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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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April 21, 2009


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Welcome back! I look forward to my daily dose of colour again. Loved the seagull too. I have a similar ornament in my bathroom and he reminds of the Scottish beach. My granny squares are growing, so thanks again.


Hi . I stumble upon your blog while you were away and I enjoyed reading a fes posts. I live in a Village between Chorley and Blackburn so we are almost neighbours.


Yay!!!!! Thank goodness you're back. My sweetheart thanks you as he says I've been downright crabby since you've been gone. He's right, you know. Without my Lucy-ness, there is crabby-ness. :D I must say that my fingers have been busy though. I decided to do a mountain of little flowers and ended up making a pattern of my own for little 6 petal flowers in cotton. I would be happy to share. Since I had all those flowers, I needed something to put them on, so I made a couple summer hats and one is oh so adorable I'll have to share that too. You can see both creations on my poor neglected blog, as I'd rather read about your life than talk about my dull existence. ;p I'll put pics up today on suzimoon.blogspot.com . Thanks you Lucy for once again inspiring me

Judy B

Lovely sea glass. I've been enjoying the colors in past posts. Thanks.


Hola, Lucy, qué suerte que hayas vuelto!. Te extrañamos. Me alegra que lo hayas pasado bien en el mar. Un beso enorme


Glad to have you back.. Sounds as though you had a great holiday! I was missing your daily blogs...
Hope all is well...


Hooray!! your back,I've sooooooooo missed you and all your colourfulness!I really need this distraction at the minute as my baby girl nearly 18 as left home to work abroad and feeling a bit down. So i hope your colourful posts will cheer me up. July x.


OOOOooo welcome home Lucy, gosh how I've missed you and your wonderful colourful blogginess - life has been soooooooo dull since you went away. Had to take a wee peak everyday just to keep myself going for a WHoLe week!!!
Hope youre well rested and raring to get back in to blogland?!
Love and Hugs
Wend xxx

Wendy Wager

Hi Lucy, it's good to have you back. My sister directed me to your blog just as you went away for Easter and it's the best sisterly thing she has ever done for me - and she is a pretty good sister at other times. I was a prolific knitter, but crochet-avoider before discovering your site and now I CAN crochet, thanks to you and your inspiration and enthusiasm, not to mention your scrumptious gorgeousness.


glad you had a good time Lucy god to have you back i've missed visiting you lovley colour ful world. would love to see your photos then i can dream abouth being there



Sooo glad you're back! I read lots of blogs but this is my absolute favorite. Can't wait to see the pictures. I'm sure they're gorgeous! Blog withdrawal? Yes, I was definitely experiencing that.


Good to have you back. Pop your sea legs back in the wardrobe and get out your crochet fingers! lol!

Love Fi x


I've missed you Lucy! Kept on checking your blog to see if you'd returned! How does it feel to be a fixture in my day?!
It's lovely to have you back, chirpy and chatty as ever.
I'm so pleased you had a wonderful time........... I love the sea gulls too, I even like their noise! Good thing, as they're resident on the roof opposite our house, and about to add to their numbers by the looks of things (lots of attentiveness going on, and nest building).
Love Vanessa xxx


Yes! I'm glad you're back...seems so long since the last post, but knew you'd have an enjoyable/relaxing/peaceful time!
Btw, would you take a few minutes and check my blog? There are pics of my progress on the little Garden Flower blankie that I'm doing...I love it! I used the join-as-you-go method of course!
Can't wait to see your pics, will be waiting...me, I'm off to get camera batteries...I have more progress to upload!


Welcome back (seem odd saying that from the place you have left!!) Am a local and enjoy waking up to the sea gulls too. Just the pulling apart of rubbish bags I wish they wouldn't do!!


Pleased that you all had a great break, but pleased that you are back too. I have really missed reading your blog and I can't wait to see the pic's


Hi - Glad you had such a great Easter break. Started on the Ripple and am so enjoying it but NOT finished the bag yet!!!! Just one strap and a few leaves to do! That's typical of me but the Ripple was calling to me. LOL. Looking forward to seeing your holiday photos.

Fruitful Fusion

So good to have you back Lucy. I'm so glad I can log on to google reader and see that you have new blog posts! Umm Hibaat


Hooray you're back! I have finished my bag, made of stashed Manos in very Attic24 colors and love it. Thanks for the pattern and I would very much like some beach photos.


Glad you had a lovely holiday - looking forward to seeing the photos. I love taking photos and my children laugh at me because I take so many - I can take 100+ snaps in a day! I too love being beside the sea - I'm such a beachcomber! Shells, glass, wood, rocks ... poor OH usually ends up carrying it all back for me! Best wishes, Pj x

The Antidote

Good to hear from you again. Love the sea glass and look forward to seeing that cupboard x


Yay you have returned! I feel much better now after having a read, i was getting a bit growly...ahhhh...thoughts of waves and seagulls calling...


Welcome back Lucy. I've missed my daily dose of Attic colour! Glad you had a nice time beside the sea.


Linda O

Hi Lucy
Great to have you back, so glad you enjoyed your break, looking forward to seeing your photos. Missed the daily rainbow!!!
We live about 2 miles from the sea, and the seagulls are like common garden birds here!!! luckily our dog enjoys chasing them from the garden!!
Finally managed to master the granny squares!!!, although got carried away
on the first one and ended up with 10 spokes!!!!!and wondered why the next round wouldn't work!!, what am I like!!!!
Linda xxx


Hello Lucy. Welcome back! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your holidays. I love being by the sea, too, and I wouldn't mind hearing one of those pesky seagulls right now.
Can't wait to see your bathroom all done. I love the little bird ornament ~ he looks great with the sea glass. Good memories for you!

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