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March 20, 2009


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I'm getting so excited I can hardly contain myself, I have been dancing about - peeking at your blog - dancing about peeking at your blog. I just had to say hello this time I was peeking :o) Hello
(That feels better. I am partly exited about the draw (though not concerned when it will be, partly (a bigger part) hoping you're ok. That you have been resting and looking after yourself proper. I have introduced my wonderful little sister to you blog, she is baking some of your cookies as I speak (she started her own little blog last night). I always get so excited about everything and can't sit still (ants in my pants my mum calls it). Better go before I say anything more towards convincing you I'm a nutter. Anyways be well and Good Luck
Warm thoughts
and much love


Hope you've had a lovely Mother's Day with your family.

Just a quick question - when you have time to answer. I've just started on you crochet bag pattern and as I am new to crochet could you please tell me if the side facing me is the "right side"? Lovely pattern by the way.

paty z from mex

Oh! I didn´t know that Mother´s Day was in UK on March 22!. In Mexico is on May 10th.
I wish you a wonderful day!!
Have a great weekend, we will you next Monday.

elizabeth of course

I didn't catch this until just now and I'm sure glad it all worked out! You can post the pear tomorrow. we'll all understand.


have a great weekend Lucy....
Take care,


Hi Lucy

I wish you a wonderful Mother Day!!!!!!!!!!!!



Glad your day ended better Lucy, have a lovely weekend xxx


I was glad to read the updated part of your post.
Hang in there!

The Coffee Lady

On days like these, I could marry my slow cooker



I very successfully copied Lucy's beautiful bag here in the US using Plymouth yarn from the local shop. As for skeins, it used very little- I even used some I had in my stash from knitting. It's actually a great excuse to build your stash, so you can start the ripple blanket/garden squares, with yarn you have on hand!


I just checked back in because you were on my mind. So glad your state of mind is improved. Have a drink for me- I have too many kids to supervise and one is a 18yr old with a boy over! Well done Lucy!!!


I'm glad it all worked out well, and now we all have something to look forward to on Monday! Hope you have a beautiful, happy weekend!


You are a trooper! You made a choice to make your day good! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Hope you have a lovely weekend and that the gin has well and truly worked its magic now! Lucy x


Hi Lucy! Just read your blog today and howled with laughter....not at you you must understand but simply in complete understanding at your frazzled juggling act. I am toasting you with Gordons (it is after 6 after all!!)
Tried to post a comment during the week but had 2 'refused' for some reason, as wanted to be part of your gorgeous blogiveaway. Prob won't qualify now as its already 20th, but hey-ho....just love joinin-in! Have to say you have inspired me to re-start crochet which I havent done since I was 13.... a lot of years ago! Can't say I am as skilled as you but am enjoying the relaxation. My poor husband doesn't know if he's coming or going with my crafting.... bookmaking...quilting...painting...sewing....knitting etc etc!! am so happy to find crazy kindred spirits. Have a lovely week-end and a fine Mothering Sunday with your little people! Love AngieP


Hi Lucy

Sorry to hear that your first day of spring had a stressful start. Luckily it has a happy ending :). The giveaway can wait, just think that it adds to the build up of excitment e.t.c. Hope you have a lovely w/end.


ps - enjoy you warm towels from the new towel rail.


I agree - alls well that ends well - don't let yourself get so worked up!! Hope you have a quiet, peaceful weekend.


Deep breath! In, out, and smile!! That's better! Will catch up later after the tea is on the table, your gin cocktail is on its second glass and you have fallen into bed with a grin on your face!!!! i.e . Monday. have a great weekend.

Luci Sharp

Oh No!!! Not one of your normal days eh?! Shame you haven't got a wonderful blog to go and dream in like the rest of us :) We have these days every day, and get to unwind at the Attic with you - it's a joy to come home to.

I hope you weekend is perfect and restful - see you Monday.

Elspeth Thompson

Gosh I was beginning to get a complex about your ability to post entertaining, beautifully photographed entries every day of the week... so in a way it is comforting to know that you are not (quite) the bionic crocheting woman....
Tend to your family and yourself a relaxing weekend - I'm sure everyone can wait another few days for your 'giveaway'....
much love
xx Elspeth


hope your day gets easier, it will be lovely when your little ones bring you home their ppp's! have a lovely weekend, take care, and when do we get to see the finished bathroom xx

Sarah Allen- McDonough GA

I love to read the terms used by you wonderful british women!! My mother was from England and would use some here and there. Bless her poor civilized heart- she married and US southern man- which tried her patience in the proper grammer arena!!! Lucy- have a GREATTTT WEEKEND- we all look forward to your posts next week!


bless you. take care and don't worry. Think a gin and tonic is a great idea xx


Hey Monday will be fine Hun. We all have days like that now and again, it's called life. Have a lovely Mothering Sunday. See you next week, talk about wetting pant, I'm soooo excited!


Oh sweetie! Good lord take your time. This is not the kind of thing to stress over. Family always comes first. Take care of yourself!

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