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March 16, 2009


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This book is lovely, I really like it.
Once again, sneaking at you attic, hihi.


blackpool looks completely lovely to me. would love to feast my eyes upon it myself. lucky duck you.



Such a beautiful walk home, lucky you. So appreciate you sharing your wonderful pix.
Thanks so much too for sharing your patterns--I've just finished making a bag from your pattern--just love it, the bright colors just a breath of spring! Have gotten lots of comments on it, so I have given out your blog address to several people who also want to make one!!
We live in the US, in Maryland, by the ocean, and I totally understand your need to visit the sea. Actually I have been making some sea angel dolls in between crocheting(knitting,spinning, dyeing, felting,sigh), and am so enjoying incorporating the shells, driftwood, etc. from beachwalks along with vintage fabrics.
What a wonderful life!!
Thanks for brightening up all of our lives with such lovely glimpses of yours.


i'm a winter crocheter...but after meeting your blog i am going to become a spring crocheter!!!!! thanx for the color and inspiration:)


I can just see you making a veritable field of those flowers then managing to do something quite marvelous with them all. Whatever you decide to do I know it will be pretty and I can hardly wait to see it :)

Lori French

Indeed I have started to look out for more colour in my life too. Do you realise, Lucy, what an inspiration you are for ladies like me? If you look at my blog, you will see an idea for granny square crochet, and I think because of your tutorial I might be able to do it one of these days. Love the pansy you crocheted, looks so delightful. Have a very good week, L xxx


love your flowers wish I was as clever.


We went to Blackpool many years ago - about 1990 I think, we explored the Tower and the beach and had a ride on the tram. I know exactly what you mean about Blackpool though.
My husband has just bought me a copy of the flower book for my birthday! He said I could have it now even though my birthday isn't until just after Easter so I'm Happy Happy Happy!


I love weekends away we dont get many but I really enjoy them when we do. The Crocheted Orchid looks lovely.
I like Mondays too!! I will like them even more when the Mr starts nursery in September. I hope you enjoyed your day.


I have just been looking at your great pictures, and wondered what sort of camera you use. The photos look so much more professional than the ones I take.

Great blog too!


Waouhhh! Those are really nice flowers! I love "crochetting" ( I'm afraid this word is not english...) flowers myself, and I thank you for this lovely idea!


A little bit of everything to make a lovely weekend - fun times out, family, and then homely things and hooky goodness. How lovely. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. x


Hi Lucy! Happy happy lady that you even manage to make Blackpool feel exciting! How do you dooo that! Anyway, I love you for it and the lovely shots of washing, socks and crocheted flowers, especially the pansy, Love Salx


Love the crochet flowers, the sense of achievement when you work out those gobbledegook instructions is overwhelming, and so worth it!


What a great weekend you had - the sea! The simple pleasures of laundry too - magical. On a recent weekend I tracked wildlife near my mum's house - I saw a badger's footprint and a heron's anvil, where he had been breaking open native crayfish to eat - wonderful! Come and peep at the pictures if you like.

That crochet pansy is so so lovely xx

sara nixon

I am glad that you find the flower book a little confusing. I thought it was just me being a little dense. I will try again.


Oh the influence of the attic. Since your Heysham post there has been a fair few seasidey posts in blog land. Is this some kind of blogging zeitgeist!


What a lovely weekend Lucy and you managed to fit some crochet in too! - I love the pansy, although if you struggled with the pattern, there's no hope for the rest of us! I am having a new crochet book delivered from amazon today - Cant wait! Love Nat x x x P.s - and Yes you must join in the circle crochet cushion club (that was a mouthful!) - going round and round in circles is quite addictive!


Ohh what a joyfull week-end...
I bought that book too,really beautifull!!


It all sounds wonderful! And your flower making book looks like boundless fun!


I love Mondays, too! Though I hadn't given much thought to it til you pointed it out...

debbie procek

I just found your great blog today. I am already planning on making the flower pins for Easter gifts. I also love the flower scarf, do you have a pattern for that? The colors you choose are just fab.


Oh I saw that book in a book shop last week. I think I might have to go back and get it, that pansy is truly adorable. I can just see it on a crocheted headband.
Love your posts Lucy, they always put a smile on my face.


I'm counting on you to decipher the flower patterns into a language we can understand Lucy! I LOVE the pansy :-)

Gorgeous pictures of a perfect weekend, thanks for sharing x


There's nothing quite like clean bedding! Especially if you add clean PJs, just after you've had a hot bath. In fact my bed smells so good that making it the following day always tempts me to get back in it!

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