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March 18, 2009


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Make the most of helping little ones at school. I did lots of that and now and 13 & 15 the last thing they want is boring old Mum anywhere near their school. How I'd love to get those days back again xx

Colette xx

The Coffee Lady

but you do make me feel so much better about my almost identical out of control plant...


Hi Lucy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lucy, what a lovely walk along the canal this morning. I wish I could walk J to school, obviously only on sunny mornings such as today though! Recipe needed for the gin cocktail.

Nicola xx


Two teats in one day - thank you Lucy! I love reflections. My son took some photos of reflections in puddles for part of his A level Art. All you can see is the grey tarmac and the brilliantly bright, tree lined puddle. He framed them and gave me them for Christmas. That was 6 years ago and they are still a favorite!! Hope you enjoyed the cocktail!


Beautiful photographs Luce!

I am the only one in my family who changes the loo rolls... and I moan about it frequently. But toilet rolls bases are great for growing sweet peas and other lovely garden things.

Tracy, xx


Love the pictures along the canal. The forsythia are gorgeous.


I think when days are busy you appreciate the quiet ones even more.


How lucky you are to have such a sublime walk. Your water photo's are gorgeous - so clear and fresh. And the forsythia flowers are beautiful. I'll skip the laundry if you don't mind (it reminds me of the pile that is awaiing my attention). I like (I Love :o) the rainbow of crochet and the ppp's on the doorstep. And the cake!!! and your sweet little dotty mug. My day would not be the same without a visit to your blog.
I'm having a very special week over at skipping in the meadow with an Eastery tutorial and a 'giveaway'. would love you to come and join in the fun
Sumea x

Nina - Tabiboo

Love the canal walk with it's reflections and colour.

If your house is messy than you put me to shame!! As my mum would say my home always looks like 'a bombs hit it'

take care and enjoy your gin and tonic - just the one 'bottle' maybe??

Nina x


Sounds like a pretty nice day really. ~Kelly


Have a gin! You deserve it



How lovely to see your workshop in progress! Hmm, it's rather lovely to see your crochet shopper too - very easy on the eye. Your busy day looks full of achievement to me - who cares about the odd bit of housework - you passed on crochet knowledge and had a restorative walk. I reckon that's more important. Emma x


Lucy you wore me out just reading about your day! I find when I have extra busy sociable days my face hurts from smiling and I feel "twitchy" by the evening. The canal pictures are lovely and your view from the attic is beautiful and soothing. Have a nice relaxing evening. Karenx


Looking at your crochet workshop,in particular your bag, I realise that I forgot to tell you that I finished mine! Thanks for the pattern.


What a beautiful blog. My friend recommended it the other day then I came across it today by accident on ravelry. It must have been meant to be :)


sounds like a lovely fulfilling day, full of lots of things to make you smile - I like days like that - only wish I had more of them! - Natalie x


It's a delicate balance and I find it so hard to achieve. Too much going on is usually the problem here. It's good to be out once in a while to stay connected, but, to me, there's nothing better than being at home because I want to be.The canal and boats are lovely. Are there people in your area who do overnight tours on the canal?

The Antidote

I would go with a G&T, you have had a busy day!, the housework will wait - no-one died of wilted daffs on the mantlepiece!


You certainly had a very filled day today! That looks like such a lovely walk along by the canal. The cakes look all so tempting. Keep up the good work!


looks like a perfect day to me, wish I could come to the crochet class, the coffee and cake looks yummy, a bit far for me to come, don't worry about the housework, it will always be there.


Actually I can't crochet. But am hoping my mum will teach me. Wonder if she'll provide cake as well?


How fab it is to see all the children's PPP and Butterflies - you must be v proud.
And the Crochet class looks fab - even if I couldn't crochet I'd come along for the cake!


Sounds like you had a lovely day.


Lucy, I found that when I was a stay at home mum, I was busier then than now that I am back at work (only 15hrs).Life is too short to worry about running out of things (as long as we are not taking about critical medication or anything). My childrens latest mischief also involves empty loo roll holders. They dont change it for a new one from the cupboard - they write on the empty tube " well! what are you going to do now?" or " you should have checked before you started!!!". This has caused much hilarity in the culprit responsible (usually lurking outside the door. Have a lovely evening - jacqui

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