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April 07, 2009


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Tina Williams

Could you please tell me where you got the flooring. Love it and am looking for the exact same thing. Thanx

Victoria strong

Hello could you please tell me where you got your gorgeous worn looking white Lino,it's gorgeous ,many thanks


Can you please tell me where you got your wood effect cushioned flooring from please?

Custom Home Plans Houston

I always in love with stripes rug and pom-poms. You could add some sea glass style knobs.

Caroline Sullivan

Please tell me where you got the bathroom flooring, and an idea of its cost.


shower screen

Bathrooms are not just for utility purposes in today's lifestyle. This is the place you can set your mood for the day ahead or comfort and relax you at the day's end. Depending on your decorating style this room can be sleek, polished, sophisticated or sparkle like a diamond.


Not sure if you still check here or not but I absolutely love your bathmat, where did you get it from?? I tried the link but not sure if they sell it anymore :-(

Hookie, UK

perhaps the colour of one of the pompoms in your super mat or ... this is mad.... what about stripes? you could use those little test pots in various colours that are in your mat.. using masking tape you could do it one colour at a time then when one colour is dry you could start on t'other one... imagine... it would certainly be unique.


I think the cabinet should be cobalt blue. I love the look of green, pale blue, white and cobalt sea glass.


A really lovely idea for the cabinet would be to paint it blue (that gorgeous blue you're already using) then sand it on the edges just a bit for the green to just peek through. No matter what you decide I just know it will be lovely.


I think a lovely, soothing shade of seagrass green. The soft, grey green of sea oats on dunes. Then for a bit of whimsy, white ceramic shell handles, or in an aged pewter or brushed nickle finish.


Antique cream, with black handles! I recently painted a grotty old 1970's sideboard in antique cream, and replaced the handles with gothic black ones, very cheap from B & Q. The sidebord was given to us second-hand in 1983, no idea how old it is. Now it looks like antique french furniture. I'm sure it would work in your bathroom too!


I'd pull a color from your rug -- lime or fuchsia could be amazing.

Do you need the mirrors in the cupboard doors? It might be fun to replace them with glass and paint the inside a different color(s) than the outside.


I think that shade of blue (1st picture of the bath towel) will look breezy and relax in your bathroom. A touch of the sea....Accessorize it with funky knobs! :) I'm in love with colors of laura ashley recently. Check out www.lauraashley.com.... hope this helps. :)


go for a soft calm cool refreshing color that trigger ur heart most, close ur eyes and felt the paint, smell it, touch it, does it make ur heart beat fast, does it taste like first love, so sweet, ooh aah, yes u have it? u found it!


I can't believe I've only just stumbled upon Attic 24. Your blog is so cheery and bright, it cheers me up when I'm feeling homesick for the UK.

My opinion would be to go for a similar cream colour as those gorgeous starfish - neutral enough to set off the gorgeous walls, but not as bland as white.

All the best,


What fun! I get the chance to do some decorating without having to do any work! My favourite of the fabric samples is the top one - it has the sunniest colours. As for your cabinet I would go for a really bright colour that matches the blind you make - the hot pink for example. Have fun choosing and I cannot wait to see the results!


Thanks again Lucy for some great posts. Just caught up! I so remember sitting on our front doorstep with coffee and a magazine while little ones raced up and down on bikes! The magazine was the first ever copy of Your Home. It was so different, vibrant and colourful. Your bathroom would certainly have graced its pages!! Great stuff!!


I'd go with a nice yellow or white but I'm sure whatever you choose will be gorgeous. Can't wait to see photos!


I just automatically went - white! But I am sure that whatever you choose, it will be bright and lovely.


hi lucy! i am enjoying your affair with color but confess to being paralysed by the abundance of choice to be much help for you. i am pretty conservative in my baths bec/ i find it more soothing to have fewer colors there. nonetheless, i love the seaglass choice, and it goes with all the brightness of the stripe-y samples. re the window: i'd go for as much window as you can force yourselves to buy. it is a fairly permanent thing, so you want to get something you love, not tolerate. and the thing about paint is that it's the cheapest thing and easiest to change if it doesn't suit for some reason. now i have exhausted my suggestions. cannot wait to see what you end up with. jkj


So happy you shared this with us. We opted for the sash windows and I am addicted to them now and want nothing else. As for the shelf......I vote for the blue or sand yellow (soft and warm sand) Yum!!!! Oh those aqua walls sound wonderful. Love the lino too. It's all good!!!! :D



We were just discussing replacement windows tonight and sash wins hands down as you can have them open a tiny bit for air flow, the others have to be open lots. Also they match the period of the house.
I vote for a pink cupboard.


I would have:
The sash windows
I notice you have blue towels. That will match the blue shelf.
The bottom stripey fabric for blinds (because it has a little grey/white in it that will incorporate your floor!!) and it has blue as well.
If you love the pale acqua walls, I would paint the little wall cupboard exactly the same colour as the walls. I don't think you need to highlight the cupboard as the shape etc. will stand out from the walls.
If that is a colour it would stand out too much from the walls, and break the continuity of the walls.
Whereas I think the blind is enough wow factor with towels and bathmats etc. You could have a green plant in there. If you want more colour buy another couple of bath towels in another colour (red or green or orange - orange can look fabulous with the acqua walls).
You have a textured look with the floor, so that breaks all of the white. So as I suggest:

White Tiles/Daddo
White bath/basin
White/limed/distressed look flooring
Pale acqua walls/cupboard
Bottom Stripe Fabric: for Blind
Acqua walls and cupboard
Blue Shelf
Blue Towels (sometimes orange or green)
Stripey jaunty bath mat

Not too bitty, but giving a flow and continuity of colour. But... enough colour and planned, but not too planned, and not too busy.

Well, I think I will have a cuppa now, I did enjoy that. I hope that helps.

I notice the stripey cushion back! :)))))
Always go with what you feel :)

bethel of bethania

G'day Lucy
Just a quickie today off to take my Mum shopping ... love your bathroom rug... I love colour like that too. My Mum often says she thinks I must of been swaped by the Gyspy's as they[our family] are all beige people whereas I love colour like the Gyspy folks - do you think I could start a story along these lines... lol I have never seen your vinyl flooring looking like this - love it... Yes beach house & all that - dreamy times... have you thought of maybe painting your little cupboard in a slightly darker shade of the walls or shelf [in gloss or satin paint] with something zanie for handles?
I'm off... OOroo ... B

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