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April 24, 2009


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Thank you for these pictures!
I have been reading your blog from the beginning for some time now and came to this post on a particularly trying day. These images brought little oases of calm and beauty into a difficult day.

Tamsyn g

What an amazing day, it was like we were there with you every step, your photos are beautiful. Such wonderful memories you have captured. Really makes me want to get out with my camera, especially now all the blossom is starting to appear. x


Oh my, I was in tears at the end. Such a poignant reminder to enjoy, to let the kids stay up every now and then, to be shaken (in the best of ways) by such lovely things ... look at me, i'm going to cry over a blog post, for goodness sake! :)


I have been following your blog for some time, but have never left a comment. I skimmed your entry on West Bay last week as I was visiting for a long weekend. I have arrived home today having had a glorious time with my extended family. I just wanted to tell you I could NOT resist the urge to roly poly down the beach!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight and photos.

Kerry (seventy tree)

Such beautiful pictures. What a perfect day...just the kind of day that I would find perfect too.


Thank you so much for allowing me a glimpse into your perfect day. It sounds idyllic and I know so much what you mean when you say it brings about a completeness in you. My little people are not so little now and I cherish each and every moment that we can spend together. I feel that completeness as we settle down to a meal together and there is laughter, conversation and togetherness *sigh*...

Keep making memories, they are the greatest thing that you can do for your little people.

Love Yvonne x


You live in such a beautiful country! I would love to go and visit there one day! Such an amazing country side!
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful day with the world!


What a wonderful post - if only everyone could take such pleasure from life!



BeBe in Florida


Thankyou xox


Hi Lucy,
I enjoyed reading this post.
I too start with the photos and they dictate what I write. Athough I may have thought I knew what I was going to write, the photos can change it.
Your thoughts about children being tucked away at the close of day was an interesting one. I mentioned it to my husband and he wondered whether that's why we often are afraid of the dark.
Thank you for your lively posts.


Loving all the Pictures!!!!! Beautiful, thanks for sharing....:)


Oh wow... you certainly have a way with words and with photos. It does indeed sound like the perfect day. Thanks so much for sharing it was us.



what a great post, thank you.


You had such a lovely day, in fact it was perfect. The pic's are wonderful thanks for taking us with you.

Alice C

It was a privilege to share it with you - thank you.


Lovely pictures, wonderful descriptions. Such a precious day. Glad you had a great holiday, but glad you're home too! Lucy xx


Hi Lucy,
Despite the beautiful pictures you show us from Dorset, we (a dutch family of 3) decided to go to Yorkshire this year for summerholiday ! And now i remember you once told us (and showed us) about the "hostels" you sometimes stay in...i would like more about those...do you know if there is a central (e-mail)adress where i could get inquiries ??
Hope it is not to rude to ask you for this !!
Thank you for helping me out :)
Greetings from the Netherlands.


After reading your beautifil post yesterday I had to hunt this out for you. I was given it about 20yrs ago when my kids were tiny.
Its a recipe for a blissful day...

1 Large Grass Field
½ Dozen Children
2 or 3 Dogs
Some Pebbles
A Few Drops Of Brook
A Handful Of Flowers

Mix children and dogs together
Place them in a grass field, stirring occasionally
Pour the brook over the pebbles
Sprinkle the field with flowers
Spread over a blue sky
Bake in hot sunshine
When well browned, remove to a bath tub

Hope you like it
Love Wend xxx


I enjoyed sharing your wonderful day - thank you for the invitation. I'm not a 'blogger' but I do enjoy your fantastic look at life and the amazing colours which brighten the day. I'm off now to join up some granny squares!!


Now that's why this is my all time favourite blog - and why I look forward to turning on the computer every day, to see if there is a fresh attic24 post - it always makes my day when there is but this one is one of the stand out ones, to be returned to, re-read and savoured whenever a pick-me-up is required. Thank you for sharing it all with us, and showing us how vital it is to appreciate what is happening in our lives. xx


amazing twilight, thank you for sharing. as always, love can be so simple.


Heartfelt thanks....and tears of joy at such perfection. Cherish this wonderful memory. Your LP have a new one to add to their collection!

Marian Edwards

Thank you for sharing your magically blissful day with us, Lucy...i felt every minute of it through your beautiful photos and heartfelt words :)


What a moving post Lucy,you brought me to tears! How a beautiful day spent with your love ones can have a wonderful effect on your happiness and wellbeing.Like you said,its the simple pleasures in life that are most memorable! July x

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