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April 23, 2009


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Dorset is such a fabulous place to visit, great coastline and a wide variety of things to do inland. With the New Forest nearby it is a wonderful place for a holiday. Find hundreds of events and activities on http://www.allaboutgoingout.com

Gretchen Cantoni

How I love the sea as you call it. I lived on one of the Great Lakes growing up and I've never gotten used to being away from water. All my favortie vacations are near the water. Thanks for sharing. I must ask do you celebrate Easter? I know there are chocolate eggs and coloured eggs but do you happen to celebrate the church part? I'm not trying to offend, it's just that it's such an important part of my family celebration.

Kim Campbell

Beautiful! I love the water.

And I want one of those cool mugs!! Adorable!


oh my god, how i wished i can dive into the beautiful sea from the cliff at durdle door. if i am a bird i would definetely love spread my wings and fly across from the top of the cliff down to the sea for a splashing bath. lol...
all the photos are great too. it is no surprising u missed Dorset when u get home, well i miss it too thou im not there!


One of my earliest memories as a little girl living in Colchester was our Sunday drive to the "seaside". As we drove along we would have a contest to see "who could see the sea" first. As we got closer and closer I remember the little shops with all the buckets and spades hanging out side their doors heralding the inevitable shouts from everone in the back seat of "I see the sea". Thanks for your lovely post and for taking us on your holiday too.


The simple things in life. Can't beat them. Thanks for sharing. Love the bucket tree and the knitted blanket, but then I'm a sucker for knitted blankets having just completed the Debbie Bliss "knitted patchwork blanket" that has taken 2 years. Finally sewn together with the help of your "joining granny squares tutorial". With a crocheted edge - first time I have ever crocheted. Thanks for the inspiration.


knitted blanket can be seen here:


thank you SO much for sharing everything, it really is like a big lung-full of fresh sea air right here in the middle of an ordinary land-locked day.
durdle door, lulworth, swanage and studland bay are the precious places of my childhood holidays and in recent years my (also grown up) brother and sister, all our spouses and my parents have, once a year, rented an 8-seater car and driven the miles and miles it is down to visit it all. we manically do all the things we can possibly squash into one day as if we were still children (our poor spouses look on a little bemused) and then, exhausted, drive the miles and miles home again, all salty, sandy and exhausted! such SUCH fun.


Love, love love it!!!
I've been to Durdle door!!!! Oh, thank you for this post. It's so beautiful!!!


I love being by the seaside, too! Sounds like you had a lovely holiday. :)


What a beautiful part of dorset this is,I have fond memories of holidays there near Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. Beautiful Pictures as always! July x

Alison Hutchison

Lucy how did you ever move away from the sea? Laughed out loud when you mentioned the children being entirely used to your little ways and giddy spins. My son is the same, he doesn't bat an eyelid. He's 9 next month and we gave him a digital camera for Christmas and it's such a joy to see the world through his eyes. His first photo was my mum's ceiling light because "he's always liked it"!!! Lots of love xx


Hi Lucy
I've LOVED your post today. All that colour and sea-sideness have really given my flagging tiredness a fantastic boost. I love Lulworth Cove, but know what you mean about the crowds. Just around that headland in the first photo is the bit of Devon where I'm from!!!
Thanks again


I love your photographs ~
So brilliant, vibrant and blue
Am very much enjoying reading about your fabulous holiday x


Hi Lucy

You have taken me back in time, having spent a few holidays in Dorset, Durdle Door is one of our favourite beaches. The walk down is definitely worth it. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and bringing back fond memories.


Ahhh Lucy, you remind why I never feel the need to venture far from this little country of ours. Dorset is beautiful isn't it, lucky you having your Mum there. Sounds like a blissful holiday and thanks once again for the YHA recommendation, I'm now thinking of hiring a whole one for the big four-oh celebrations nexy year, if finances allow.
Julia xx


Love the pink house too. It makes me want to sell up and move immediately. Shall just keep on wishing for now and looking at your fab photos.

The Coffee Lady

The bucket tree is fantastic. But why? I want to know more about it...


A beautiful post. Pretty little harbours are probably one of my best places to be.....ever. My spirits have really been lifted today with the harbour and boat scenes. I would love to be there right now. I will close my eyes and dream.............x


yes, we did have such fab weather whilst you were down here! Such intensely blue skies.....one morning I chatted on the phone to my friend who lives in London....she was sitting inside her house, heating on, jumper on too,listening to the rain.....I was sitting outside in my garden, in a thin dressing gown, having my breakfast and enjoying the sunshine!!!

The first two pictures are of one of my two girls favourite bits of the beach at West Bay....it's considered 'our' spot to sit in a certain place amongst the rocks....lovely view and rocky furniture to use as a table and seats for lunch!

Nicki x

Cara @ Turvys

Whoa - what a fab collection of photographs. I understand completely your 'thing' about invaders in photographs. It's one thing to have family in them, odd random strangers is a completely different matter. Hope I am as blessed with my weather this weekend as you were with yours. I'm taking my mum to the Eden project down in Cornwall.


Gorgeous pics. I have lived close to the coast for 19 years - couldn't imagine not being able to pop doen to the beach at a weekend - whatever the weather


Oh how breathtaking! What a feast those photos are! And the bluey bluest boat? My favorite...beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Shelley in SC

So delightful!! I'm right there with you for my 5 minutes of rapturous post-reading! Thanks for another visit to the sea.


I love the first photo of Durdle Door. You should try taking photos in Australia the light is very intense my favourite part of the day here in summer is twilight where the colours are not washed out, I am envious of the beautiful quality of the light and colour in blog photos from other parts of the world.
Love that bucket tree too!


Hi Lucy

No idea why, I keep coming back here to see your Easter Holiday photos.. the sky looks so beautiful, peaceful and calm.. so blue.. and the scenery just stunning!.. thanks for sharing and have a great day!

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