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March 04, 2009


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This post is bringing back so many memories for me. My grandparents lived in Morecambe and I learned to swim in the sea at Heysham, right by the power station. The overwhelming memory I have of those swimming lessons is my aunt yelling "Swim away from the foam Vickie! Don't swallow the foam!" Needless to say any potential I may have had as an Olympic swimmer ended right there and I've been a staunch landlubber ever since!

Isn't St Peters church pretty!? My parents were married there way back in '73 and it doesn't seem to have changed a bit from their wedding photos!

Thank you for sharing your visit Lucy and for bringing back those wonderful memories.

Take care,



What a lovely day you had at the seaside. We also went to the beach today with our dog. The sun was shining and it was lovely. When we lived in England we lived not far from the sea too. In Northumberland. Lovely beaches up there but its a bit too far for you to travel to. Pleased that you had a good week-end.


How lovely it must be to live in a fairy tale land. That was the perfect trip, indeed. What did we have for lunch, by the way. Did any of it involve sticky toffee pudding? I am quite a fan.


What a lovely outing to go on after a hard day at work! It really was like being with you!
Amongst all your talents I never realised working for the British Tourist Board was one of them. I wish I knew how to send them a link to this inspiring journey!!
Luc x


oh what a perfect day out, thank you for taking us all with you xxx


Peace and tranquility - thank you Lucy. (Smile)


I came across your blog when I was searching for a hexagon tutorial. I love your blog! It makes me all bright and cheery from the inside! You hexagon blanket is gorgeous and your tutorial was very helpful. Thank you very much for sharing, Lucy.
Here's a link I found for a hexagon pillow, you might find it useful: http://books.google.com/books?id=WhE1-GlQljoC&pg=PA128&lpg=PA128&dq=hexagon+crochet+pillow&source=bl&ots=nmTenV_6J3&sig=m-hDzLPd-HJm7ucppLhUOoFc-II&hl=en&ei=aoiuSZKGM4yRngffz-m_Bg&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=6&ct=result


Really great photos. Looking at them I started missing England...


What a beautiful little trip. I slowly savored reading the story of your day and looking at your charming photos...just truly lovely, Lucy.


Thanks for sharing your day Lucy. It looks like my kind of day but the rest of the family wouldn't be so enthusiastic! I too love to be near the sea or water but I can't travel on it. I even got sick on the Thames once!

The Coffee Lady

it's so strange to see somewhere so familiar on a blog! I'm glad you had a lovely time. Morecambe is getting a little teeny bit less depressing, I'm happy to report - slowly but surely the Midland Hotel renovation is having a good effect on the town.

Alex Mason

What a great day!! i am so yearning to be by the sea, its been over a year so i'm getting withdrawal symptoms now xx


Such beauty! Thank you for the photos of your day, I long for a day trip...weather should be breaking soon, in the meantime a vacation to Florida for 2 weeks looming on the horizon! Oh how I can't wait for my long beach walks...I'm not a walker by any means...but something about the beach...I walk and walk and walk...just 12 days away!


Well, Lucy, I will have to add Heysham to a list of magical places that I might visit one day. I so thank you for the introduction. It was like walking along the seaside with you, wandering through the churchyard, and around the little village.

I even enjoyed that pub lunch!

Glad that the weather was also on your side.

When I read a post like this one, I am immediately so disatisfied with my very urban location (of course at other times I do love where I live) as there is nothing, nothing as charming as Heysham withing hundreds of miles.

Again, thank you!


This is gorgeous! What a great day you and your family had. I miss the sea, stuck here in this land-locked province. sigh.
Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. I really hope you get to go back there soon!


Sounds like a lovely family day. Completely understand what you mean withregard to the call of thesea - I feel it too - to the point when I was a student and living the furthest I've ever lived from the sea, of randomly jumping in my car and driving for 6+ hours just to get to the beach. It's necessary. Fortunately, we're near the beach now and with the weather improving, I'm looking forward to spending lots of time by the sea - hopefully this summer will be good enough to make the most of it!

The shells you found were lovely - such pretty colours


What a fabulous day you have had, and so very beautifully written as always. Like you i adore the sea and visit the welsh coast often which is only 40 minutes away from home bliss! July x.


What a lovely trip Luce. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful day with us. I can almost smell the fresh air from the sea. Isn't it fun to look for shells with all the shapes and colors to see. Just lovely. I think lunch at the pub was a wonderful choice with it being brisk and chilly out. Something warm is best before setting out for more exploring of the lovely little town. Now I can wait to go on little trips we have thought up for the warmer weather.

Have a GRAND day dear. Great job with the ripple. :)



It's amazing how I can long for a place I've never been. I wish I were in England!


Your pictures are stunning and look like they belong in a book about Heysham. I also am called to the ocean (I am a Pisces after all), and living in a land locked state with three young children that aren't ready for lots of travel has been difficult. We will be going this Summer, and I can hardly wait. I used to live by the ocean as a child, and it will always call me back.

I'm glad that you had such a lovely experience. :~)


Dear Lucy:
Thank you for taking me to the sea! Your day trips are so good for the soul. You live near to such history and beauty-I wish I could be there.I think you could make a living being a photographer. You are a wizard with that little camera.Heres to more lovely day trips!
P.S. Could you tell me more about the pattern for the other afghan that you have crocheted that has the granny squares and the flowers in the middle.I see it with the ripple afghan and pillows but don't remember reading about it.


Glorious! Lucy, you paint such a beautifully vivid picture of your day out, I feel as if I've been there myself today, all from the comfort of my sofa chair. Thank- you for your stunning seaside blogumentary!


Know exactly what you mean about the draw of the sea Lucy. My lovely hubby and kids are used to my "NEED" to see, smell, feel the sea. Luckily we live an hour away by car and so regularly we pack up and head off. We were there in February on a bright, brisk day. We walked, played football, chased seagulls(my son) and stalked people with dogs (my son again, in the hope we will relent and get a family pet). Armed with our stripey sock (perfect for collecting sea glass and shells and lets you shake the sand through the weave)my daughter and I had a great time. Afterwards(when daughter announced her legs were numb) we went for hot chocolate, tea and cake. I much prefer the beach when it is like this. It restores the soul and lifts the sort of glums that you get for no apparent reason. Have a lovely day Lucy - jacqui x


You have inspired me to take another road trip, now that you have taken me along on this one! For someone who loves the sea as much as I do, I'm not sure how I can be happy as landlocked as I am in Kentucky. Someday I hope to go "back" to Heysham (I feel like I've been there now).


It was so funny to read about Heysham, living half an hour away as a child it was one of our favourite haunts when we did our "Sunday walks" trips. It used to be a very popular place, always heaving in summer but for some reason it's popularity died and it's now pretty deserted most of the time. We last went there about 2 years ago and had a lovely time, isn't the churchyard gorgeous? Now there's going to be a mad rush in blogland to get there, you've sold it so well. Heysham won't know what's hit it!
Julia xx

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