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March 30, 2009


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Ich verfolge deinen Blog schon seit einiger Zeit und finde ihn echt toll. Seitdem ich deine schönen Handarbeiten sehe, habe ich auch wieder angefangen zu häkeln. Für manche Handarbeiten spinne ich meine Wolle selber, das sind dann 2 Überraschungen. Dabei kann ich sehr gut entspannen. Die Gegend in der du wohnst finde ich auch sehr sehr schön.
Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Woche.


I too were one of the many a little worried about you when there was no Friday blog - glad that all is well and you were having sock and PJ fun! I seem to have so many socks and yet I never seem to wear them out like I did when I was small. My favourites for putting on and relaxing when I've had a really hard day are pink and grey with funky owls on - they really cheer me up.

Looks like you had a lovely sunny bbq too. The first day of April is lovely in London -so I'm hoping it's a good sign for the rest of the month. I have a hen weekend at Easter and a wedding in Wales to look forward to! No rain please!


Hey Lucy!
Lovin' the new socks! But here's a question for you ... what becomes of the old ones, which presumably are so worn out they no longer provide satisfactory service as socks? The reason for asking is that I have a rather lovely pair (grey and turquoise, super soft wool) that had a run in with the puppy. They no longer provide satisfactory sock service (as one has no toe left and the other has a hole in the sole) but there is still much of the sock that is still in fine order.

I realise that the answer may well be "put them in the bin" which would in fact be the sensible thing to do with worn out socks, but you strike me as the sort of person who may well see the value and potential in the not-worn-out-bits and have a lovely craft idea you may be willing to share. Hope to hear!!!

Bairbre Aine

Oh what a lovely weekend you had!
And the sock with crocs...I do that all the time at work.
My wee students even started doing it, once they saw my cutie socks poking through.
High fashion with the 4,5,6 year olds. LOL


That sounds like the perfect weekend! And there's nothing better than a pair of new socks--my favorites are argyles in trendy colors :) K x


Love the socks. Looks like you had the same weather as us, wasn't it glorious?
Thinking about your drive, there's nothing more pleasurable than that sort of little journey on your own is there? Music blaring, feeling carefree, I rarely get to do that these days.
Love Vanessa xxx


Hi Lucy, love the Pj's. Belgium is covered in spring to this week: Lot's of sun and nice temperatures. I wanted to share a recipe I tried recently, which I think you'd love : http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/18744/blueberry+and+vanilla+cake. It's delicious!

PS A little tip if you wouldn't get through 'The reader' in time. You can always watch the movie with Kate Winslet ; ) I loved it. Enjoy!



What a treat to hear about your lovely weekend! Looks so pretty there and the new socks are fab.


Hi Lucy,

I really enjoyed reading this post - your description of Friday was wonderful, I could picture the drive and the scenery. On a side note - on the other side of the world in Australia I had a very different start to the first Sunday morning of Europe summer time- the Grand Prix in Melbourne was on this weekend so that it corresponded better time-wise with the start of European summer time - it was a much noiser sunday morning than yours


I love buying socks too! Although for me my other big favorite is umbrellas... Your socks and pajamas are Lovely!


Now, that is a good day! We are sock lovers around here and holidays of any kind are a great excuse to buy socks. Dozens pass hands. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


Dear Lucy,

I stumbled upon your weblog after I stumbled upon Jikkes weblog last weekend during my nightshifts, and I immediately did fall in love with it. The colours that spring off my computer, the photo's, everything is so beautiful!! I used to chrochet 20 years ago, and I will start again. I didn't want to wait so I bought some Rowan cotton. (thanks internet and the webshops nowadays). I like the homour in the way you write very much, light and easy and sparkling, you enjoy your life.
So you can have a barbecue near the river, well, I'm a little jealous. i don't know if there are may places in Holland where you can have barbecues near lovely rivers. Nice!!
Yesterday I thought about sending you a gift, because I'm going to use your patterns, and I had something planned. And when I read your blog an hour ago I had to laugh!

I wish you nice and colourful days.
Oh, and wearing socks in crocs is very cool.(See Ravelry). it is nothing like men wearing white socks in sandals.

Love, Gerda


Oh my goodness Lucy, I swear I could almost hear your voice reading this post. Thank you so much, I've been sitting here chuckling and agreeing and loving your socks, most especially in their crocs.


Yay - I'm not the only one who loves buying socks and pajamas! No matter how you about the rest of your clothes, they never let you down.

bethel of bethania

G'day Lucy
So glad your feeling OK again - headcolds are the pits...Socks & Corcs they are the 'thing', ever so comfy - also love the rest of your socks buy...all so groovy...
Pleased you had a nice quite 'full stop' w/e no doubt did your cold the world of good including you whole well being... have a great week...OOroo... Bethel


I just love reading about your days. You have a wonderful way of detailing your life that makes it sound perfectly idyllic. Combined with your lovely photos and I always feel like I could just put on a pot of tea, sit back and sip whilst slowly scroll through your day. It's relaxing and a treat for the eyes!

My little corner of the world, unfortunately, hasn't seen the sun for the better part of a week and isn't scheduled to see it for several more days. 'Tis very blah...gloomy, cloudy and wet. Not much to inspire! Though I did finish a cheery little spa cloth and soap sack in lively bright colors!

Have a lovely week!


Lovely socks and PJs and a lovely weekend! I've just started reading the Reader too! Hope you enjoy it!


perfect sounding weekend.
great description of your journey, I agree with you about the roundabout!
love the socks!


AHH! Had my Attic fix again THANKYOU LUCY - yes I did mean to shout that! I love my crocs too and also wear them with socks as too cold for bare feet ... fashion gurus can go suck easter eggs!

Looking forward to the next episode

Emma x


Oh, but if you like socks, you definitively must learn to knit some, it's one of the great pleaseure in life, like a beer in the sun!


Wow what a busy bee you are! I always think new pjs and new socks make a girl feel a million dollars! Glad you had a lovely weekend. So envious of the beautiful countryside and river walks you post about so often. Just got back from seaside hideaway weekend, and have uploaded loads of pictures! Had a great time.
Lucy x

Simply H

Sounds like a lovely weekendy weekend!
And I actually thought the spotty socks & crocs combo looked very cool!

Linda O

Hi Lucy, missed you Friday, glad all was well xx
What a busy Friday, but a great relaxing weekend.
Love the socks and PJ's, It was my birthday over the weekend, and had money, yea!!, and I am also in desperate need of socks, love your dots and stripes!!, will have to check out the local supermarkets!!
Well done on the first BBQ, love it when the menfolk take over the cooking!!


I need new socks, how did you know? Off to find out where they came from now.

Your weekend sounds perfect and what a great spot for a bbq!

Louise x


I love the new PJ's, and can't wait for my first BBQ of the year, am very jealous! :) x

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