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April 23, 2009


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I had nearly forgotten that the UK is an island nation with tons of coastline, until reading your blog and others from there- it is TRULY magnificent and I hope to see it for myself some day! Thank you for sharing. There is just nothing like blue spring sky after a long winter!


I think that it is absolutely endearing that you decided on the "Snack Shack" because of the color of the tables! ...and I could just die and be buried under that BUCKET TREE and STILL be HAPPY !!!!!! I don't think that I will ever recover from THAT photograph ! I also have a pretty good idea WHERE the three votes came from to continue on down the stair path to the sea !:) GREAT choice !!! Thanks for sharing again ! See you tomorrow !:)

Karen Greenfield

Love the photos of the shingle beach--one of my pleasantest memories of Brighton was a sunny day there when I had cramps and got to sit on the hot rocks for an hour or so..bliss at a tough time of month!! Karen


Oh Lucy, i would dearly love to live there...I love the ocean, it would be so nice to have a little cottage by the ocean and see all the boats going by..
So glad you all had a lovely time..


Dear Lucy, thank you for sharing such lovely photos. I really felt i had been there too :)


Just want to say how much I am loving your blog (I'm a newbie - only discovered you a few weeks ago).
Your holiday pics are just gorgeous. I'm so glad you had a wonderful holiday, but chuffed to bits that you are back and sharing a little bit of your time away with us! I just love the seaside and can't wait for our holiday. Your beautiful photos will keep me going until June when we go to the North Devon coast and get to breath in that fab sea air and lovely seaside-iness ourselves!


Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing!! xx

The Antidote

When I was 10 I went on my first week long school trip to Poole. I can remember every bit of it and your picture of Durdle Door was a very sweet reminder.


tthanks fo sharing more of your lovley photos and memories I have walke dthose walks ad it is lovley to see them though someone else's eyes. I'll never forget the first time we saw durdle door we weren't even sure what it was when we started walking down those cliffs. The first time we didn't even venture down the steps but the next time we did and yes it was definitely worth the climb back up with all it's fab caves. thanks for evoking some great meories



I just love love love blue skies as well - there is something magical about them and I just can't get enough blue sky.

Lovely pictures, I can't wait for our holiday early July. We haven't been away since 2005!

Nina - Tabiboo

Hi Lucy, just thought I'd check in before I went to bed and 'oh' I am so glad I did!

Your photos are gorgeous and bring back so many memories - almost identical to our photos of the harbour, West Bay and at Durdle Door carrying a buggy 'yes' buggy up that hillside and back down again, just for the view this time three years ago!

Thanks for sharing 'part 2'

nite, nite,

Nina x


its ages since i've been to Lulworth and Durdle Door but seeing your pics makes me want to go back - you forget how lovely a place it is - we used to park in the bottom car park and walk up the long hill and then belt down to the bottom again where there was always an ice cream van!
happy days!!!!



Hi Lucy, I am Soooooo!!! glad that you had a lovely holiday, but also totally glad you are back. I always read your blog at work(at the "Dreary Police Station")which totally brightens my day! Now that my day has been brightend, I can get on with my work in a much happier mood thanks to you.. BeBe


These beautiful photos really brighten up my day...thanks for sharing.....
Love Angela


Beautiful photos again.I really enjoyed visiting West Bay but haven't been to Durdle Door yet.It looks lovely!Love the bucket tree too! How funny.


love, love, LOVE the bucket tree!

i sent you a flickr mail(?) about a little something i wanted your help on!! i couldn't find an email link..sorry!


Oh bliss... I can almost smell the sea and feel the sand under my feet.
The next best thing to being there, thank you!
Love Wend xxx


How fun are all those pictures! Thanks for sharing. :) I don't blame you loving all those sights from when you were little. They are wonderful. The pink house is too cute! The whale house is pretty cool too. The girls said to tell you that the arch at the sea looks like a sea monster sticking its head in the water. Aren't their imaginations funny!

Thanks again for sharing Luce! Bright, colorful and full of joy as usual. :) Off for more comfy yarny work on sweater #2. Can't wait for tomorrow.


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