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April 22, 2009


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holy cow! that was a delightful hol for me, too! seeing the sights was a treat, and i love the pace. thank you, thank you!! jkj

Linda O

Hi Lucy,
Great photos, looks like you had a lovely restful time.
Your Mums garden looks like the ideal place for some relaxing crocheting!
And the tea rooms look great too, who could resist!!
Linda O xxx


Hi Lucy. Glad you had a lovely holiday - I love that part of the country. Hope you don't mind me asking you a question, but, I have purchased a lambswool jumper in a charity shop with the intent of using it like you do, to make the back of a crocheted cushion. However i'm not sure if it is best to hand stitch the crochet front to the back with wool or to stitch them together on the sewing machine. Would be very grateful for your opinion. Thanks to you I am totally hooked on crochet again and I am finding it so relaxing! Best wishes. Sally x.


I was so excited to see this post, I rushed through it a bit, becuase I wanted to come and tell you how happy I am you are back. I will go and read through it a bit more slowly presently with a cup of tea. Your mums Easter basket is so pretty and heart-warming and your crochet is a work of art, gorgeous, gorgeous.


Hello Lucy,

How good to have you back in your Attic, after that marvelous time away. As always, I immediately want to visit all the spots you've shown us, the beach, the gardens, the tea shops, the Girls shop ... all of it.

Many years ago, I met Cressida Bell at an early CL magazine fair, and we fell into a long conversation about how much we both liked silk screen printing, and how it leaves your fingernails very inky.

It was much later that same day when I saw her on a panel that I realized which Bell family was hers. Lovely, talented, friendly lady. I will try to find that magazine ... most likely that issue will be in NYC in a few more weeks.

See you again soon. xo


I stayed in Charmouth once. My son had an asthma attack (due to dusty holiday cottage woolly blankets) and we ended up at the Health Centre in Bridport.


Looks and sounds like a lovely lovely holiday. Thought about you over Easter actually as the weather here was lovely and we spent three fantastic day trips at Heysham picnic ing on the beach collecting lots of lovely sea glass and then finishing off in the nice cafes. Must get round to posting about it but in the meantime really glad you are back for my regular colour fix.


I love the Hive Cafe at Burton Bradstock too...although the last time we visited it was blowing a gale...so needed to warm up with hot chocolate...the kids love the real chocolate sticks to dip in ! Can't wait to return too...it was lovely to be reminded of all those familar places today too -lovely post Steph x


How absolutely FAB! What else could a person want other than crochet goodness, relaxing and a game of poohsticks! What a wonderful place you grew up in. Aren't the old memories wonderful mixing with the new ones?!

Have a great day Luce!!



What a lovely lazy time you had. Looking forward to the next installment.

Girly Muse

What a glorious time. I enjoyed the lovely pictures so much. Can I come with next time? :)


What a beautiful, beautiful vacation you've had! Thanks for sharing your glorious photos.


Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday photos. Makes me long to go there ... or just go on holiday, period!


Your pictures are lovely and it sounds like you had a super time, doing just what you are meant to do on holdiday!

The Antidote

Your holiday looks so restful.
I seem to have gone from yearning for holidays in the carribean to lusting after a week in Bridport!! How did that happen?
Aren't you lucky to have a holiday home ready filled with people you love?

Nina - Tabiboo

Thanks for the virtual holday tour (part 1) they all look fab and some places I remember from our trip a couple of years ago.

Looking forward to parts 2 & 3!

Have a lovely evening,

Nina x


It sounds like you had a wonderful time.
Glad to have you back!

Laura K.

Your holiday looked like peacefulness on the eyes as well, Lucy. How I wish I could have stepped into that vintage shop with you! And sat on the patio at the old mill and gazed. Your hooky color stuff is coming along beautifully, as well. Your get away must have done you good.


Dear Lucy,

your holiday looks and sounds beautiful.I guess you have had nice weather. I missed reading your blog, especially because I was working nightshifts, and when it is quiet I have time te read some. I love Pooh, I don't remember how often I've watched the videos with my children, they loved it too.
The envirement you grew up is beautiful too, but I don't like the sea that much, and certainly not in summer, when teh beaches in Holland are crowded with people.

I would like to get in contact with you because I want to send you something, ( on the moment I do crochet hexagons, thanks to you) but I don't know how. I asked Maureen (from Jikke's) but she didn't know either, she couldn't find your mail again.

I give you my mail adress: g.doze@chello.nl

And I enjoy your writings and photo's so much!



it looks great, what a lovely ,lazy time for you . Great pics as usual. oh lucy could you let me know if your little house arrived, i sent it before Easter but then you were away. I hope its not got lost! x noelle x

Anne Bebbington

Have had Burton Bradstock recommended to us by people down here but not explored there yet - so as we're within driving distance of that part of the world I can feel an expedition coming up once the rugby season's finished - lovely photos Lucy - thanks for sharing and so glad we could arrange such glorious weather for you in the Sunny South West :o)


Wonderful! I'm taking my two (not so little) people down to Lyme Regis in May - first mini-hols on our own and your post has made me really look forward to it!

susan hall

It all looks absolutely perfect Lucy....It makes me want to go back there soon. Isort of make the journey in reverse, its where my daughter, son in law and grandchildren live.

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