enough by their lives, however exciting or not exciting other people thought them to be, to want to brag about them.

And I truely can't imagine living somewhere where you saw that beautiful of a surrounding on an afternoon walk.

And how many people, really, need to clean out their greenhouses? Is that a common problem? Who has a greenhouse?

Sarah Allen- McDonough GA

I for one love all the photos of England! It is exactly how I would imagine it being. Yarn is gorgeous!! I started my own version of Tote bag this weekend!! YAY!!

Anne Bebbington

Oh Lucy - what memories - my sister had her wedding reception in that hotel 23 years ago this month, we both (and my brother) went to senior school at the Grammar School on the way up that hill - I can't begin to count how may times I've looked down over Ilkley playing toy town from just the same spot - you've transported me back 20+ years in the click of a mouse - wonderful photos, thanks for sharing


I love the tone of your blog! Serene, simple pleasures, pretty pictures and good-humoured writing can never be boring. Your blog reminds me to stop and savour the gentle, good ordinary moments.


How could anyone be bored with such a lovely, colourful, creative blog? It's simple (no jetting off to New York etc for fabric and yarn); it's full of enjoyment, it shows us that we can attain the similar things by making a bit of effort and it illustrates perfectly (imo) that a simple life need not be dull or boring. Anything but. :-) Please keep going.

You've been a huge inspiration tome Lucy and I thank you for it.


i love you. i love your life. thank you for sharing the details and the gorgeous landscape! it's like a fantasy and you're living it.
such pretty inspiring colors and tutorials! yay!


oooh, that yarn - want, want, want!!! The colours are beautiful - how about making a stripey blanket with it?

Have you been to Brimham Rocks? Not sure how far away that is from you, but we went with the children a couple of years ago whilst on holiday. Best day of the year! They loved it and for once there was no quarelling.

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