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March 10, 2009


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Ackman Brownell

What a good example mom you are! Homebody mother who is very responsible and productive.

Zajicek Lindner

This is the cutest post I've ever open this day.The eye catching daffodil makes my head turn into it and its bright color that makes me alive for its my favorite flower and color.Thank you for making my day as lovely as daffodil.

Bibby Rohde

I love those simple words from the book. It is very inspiring. My sister loves to read it also. Thank you for sharing it.

Delany Usher

Wow such a nice placements. I truly appreciate how you put simple arts in your home. These flowers are indeed beautiful! These would surely lightens our moods everyday.


Daffodils (here called "Buttercups") are my absolute favoritest flower ever. They grow wild in my area (west Tennessee, USA)and when I was small, they completely covered my great-grandmother's front yard. People also transplant them to use in flowerbeds and line sidewalks and such. They are the first flower that greets us in the spring (winter, really) and I would pay good money if someone could figure out how to make them bloom longer.

Sharon Goe

Just wanted to let you know how gorgeous your flowers are as well as this site is. This is my first time coming across it. If you would like to do a little experiemnt with your daffodils, just put a little food coloring in the bottom of your flower vase (such as a bud vase to try it) and you will notice that the flower as it drinks the waer will turn the color of the food coloring. It is really neat expecially if you have children.


Sorry I haven't read through all of your post yet, I just noticed I have the same book. - Now back to your post, and blog. I hope you get as much out of writing as I already have looking at it and reading the things you have generously shared. (Am a new reader as of today.)


LOVE the quote! I love all quotes. Fun stuff.


I just love the idea of popping into your local castle for a visit! I'm glad you can soak up such history and share it with your family. We are surrounded by snow and pine trees here in Maine...and nothing nearly as old and fine as your castle to explore! Your blog cheers me so!

Alice C

Oh yes! I have just discovered the joys of flowers in my bedroom and have vowed never to do without again. The pleasure of walking into a room scented with freesias is amazing.


Lovely post Lucy. Thomas Dekker knew a thing or two about what constitutes a happy life. Lived quite a long one himself too, for those days.


Love When you babble Lucy :o) and I love the loving things you do around your house. Thomas Dekker's words sum you up very well.


Hi, I've recently discovered your blog and think it's absolutely lovely. I've got a question, if you don't mind, about your ripple blanket. You say you used 29 balls of yarn - was that one ball per ripple or did you double up on some colours? Probably a daft question, I know, but you've inspired me to start my own blanket. ;-) Many thanks.


I love daffodils - Here in Australia we get them in late September - Early October.

Thankyou once again for a beautiful blog post. I wish I would duck up the road and explore a castle. Makes me realise that we should be appreciating the things that we take for granted on a daily basis. We live in the tropics and are the gateway to a marine sanctuary - The Ningaloo reef. We have lived here almost 12 months and never ventured into the national park - shame on us - I think a family outing is needed this weekend.

Lucy Ward

Oh Lucy I do love your blog. You really make my morning - I sit down with my cup of coffee and wait to find out if you have posted. You have a true gift, thank you for sharing your colourful outlook on life. Inspired by your daffs, I have, this morning placed on my windowsill a pot of weeny narcissi. They are just beginning to poke their tiny faces out towards the sunshine. Oooooh I am full of the joys of spring today. Lucy x

The Coffee Lady

I was just thinking about buying daffodils when my mother turned up with some for me... then a friend... they make so much difference. If only the umpteen bulbs I planted in the garden felt like putting in an appearance...


what a lovely post - so heartwarming! its true that the simple things are more often than not the best things.



Ooh, I love daffs too - one of the perks of living in Wales as they're everywhere at the moment! I like to pop them in jam jars (of which I have a ginormous stash as I do a lot of preserving) but they look very cheery in the milk bottle and cup too. Lovely post Lucy (as usual) - I love the idea of wasting your days wisely - must try to do that more often!


Lovely pictures and lovely words


Lovely cheery daffs Lucy, I also have a 99p bunch spread around the rooms, and in jam jars on tables at work-everyone comments on their cheeriness. Speaking of pleasures, I have the same book as you on my bedside table which always send me off to sleep thinking lovely thoughts. I think it's going to become a book I keep dipping back into again and again..happy days.
lots of love



Wonderful post. There are great joys to be had from living a simple life. It seems so easy to want a simple life and so hard to get it. Love your flowers that you post frequently. They make my day.


Liz Lee

Hi Lucy. Thank you for the verse and the daffs. It was lovely to sit and read your blog after spending the day at work doing what seemed like moaning all day. I'm off to get some daff and brighten my bedroom.


To follow your blog every day, makes me feel good and ralaxed!!! As you feel with your daffodils and reading your little, new book. Why don't you make a book with your blog and coloured pictures???
Sorry for my English, if I don't explain well what I mean, but as I wrote in another comment, I am Italian.


That looks like my kind of book! Good old Thomas Dekker, what a lovely quote. I would love to meet these people from the past and learn from their wisdom.


Your daffodils remind me of a poem by William Wordsworth...

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Beautiful enjoy!

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