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April 08, 2009


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superrrrrrr , you are crazy!!!! :))

The Girl from Mozambique



The most beautiful post I've read about Easter.Happy Easter to you and yours.

The Antidote

You officially trumped my easter tree!!
Gorgeous x


fab decorations - looks like you're going to be having a great Easter - bet the Little People were excited when they saw all your hard work, and I bet they'll look back on it all when they are older and really appreciate what a wonderful childhood they had.

Cara @ Turvys

Woah - love those egg colours - particularly the raspberry delight one. Me thinks a trip to Focus is required now. Fanks !! :D


Hello Lucy
My name is Bee and I write a crochet blog called chaincreative.blogspot.com and do occasional interviews with crochet designers etc. I wondered if you would be interested in answering some questions for an interview post? It would be lovely if you could.

bethel of bethania

G'day Lucy
I do hope your cp is going to be OK - all a bit of a worry... love how you dress your home for Easter - what wonderful memories you are making for your Little People. I hope you & yours have a wonderful & safe Easter... OOroo... Bethel


Happy Easter Lucy! Thank you for all your lovely blogs, dont ever stop! Going to start a ripple blanket over the weekend, dead excited at choosing the colours, can't wait to start-just hope I can manage it. Bless you for sharing,
Love, rainbows and sunshine, Jane x


ooo Pretty Decorations Lucy, I need to finish the tree today, we don't have room to decorate to much because the little man just wants to touch everything!!
I think we are going to make easter cakes today and maybe make some easter decorations.
Have a good day.
Louise x


Very happy and fun Easter decorations, this year is my last year for making an Easter basket for my baby girl(18 and moving to college)and she doesn't want to decorate the eggs with me...oh well the joys of have small children will have to wait for grandchildren..you have a great time! Happy Easter BeBe in Florida


Ohhhhhhh those eastery colors. Luv 'em! Also have learned to love artificial flowers myself. In fact, I learned to love them so much that I make them. Paper roses are so incredibly beautiful. I stain the white paper with watercolor paint and wrap the stems with florist tape, around and around I go. :D They're lovely and they don't wilt. And what's fun is to mix real with faux.........it's like playing a game to see who even notices which is which. :D Have a wonderful easter celebration. I so miss the fun of the children dyeing eggs and hunting in the park for the prettiest ones of all after the parade. Enjoy!.

Lori Faeber

i wanted to thank you for teaching me to crochet! I have been trying since january and your tutorial finally got me to actually create a granny square. i am so proud. I absolutely adore your blog and am as addicted to reading as you are to writing it. Please continue to blog and share your crocheted goodies. I love your tutorials so much. The hexagon one is hard and i have not figured that one out yet, but i will. thanks again!
Lori Faeber


Hi, Lucy. My name is Tatiana and I'm from Russia. I'm so happy, I found your lovely blog! Thanks for your posts and photoes, they are beautiful! Your blog is like a sunshine for me :) Have a good day!

Alex Mason

i love your easter decorations, they look fantastic x


Beautiful decorations Lucy! We've been busy making easter finger-puppets and chocolate nests today too. I say we... the baby is quite small so it really involved me making, her watching...she was surprisingly willing to help with the nests though - especially the licking the bowl part! Hope you have a fantabulous Easter!


lovely Easter decorations!
I can't wait to see your eggs once they are all done - they are alrady pretty as it is.
I'm going to make oreo cookie pops for Easter.


Beautiful Easter decorations. Love the knit hen!


Oh I love your Easter display in a tin! How gorgeous and cheerful! I also love your artificial blossoms and your bunnies are scrumptious. What a gorgeous post and such lovely pictures as usual! Hope you have a lovely Easter. Lucy x


A-h-h- h-h-h h ! ....I Soooooo feel for you Lucy! We all DO need our "fixes" don't we ?
Well, once again this morning....MINE, was YOU !:) Pleassssssse tell J, he just canNOT be messing around with the comp like that...there are just TOO MANY LIVES AT STAKE here ! The only person HE saw having a panic attack was YOU ....but worldwide there would have been HUNDREDS !!!! :) Your Easter stuff was just a thrill ! I felt like a puppy rolling in a patch of daisies, it was Soooooooooooooooooo soothing! Thanks for overcoming every obstacle to get here today! ....can't hardly stand waiting till tomorrow! See ya then !:)


So colourfull....love it!



Pretty decorations! Oh how I miss my bowl of candies and little Easter trinkets, but none this year as we are moving soon (and we have a 15 month old who is getting into EVERYTHING). Have a great Easter!


I love your Easter decorations. So bright and cheery, giving lots of ideas to swell my new collection. Thank you.


Oh dear, broken computer. This is just not on. Pleased you had a back up though. My dear hubby has just wrecked his laptop by spilling a glass of wine over it. Now I am sharing mine with him. I don't mind too much as I am doing some zigzag crocheting. Gives me an excuse to sit and hook away to my hearts content. Think your easter decorations are fab. As Jude (cariad in crete) has already told you Easter Sunday is the 19th April here.This is their main celebration and Christmas is second.

Kate - The Garden Bell

Oh, my goodness. What fun you had yesterday. Once again I love all your colors. They so much remind me of my favs, Sticks (furniture) and Claire Murray rugs. You should check out the Sticks.com to get some ideas for painting your bath cabinet. Their goodies are right up your alley.
Still working out how to blog so as to share my palette stuff rugs,paintings,ripples and furniture. IT's like our color wheels are connected. Your blog now brightens and inspires my day to begin.

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