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March 20, 2009


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Hang in there, Lucy. We'll all be waiting patiently for your return : )

Jenny, I agree with Kim. Vanna's choice is great for a beginner. You can get it at Wal-mart, Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Happy hooking!


Hi Lucy!
As it's always said that if you get given lemons make lemonade, I think if things turn pear-shaped you should enjoy a pear drop, pear tatin, or even some perry for that matter!
Sorry to hear things have been a bit rubbish today. I hope they are getting better and the sun shines on you all weekend.
Hugs xxx

Jeannette Mariae, Denmark

Hi Lucy... Hope you are all right. Pictures or no pictures, it is always a joy to visiting your blog ;-)

Laura K.

Well understood, Lucy, we've all been there. Focus on tasks at hand and proceed, not worrying about us.
Don't even consider Monday as Sunday is holiday, carry on when mood strikes you much later in week!
Wish I could "go" for you.... 8-)


I hope the day ends on a good note for you Lucy. Don't worry about rushing the giveaway. All good things come to those that wait! Have a good weekend. Give yourself a break and RELAX!!!


Hi Lucy
Poor you (hope spare pants are at hand!!!), forget abou the give away today. Chill tonight maybe a nice tall gin and lots of lovely chocolate would do it. Have a nice calm and relaxing (Happy Mothers Day by the way)weekend with H & th LP then make Monday the 'giveaway' day.
Love as always


Bliemy, what a mega week you've had. Definitely think you should give the giveaway a miss until you have time to draw breath! I don't know where you find the energy from - you seem to be pulled in all directions at the moment.

Hope you have a calm and quiet weekend - sounds like you definitely deserve it. Have a lovely Mother's Day with the Little People, and hope that the electricians do their job quickly! xx


Lucy, you poor thing! What a day indeed! Sounds like your week is going out with a bang. You just do what you need to and don't worry about the rest. We'll be here when you are ready.
Have a wonderful and restful weekend.


lol Luce! I hope you get to pee really soon!

have some gin and forget about it all :-)

Hope your weekend is more... heart shaped :-)

PS Happy Mother's day!


Hello Lucy,

Yesterday was pear-ish for me, and I can definitely say that today is looking quite bright.

Have a fine weekend with your family. Hoping those unpredictable electricians do a good job!



Oh dear Lucy you'll be looking for that gin again tonight by the sounds of things. Hope your day is productive and enjoyable even though it's busy. Have a great weekend.

Nicola xxx


Sounds truly awful, however, it is rather reassuring to know that life in the attic is not always perfect!!! I spent most of last night nursing a dog with sickness - due to over consumption of sheep poo, I really need something to look forward to next week, so pause the draw, make a g&t and enjoy the weekend. hugs Debs x


truly a pants day!! Remember "keep calm and carry on" all will be well,


oops Lucy, you can delete one of those duplicate p.s's (and this message if you like) it told me it hadn't worked, but it had.

Carolyn Marie

You brighten every day!


I have just read wise Shelly's comment. YES Lucy do it on MONDAy.
Have a lovely no cook or eat out meal, a gorgeous long soak in the bath (when the workmen have gone) and curl up on the sofa or in bed with a lap full of crochet. Oh and have a wonderful Mothers day (yourself!) you so bloomin well absolutely deserve it


I've just read wise shelley's comment.
YES Lucy do it on MONDAY (or even later if you need to).
Have a lovely weekend looking ater yourself, with a no cook or going out meal. A long realaxing soax in the bath and curl up on the sofa or bed with a lap full of crochet.
Oh and have a lovely Mothers day (Yourself!) you so very booming well much deserve it!


I absolutely agree with Kim. And Lucy, You have said NO with the same beauty, humour and panache with which you do everything. Bless you! I for one am not one bit dissapointed, it just means I can stay all bubbled up with lovely exitement for longer :o)
Love You


Relax, Lucy, and take a deep breathe (or two)!!!

Don't worry about the blog and the give-away. Your readers can wait. Don't stress with it tonight, just calm down and take it later. It's like laundry and dirty dishes - it can wait! Have a nice weekend and do all that other stuff next week! Or next... Things don't have to be perfect all the time!!!


One the the best things a woman can do , is learn to say NO! You politly said you cannot do the drawing, that is a wonderful thing. Never feel bad that you are honest. Also, I agree that a bucket is a girls best friend in this situation.
Jenny, if you are really new and cash strapped Vanna's choice is a good "beginners" yarn.


Focus now on the gin cocktail you are going to have later when the little people are in bed, husband fed, electricians gone...xxxx


Oh dear...not fun but think of the gorgeous bathroom at the end of the work and all the happy Mummy faces when they get their gifts! Hope things imporove. x


oooh- some days are like that- I hope things have gotten a little smoother-going for you by now.
I have a terrible favor- not a good time to ask this- but maybe with fewer comments on here than normal, someone (if not you, Lucy)can suggest a brand of yarn that I will find here in the U.S., and the amount of skeins for your wonderful tote bag?? I love it, but I am too new at the crochet-thing to figure that out on my own!
Thank you!

Shelley in SC

Oh, you poor dear. Please give yourself a break and do the Giveaway on Monday! Don't worry. We understand. We adore YOU, not just your blog!

Nina - Tabiboo

Oh dear Lucy, please don't pee your pants!!

Go and get some 'Rescue Remedy' when you nip to the shops, it's a life saver. It won't stop you wetting yourself, but might help keep things abit more calm, if only for your sanity! I swear by it, well before I've taken it that should probably say.

Hope everything sorts itself out,

take care,

Nina x

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