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March 04, 2009


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I have been browsing your blog tonight as I often do for inspiration and love your photos. I was so excited to spot Heysham! I live here, Heysham is my home and to see it through your eyes, well..it really made me realise how lucky I am. Sometimes you take for granted what you have, so busy hankering for what you don't. I grew up running through the woods at the side of St Peters...up on the barrows, sledging down in a bin bag when it snowed once, years ago. Thank you for your praise of the place I love so much and thank you for bringing back those memories with your lovely words. I agree with your assessment of Morecambe, I can only hope it doesn't put people off visiting our little haven, tucked away here.

Anne Bonner

I just discovered your lovely blog! I was researching the village of Heysham because I just came across an old wood textile spool with Heysham, England stamped into the seam. Your photo's are divine and the village looks like something from a story book! My name is Anne and I am in Vancouver, Canada!

Chez Tine

merci pour la balade et ces paysages magnifiques, magiques et enchantés


my goodness, you make me want to live there! and until now I was quite happy where I am ;)


Hallo Lucy! Have just found your blog from Posy's link (I think!). I absolutely love your style of colourful blogging and your rainbow photo's! Couldn't believe your visit to Heysham...I lived there for a little while a few years ago and was enchanted...despite the power station's proximity. Thank you for whisking me back to two very happy years and magical summer days. I shall be returning to your blog with a smile! PS I now live in rural Scotland...at least an hour from the sea.


I lived in the city of York for 2 seperate sets of 6 months about 9 years ago (! holy cats - nine years!) and took some lovely trips to lovely towns that were so...Lovely! Your pictures make me wish i'd stayed there! I miss the beauty, and though there is beauty aplenty in Washington State, i think once you connect with a place it stays with you, and you always long (even just in small ways) to head back to it. so it's nice to have a peak through your blog - thanks!


Lucy I used to live at Slyne with Hest - opposite end of Morecambe to Heysham, but I never discovered Heysham! How on earth did I miss it? Thank you for rectifying that for me - I loved reading about your trip!


What a fun trip and such beautiful pictures!


Funny, I've been yearning for the sea too and have raided my shell collection to make some jewellery for my stall at the weekend - it's assuaged the longing a little but your lovely pictures have helped too. Those little shells are beautiful and what about that fishing net float necklace in that garden? Lovely


Ah! I just googled it and it would take approximately 6 hours to get there. Erm..261 miles!

I'll enjoy your photos all the more!


I hope you get to take that rejuvenating sea air as often as possible.... that place looks wonderful. I'm going to google it to find out where it is! We're are right on the coast...the sea just 200 yards from our house...and i am a crazed woman whenever i have to travel inland!

Great photographs to. Thankyou.


Wow thanks for taking me to Heysham, it made me happy! Love Sal x

hip chick

Oh my how beautiful!

Devon Hanna

You did it again,,you took me on a very lovely trip and I didnt even have to pack,,,thanks abunch for the beautiful pictures..you are a gem.

Devon in arizona


I must agree on the picture of St.Peters church, surrounded by purple crocus's, it was beautiful, indeed worthy of another visit, how could you resist,
thankyou for sharing an enjoyable trip with us.


Thankyou for sharing. The picture of St. Peters on the the clifftop with the purple crocus. It touched my heart, and I could sit and stare at it for it is so beautiful.


What a beautiful place Lucy...Glad you all had a nice time..
Thanks for taking us with you on your trip to a lovely place..

Bertie Meadows

Beautiful Lucy, just so lovely. Your photographs, the way you wrote about it - all of it. I feel as though I've been along too. So glad you had a such a special day and managed to get your fix!
Bertie x


Thank you for sharing your trip to the sea, and photos of so many lovely memories. I live in a pretty town, but anything over 50 is "old" here... I loved seeing the church and buildings. Your pictures made my day.


only just discovered your blog just wanted to say thanks for the inspration and sharing your love life with us



Hi Lucy
Just wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love all your pictures and I love the beach,
I have a Award for you!
Have a nice evening!


Thanks for taking us to the seaside!!! Looks beautiful :) x

Lori French

Hi, I loved your trip; about 15 years ago or so was on the same spot in Heysham church grounds, and crocuses were all around me. My heart jumped when I saw these photos, such a lovely delightful reminder of happy times. I live in France now, but I miss Lancashire, I lived near Preston then. One of these days I must ask you if there is a tutorial of how to change colours, do the ripple design, squares, etc, I am starting to crochet. Your blog inspires me. Thanks such a lot, L xxx


Oh how lovely - you have me yearning for the sea now! Nothing better than a near-deserted beach - I have quite a penchant for paddling and it's best that no-one's in earshot to hear me squealing like a child!


Ugh, I'm so jealous! I live across the pond, in the great State of Maine, and we are simply stuck in the throes of winter. We were dealt another foot of snow only several days ago. I am more than ready for the melting of white stuff and emergence of anything remotely green!

Love your blog, you have rapidly become one of my first stops!


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