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April 03, 2009


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Mary Jo

Hi Lucy, I love your round cushion, do you have a pattern for it, I am a beginner & seem to need a little help...thanks, I would love to make one like yours.


Thanks so much for that ripple pattern Lucy. It is lush!
you've inspired me to start my own.


Your colors are so inspiring!


Hope you had a good weekend Lucy and got all your jobs done :O) thank you for the ripple tutorial, I haven't looked at it yet as I know that as soon as I do I will want to get rippling!!! I need to finish my granny square blanket first.


Morning, thank you once again for your latest tutorial. Been crocheting all weekend with bright colors. It is now 1 1/3 ready of your "wavy" pattern, ready to be a cushion.


i want to thank you for knowledge: i'm not _that_ lonely with my never-ending-knitting&beading!
you do it very beautiful & generous! you've inspired me to start playing with "spring squares".
thank you!


Thank you Lucy, i have mine already started and im loving your easy to follow tutorial!


I hope you won't mind if I ask you whether you are American, Lucy?
I've just come back from a week in England and spent a nice time reading what you've been up to since I left. Brilliant!
Lots of your phrases are so American that I'm curious enough to ask you straight out.


First time I have commented, but have followed you for ages so I know you will love these bright and colourful free flowerpot patterns -


If not I'm sure you will find something on this website to enjoy.

Lori French

It's me again Lucy, I always wonder if you have the time to read all the comments you have on your posts, so hope you'll actually get my message. As in my last comment to you, I have indeed tried the ripple last night! Miracle, am I happy.:-))))) I have finally understood how to do the decrease. I think you should write a book for crochet beginners, as your explanations are brilliant, so much patience, so much detail, absolutely brilliant. I have learnt two lovely things from you, the granny square and the ripple. If I could have phoned you, you would have had such an excited person at the other end of line, and I'm sure I'm not the only one in this state. You are such a good, patient, motivated and interesting teacher, thanks such a lot. I will soon post my result on my blog, if you have the time, please come over. Would love to have some hours with you in the attic, crocheting and having a nice cuppa. Maybe one day. This year we are doing our attic, hope to gather a little corner for myself up there. Fingers crossed! Have a great weekend, L xxx


I've been a very bad blogger lately and haven't been making any comments anywhere! But trying to catch up - and oh your blog is still such an inspiration!!! Boo xx


just have to tell you that I love your blog posts!!!


Ooh...I have just realised that you didn't ask for an opinion on the flower in the centre of the cushion. It is just that I read a comment from Serena and happened to agree at that moment.

But... looking at your flower it is striking in its simpleness and I think it would enhance your stripes beautifully.
Either way it will be gorgeous.

But I still think a plain coloured crocheted back. :)))))


My thoughts on your new round cushion :))

I would go with the crochet back, but....in a plain colour.

Also, I too, think it would look better without the flower in the centre. I don't think the beautiful stripe and colours need any embellishment.

I hopes this helps you Lucy.


you have such a lovely home Lucy..
Love your ripple..I dont know why i cant do one...Have tried and tried...
I just love your projects...I love that you use happy, happy colors...
have a nice weekend with your family..


OO thank you! I have started a new ripple using your pattern; I have done some before but I do like yours better. I recently finished a hexagon blanket from your pattern; it is now residing on the sofa and has received approval of both cats and hubby. xx

Mary Ann

Clear coffee table?? How do you mange that?!
Lovely work, as usual!!!
Mary Ann


ahhh, Coast magazine, tis a thing of beauty, is it not? I do love flicking through it, looking forward to the day I can afford to up sticks and move my cafe to St Ives by the sea! I shall have to be content with a weeks holiday there instead!
Ref the cushion, personally I would go with another thrifted jumper for the back, that way you can crochet another fabulous piece of work and enjoy TWO cushions all the time (and not have to worry about turning the current one around to appreciate each side individually-Hmm, does that make ANY sense?!)
Have a lovely weekend Luce


Hi Lucy

Your ripple cushion is fantastic.I think is a
wonderful idea for my left over wool from my
ripple blanket.

I wish you a wonderful sunny weekend!!!!!!


Hi, I read your blog regularly and I love your creations! Bravo, because everything is superb and gives a lot of desires and inspirations! Excuse me because my English is bad, I'm French;))
A bientot !

Bairbre Aine

I've given you an AWARD!
Bairbre Aine


Dear Lucy!

I love your blog!!! Thank you for the knowledge you share with us, the inspiration(!) and above all, the joy browsing your works! :)

Rita from Hungary


Oh that lovely book I can't stand waiting for it !!!
My "postino" is in late...


Thankyou so much for thinking of my sister and me and thankyou for your lovely lovely words.
Your new cushion is fabulous with it's little sunflowery heart.
You yourself have a huge golden sunglowery heart. I can't thank you enough for all your kindness.
Tell me, is the Miele good? my mum recommended one to deal with my pet hairs, she noticed even after we had a labrador coloured carpet fitted!
Oooooooh Congratulations on the half-million, I'm not at all suprised ~ I think you are heading for zillions.
Love You (((((((Luce)))))))


oooh lovely, just had my third crochet session today - managed a flower! was sooo excited. not sure i'm up to a blanket but i will go and have a look and then save it for later because i so want to do one! not surprised at the mahoosive number as yours is a great blog!
have a lovely weekend.

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