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March 30, 2009


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Oh Dear,
I think I say, I think a lot!
Opps sorry!



Hi Lucy
I think you needed a bonding day on Friday after all the work you put into the childrens mothers day gifts. I think your rocking the croc & sock look!
Love Lydia xx


I think it is very cool to wear socks with crocs infact i am just crocheting a bright yellow parin to wear with mine. thanks for sharing your lovely weekend went on a school trip to bolton abbey years ago have photos of my friend crossing the stepping stones.


Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!


Hi Lucy, love the socks!! What a lovely weekend, crochet, magazines, shopping, wine, publunch and barbeque! Are you down in Dorset over the hols? Do you want to meet with the children? Let me know. Kathyx


I love the gorgeously descriptive detail of your drive on friday to the place you used to live!!! had!!!me!!!!!!in!!stitches!!!! An action-packed comprehensive narration!!!


Hi Lucy.
Just a little note to say Hello.I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and I must tell you...it's really great and quite funny. You seem like a lovely person. I just learnt to crochet through 'You Tube' of all place but I really enjoy it...I absolutely love your crochet blankets...I too admit to wearing 'socks and crocks' lol

Glad you had a great weekend as did I...
If you do happen to check my blog (just a beginner) don't laugh at my first attempt at a scarf too much! ahahaha

Nat (Canada)


omg I LOVE your socks! especialy the rainbow stipe and dotty ones and I love your waffling too.
Hello Lucy
I've been admiring ll your crochet and your housey collection again. I can't stop looking at them they are so wonderful. I often come over all dreamy when I visit your blog. I have taken your idea of the jar cover and knitted some. They are not nearly as nice as your crocheted ones, but I had lots of fun making them. While I was at it I made you a little housey jar cover, again it's not nearly as nice as those in your collection. But it's kind of nice that your jar cover idea and the housey thing sort of merged, I'm pleased about that. You have given me so much inspiration and right from when I very first clapped eyes on your blog I knew you were very much up my street. I have always cradled my plants and talk/sing to them and have always planted my primula and pansies in pudding basins (although I've never had any of any lovely blue and white stripe ones). I love love love colour, have always been a rainbow bonce. Your blog just bowls me over it really does. Like you I also appreciate the little things in life so much, it's always so nice when you read about others that feel like you do about something. Anyway Lucy, there is a little housey jar cover that is all yours if you'd like it. Have come over all shy now there's a lot of autism in my family and I often wonder if it rubs of and wonder if I am being too exitable or naive or not following the right etiquette or putting my foot in it, maybe you don't want to be given a knitted vasey thing. If that's the case I apologise, I do sometimes rush in a bit with my ideas and am a bit of an invetarate gift giver. Anyway you can say no, that will be fine with me. Of course if you say yes, you might have to wait a couple of days while I find someone to post it lol (darned agoraphobia). Hope I'm not sounding too barmey here.
Lots of love
Sumea xx


Sounds perfect!! Which supermarket did you get those fantastic socks from???? My red spotty ones are so old...I need a new pair! :)x


what a nice weekend :-) I too am a fan of outdoor eating, especially when it involves the men folk cooking! I have a little announcement on my blog... I am getting a little person of my own!

Love S xxx


Your weekendy weekend sounds absolutely perfect! I feel happy just thinking about having such a wonderful time. I adore the last picture with the blue sky and tree. I am intrigued about the piece of equipment....hmmmmmm... now what could it be?!!!


Ooooh......sounds like a heavenly weekend. And I LOVE the socks.

Sue xx

Angela Robinson

Luce! My weekend was the same way...except I didn't go to a river...where I live in the United States I'm a city dweller. I did however, enjoy the weekend with sweats, socks are my fav too...my little pooch and some hooky goodness. I just received my copy of Jan Eaton's book, "200 Ripple Patterns" and I too am in Ripple heaven. I've already started a mini soft wave that I'm excited to create. Also, have you used the Stripe creator that is linked on Posie's page?!?! I used it today and I have to say it is magnificent! I'm going to use this anytime I make something with stripes!

So glad to hear your weekend went well!

Angela, Columbus, OH (USA)


WOW Lucy your weekend sounds lovely, just the sort I like to have.
Looking forward to hearing about what you bought.
I have posted a picture of my new crochet bag on my blog.
Take care have a good week.
Louise xx


Love the new socks! We had our first bbq on mothers day. It was lovely being able to sit outside on my swing again.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a perfectly wonderful sounding weekend!

Lucy x


Sounds blissful

The Antidote

I have serious sock envy x


what a lovely weekend - and a bbq already!

Mrs Bun

What a blissful weekend. The scenery where you had your BBQ looks so relaxing. I'm going to borrow an idea of yours as I think waking early to crochet in bed and eat crumpets rather than get up sounds a brilliant idea. Now who will do the crumpets for me I wonder?

Lisa x


Great to hear that everything was fine with you. Your presence was missed on Friday. But everyone needs a break every now and then. :) Love all your goodies that were to be bought! As usual, bright and cheery! Love that! Can't wait for our first official BBQ of the season. I guess we have already cranked the grill on in January because I had some people that could not wait till warm weather for Hamburgers and brats. :)

Can't wait to see what the new bit of equipment is. Something wonderful I bet. :)

Have a simply WoNDerFuL DAy Luce!!

toodles!!! xxxxxxx

Shelley in SC

The perfect weekend! Busyness mixed in with quiet, children wildly scampering mixed in with serene contemplation, polka dot socks mixed with a quietly babbling river. Blissful!


Sounds like you all had a great time. Love the new socks and PJs. The weather is supposed to be good this week, perhaps we could light the chiminea for our first barbie of the year, too.

Nina - Tabiboo

Phew Lucy, you have been a busy little bee!!

No BBQ's here yet, we are waiting for the warmer weather to hit the beach.

Love the 'sock and crocs' look, polka dots are a firm favorite!!

Looks like you had a lovely weekend, hope all calms down this week for you and glad you beat the headcold.

take care,

ta ta for now,

Nina x

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