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April 29, 2009


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flowers philippines

Wow! awesome. i love those blossom beginning to open. whenever i saw that. it refresh me so much. such a nice photos.. waiting for your next post..


Dolores Sedore

"Fresh Greens and Pretty Pinks" would make a beautiful quilt. Thanks for the great photos. I do like green.


Just beautiful Lucy - those Cherry trees are just so gorgeous! What a special place to be able to go for walks.


Look at all of that beautiful green, definitely fresh.


trees in a row! my favourite thing to take photos of!

Kerry (seventy tree)

So very prettyful. I wish blossom would stay around a bit longer than it does though (and wasn't so vulnerable to the wind)!
Have a nice day


The pictures are beautiful. I love watching the leaves unfurling and our garden slowly coming to life again. The huge beech outside our bedroom window is last to leaf but then goes mad to catch up with every other tree. Yours is such a lovely walk I doubt I'd make it to the exercise class!Karenx


I love spring and autumn they are my favourite times of year i love all the changing colours and lights


lol.. you have put on weight, anyway, exercising is good for health. congrats, spring smiles at you. i bet your garden will blossom soon also.

Val from Down Under

Hi Lucy, love love love your blog. Your photos are awesome as well. Actually, most of your photos take my breath away - especially the ones outside. And the cherry blossom, oohhh how absolutely wonderful! And the green hills! I can see myself sitting way on the top with my eyes closed, just breathing it all in (sigh) ....


Where I live we're going the other way - into autumn. I'm so excited to feel the morning chill on my face again, after five long hot months, and to see the naked tree branches stretching towards the sky again, freed from their burden of dried, yellowing leaves. Plus, it means you get to see all the parrots and gallahs that normally hide behind the leaves! Enjoy your Spring evenings, Lucy. :D


what a lovely place..I love the pink flowery trees, so beautiful..
have a lovely day..


Aren't cherry trees lovely - I feel we are very lucky to have two at the front of our property - they are always so pretty and I've posted some pictures of them on my blog as well. The petals are just starting to drop here though now as we had rain yesterday. It looks like confetti all over the ground.

I too started both aerobics and pilates a few years ago now. I had to stop due to study committments, but I found I hated the aerobics, but loved the pilates. The only problem was I wanted to eat cake when I got home!


How beautiful - love your pictures - they are as pretty as your crochet!


Your photos of the Cherry blossom are beautiful, i love the way youve captured them at three different times, showing us how they have evolved. More of that please!

Aqeela xx


Ah, Spring is such a wonderful time of the year - a far better time for making resolutions than the start of the calendar year in my opinion! With everything bursting into bloom I think it's so much easier to feel motivated, renewed and energized. Good luck with the excercise - it's something I really must do more of too and what better time of year to get out and about! Hmm, I really don't have any excuses not too.... :)


What a gorgeous walk, and I hope you're feeling much better? It certainly sounds like it.
I've been feeling those greens over the last month, they sort of get into your blood don't they? That must be the meaning of the phrase, 'spring fever'!
It sounds like you're having a spring clean of your body, which, thinking about, I could probably do with too! Shame my recently diagnosed severe Anaemia has me practically fainting when I just walk up the high street. The day I get my energy and my blood count back is the day I'm going to start spring cleaning my flabby body!
Your crochet cushion from your last post is fabulous by-the-way!
Lots of love , Vanessa xxx

Bertie Meadows

Hello Lucy, I have missed reading your lovely posts. Your always FRESH misses. Cherry blossoms are one of my absolute favorites so so pretty. I'm getting fresh too, training for a 10k, we should get fresh together.
Bertie x


No sunlight "chez moi" but still rain and clouds..I hope tomorrow good weather will arrive here too ( northern Italy )!!
Enjoy your sunny day..


so funny, even before I read it, I spotted your Boden coat :-)


So beautiful! You must just love those walks in the evenings. We're not "there" yet; in fact, we still had snow on the weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Spring will soon arrive in my corner of the world!

Nina - Tabiboo

Gorgeous pictures Lucy, blossom is one of my favourite! The Walk through the park looks so peaceful.

I know the feeling of that pesky top button on the jeans - hope you get to your goal and probably far sooner then me, though I guess I do actually need to try!

Enjoy the rest of your day,

Nina x

The Antidote

That must make going to the gym a bit easier x

The Coffee Lady

oh those trees! that's a walk that you definitely won't want to a avoid!


Lovely photos Lucy!I love to see blossom blowing in the breeze and love the smell of spring!
rachel x

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