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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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April 01, 2009


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Loving this joinging method! Now I'm loooooking for a tote bag pattern.....do you have one for yours??

across the pond


Hi Lucy :-) If you look back to your blog about carrot recipe. You wrote
"Ok, I am trying to think calm thoughts, to be quiet and calm and think straight so I can try and string words together coherently. But the truth is I am SO EXCITED I can hardly contain myself, can hardly type because I am brimming over with delight and happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the cause for such celebration, for such complete joy?
A recipe.
A simple, beautiful, old fashioned, no-frills, wonderful, ecsquisite recipe.
I can't begin to tell you how happy I have been this morning :: apron on, radio on, pottering around in my kitchen, baking this cake. Happy, happy happy."
You described perfectly how I feel everyday when I bake. Its a mad passion.
The carrot cake is in the oven right now too. Have made it into cup cakes and the house is mmmmmmmmm smelling glorious........Thanks


If I attempted to put colours together like you do it would look hideous, but yours are beautiful!


Hello on April 2, and as always, many thanks for the generous spirit that can always be found in your posts.

The colors and talent inside your home (and that includes your mothering talent) just rings with optomism.

I also always enjoy those views from your attic window that show me how big and open the sky and landscape can be.

Best wishes!


I just wanted to say THANKS THANKS THANKS for the granny square tutorial! Having looked in an old book which totally befuddled me I rememembered your blog and raced to the computer. Half an hour later I am sitting here with a very respectable square. Fantastic, easy instructions.It's so fun to be crocheting again after about 20 years. x


Love your work!! And your blog is sooo colorful!


Thank you for giving me a lot's off new thoughts and brigness to my life. After putting these colours and thoughts of crochet I cannot been thinking anything else.
Now my kitchen will get more bright colours and yarn is on it's way to my adress. Lovely and cheerful greetings from Finland,


All that yarny goodness is making me jealous! Your house must be wonderfully full of color. I do like that attic view. I've always wanted to visit Yorkshire and I'm so intrigued by the photos you show of your area. Beautiful!

Debbie Halkett

Dear Lucy,
Greetings from New Zealand. I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and have become a regular visitor. I'm feeling very inspired to dig out my crochet hook, treat myself to some lovely woolly yarn and crack on with some hooking. But which project to start with? Decisions, decisions. The season is changing here too. Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend, boo hoo. It signals the beginning of the end of what has been a glorious summer. Still, I am sitting typing this in a lovely sunbeam and I will enjoy these sunny late-summer days we are having and not think too much about cold weather. Having said that, winter has its good points too - log fires, long evenings, and more time to create. Tomorrow I'm going to buy some wool (won't be too hard in a country where the people are outnumbered by sheep!!)
Have a wonderful day.
Debbie H


Such gorgeous colours Lucy! Your work is always so inspiring. I'm practically squirming with anticipation for the ripple tutorial!


What stunning Tulips :) I hope that they last longer than a day but even if they don't they were worth it.

Looking forward to reading about your Easter activities :)

I am also REALLY looking forward to your ripple tutorial :)

Thanks as always for making my morning.



lucy, its so lovely to visit your blog daily knowing what awaits will always be so colourful and jolly. Thanks so much! x noelle x

Linda O

Hi Luce,
Your tulips are beautiful, I don't think I could of left them on the stall,and only £1, what a buy!!
Eastertime always seems so fresh and bright, all those pretty flowers,and lots of chocolate too!!!
We decorated our Easter tree at the weekend, all yellows and green, lovely!!
You look so relaxed with your crochet all around, and those colours in the blanket on the chair, so vibrant!!
Linda xx


Fantastic tutorial Lucy - you made it so easy and clear to understand. Thanks a million!!


I don't normally decorate the house other than flowers for Easter, but I just might this year! Thanks for sharing your chair. So snuggly!!

Luci Sharp

Ooooh can't wait for the Ripple tutorial. Yippee!!! Love the socks, I think crafters must all have a secret sock fetish!! When you take your shoes off and looking down at the cheeriest of socks is fab! You can own sooo many without spending the wool money!!


Your tutorials are fab and I have just finished my bag thanks to you! Looking forward to my next projects.


I read your post with my little one...and I told him that you don't have sunshine today...he pondered that for a bit, mentioned that the sun was hiding behind clouds...pointed at the granny squares and said...."nevr mattur mumma. dat laydee got waynebows all the time"



ooo Your tulips are lovely, I need to get some more flowers in this week as my Hyacyinths are just running out now.
I love the look of your chair with all your crocheting yummies on it it looks a lovely little haven.
Looking forward to the ripple tute now I have finished my bag I ahve a hook free!!
Louise x


Oh Lucy, you are the greatest! I am so grateful for all your tutorials...just the best, great step-by-step and photos of color galore...so inspiring!


Aren't tulips divine!!! Especially that beautiful, scrummy red color. Who could resist? Not I!!! :)

Easter decor is being thought of around here also. Just trying to decide what to do is the problem. Too many choices! But oh how nice the house will look with all the colorful, springy creations. :)

Your granny square throw is looking FAB with all of its scrummy colors. Isn't grand just to sit in a comfy chair with wonderful light flowing in and just hooking away at another yarny creation?! YeS! It's a tough life but someone has to do it! LOL!!!

Have a fun day!!! xxxxxx


happy april.
looking forward to the ripple very much.
just getting out the easter decorations here, althogh my plan to hang them on branches of pussy willow was thwarted, guess I left it too late, none of the market plant men had any..... jewellry tree to the rescue.

jenny b harris

Oh thank you! The combination of seeing the beautiful colors of your work and the clever and helpful techniques you share add up to pure wonderfulness! (is that a word?)


Such a lovely post with the tuilp photos and all that gorgeous crochet on show. Looking forward to the Ripple tutorial very much - got a pattern off Ravelry but I'm sure your one will be easier to understand. Can't wait - very exciting and just in time for my Easter break. Now to play around with the colour order.


This is definitly my favourite time of year too. A colourful, blossoming, hopeful time. I just can't wait to see your Easter decorations - you are going to show us??? pleeeeeese. I had a most scrumptious wool delivery today, it has been such a loooong time since I ordered new wool, I can't wait to get started on all manner of wooly projects, though like you my family expect me to make some eggy/bunny/chicky things first. Not that I mind I always so totally enjoy making Easter decorations. Your crochet looks dreamier than ever (if that's possible). I am trying to sound cheerful, but i am fighting back tears today. My sister has been rushed into hospital today for a biopsy as well as some surgery. I am so hoping that this month is going to be kind and gentle and hopeful. I love my sis to bits, she's a diamond/rock/star/flower and joy of joys.
Despite all this your post has made me smile, you are so magical.

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