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March 31, 2009


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This post inspired us to have a 'yes' day too. Thank you. My kids naturally thought it was brilliant and anticipating the next one! Their requests were so humble- it's a fascinating and wondrous insight into the way their minds work.

hill upon hill

I have been merrily posting comments, they have appeared adn I am at the bottom of the page. I have not seen that I need to type a box of code, so loads of my comments will not appear. I have enjoyed browsing thus far.

hill upon hill

I wonder if I would be so good on a "Yes" day. The ease of the way the chn behave though is lovely. No conflict. Why not? Generally their requests are quite reasonable.

By deciding "Yes" the conflict is gone. I think it is nice to have a day like that. I wonder if I am able to.


I loved this post - I had re-read it twice, as I am oh so guilty of the 'no, mummy has to do it'! I plan to have several 'yes' days (bar requests for trips to glasgow to see gran-we live in kent!) in the summer hols. Thankfully my girls requests (they are 2 and 4) are usually craft related, or mess related (can we have some of daddy's shave-foam to 'make cakes' with?). Oh how I love messing and playing with my girls - I will be so sad when my 'big girl' goes to school in sept (she's too little IMO). I will try to make the most of the precious time left with my 2 together, only shame is I'm now suffering with post viral fatigue, let's hope I can find my energy again soon. Thanks for the inspiration from your blog - I really would love to learn to crochet,but have tried tolearn from a book without success and there is no-one to teach me!


I've been addicted to your site for quite some time now. Your crochet is so beautiful!! :)

I just have to ask what type of cheese and spread is on your sandwich? Looks yummy!



I know you've had lots of comments already but I must add another! What a lovely story of a day that is so easily within all parents reach! I'm sooo guilty of no,no,no's & you've really reminded me just how precious time is with our children. Thank you x


what a wonderful experience for all! what a great mum you are! i had hookey day with my daughter, when she was in high school, and we both still refer to h.day with smiles. will you wear the shell on a ribbon? that is some of my favorite 'jewelry', meaningful items on string. i'm smiling just thinking of your visitors to your bath, and your joy receiving them and their gifts of shell and love. delightful! jkj


what a lovely day you all had..The sandwich looked good..
I love, love that pillow, with all the colorful squares, so beautiful...I dont remember ever seeing it..I just love looking at all your projects..


I wish I could have had a yes day when I was little! It's quite interesting that they kept their requests reasonable! Says a lot doesn't it............ Lovely, Lucy, a lovely story.


Oh My God, Lucy! This is amazing! I love this! I was happy and excited and teary eyed the whole time I read this. I want to do a Yes Day at my house too!


Oh how utterly gorgeous! What a day of treasures of all kinds. Funnily enough the Vintage Magpie blog today has some thought provoking and moving short poems about the very same feelings.(thevintagemagpie.typepad.com)

What a thoughful mummy you are, with such special little people. You've reminded me so much of the joys of being a parent. I feel a Yes day coming on very soon.


That's just made my day. I don't say that lightly. I LOVE what happened on your yes day and i LOVE the idea, even if its just yes morning, or yes couple of hours. Great stuff.

All the best



Oh gosh, you made me cry. First because of the sweetest gift, but second because you made me think. About the being a parent, about the joy of it and about automatically saying no to the sometimes simplest requests. Thank you!


What a good Mummy you are! I dread the thought of a yes-day, but I think I will have to try it, just to see what she asks for!


Aren't you lucky to have two such kind children (I think they must take after their Mum...and Dad of course!) They appear to have been so well behaved even when given free rein to do whatever they like. And such a thoughtful present on Sunday morning. What a lovely story. Perhaps the world would be a happier place if there were more Yes Days? x


A Yes Day is certainly harder (instinctively) than a no day, but it certainly brings a positivity to the house when I consciously decide to be very receptive to all requests!

And how lovely that your children really appreciated it.

Bairbre Aine

Touching post.
My little man and little lady are 18 and 21 now, however, they are still residing with me and I think i will give them a YES day, just as soon as they pick up their rooms and wash some dishes. LOL.
Hmmm I caught my son with a bottle of dark stout, last Saturday, in his pocket...I'll say yes to me enjoying it while they clean. LOL. Ahhh perhaps while take a nice bubble bath. ;)


What impressed me the most - other than your clever concept of a "Yes-Day" - is what your children actually asked for. They chose independence, creativity, imagination, appreciation...and just a tad materialism. Their choices reflect what you and your husband have taught them. Your Little People are very fortunate to have you as parents.


this is something i would definetely practise in future when im a parent. thanks for the parenting skill.

happy april's fool day to u, 1st of April, cant believe its 4mths into 2009 today. hope u are not fool by people today, haha.


What a lovely post! The simple things they request...and I agree, seems like ther are lots of no's, when indeed, they could be yes's, taking just a bit more time but, oh, we reap the rewards! Thanks for sharing, and for the reminder to say yes.


Oh Lucy... sniffle, sniff, sniffle...

That is the sweetest post! I have been reduced to tears and just had the hardest time telling my hubby why I was sitting at the laptop crying!

Of course once I finally turned it around for him to read, he seems to have pretty damp eyes himself.

I can't wait to spend this coming Saturday giving my little one a YES day. She will be thrilled, I'm sure, and it will be a great reminder to live in the moment. They won't be little for long!

Thank you for sharing so freely.



I am totally teary eyed over this post...how wonderful the days of childhood..both for the children and the parents. I miss those times dreadfully. My LL is going off to college in August and reading this post makes me feel I didn't have nearly enough Yes days. It is so easy to go too fast and not enjoy Little People when they are still little. BeBe in Florida

Kris Van Allen

You blessed your children with a YES day, and your blessings were more than multiplied in return! What a wonderful mommy you are!


I like the sound of YES- DAY. Would you like to adopt another daughter? Hmm? I'm a good girl honest!

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