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March 18, 2009


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Emma Stewart

Once more I find myself spending another 'should really be crocheting' hour scanning your blogs and I had to comment right this instant as I am laughing out loud as you seem to have a mug/cup addiction like my own hehe! I am sure you have mentioned this but it made me giggle...doesn't make my fella giggle though oops!!!


Lucy, the canals are beautiful. Could you share with us the history and what they are used for now? Do people live in those boats? I don't know much about canals and yours are delightful. Have a Gin for me!! LOL


Oh you are very busy. Thanks for sharing with us. I wish I lived nearer to attend one your workshops. Love the photo of the empty loo roll! Hilarious.

Very tempted to make one of your crocheted bags.


Enjoy the gin - you've certainly earned it. What a beautiful start to the day - isn't this sunshine gorgeous ?

Sounds like the rest of the day (and the week has been hectic) - fun in someways but don't forget to take a break out for yourself. Take care xx


I do wish I could join you at your crochet workshop:-)


hope you got that gin, you deserve it xx

Esther Rasmussen


I think your idea for the mothers day gift school project is inspired. Would it be OK if i showed my son's headteacher a picture of the finished product. I was trying to explain it to her yesterday as I would like to do something similar next year. I don't think my description really did it justice. All credit has already been given to you, don't worry! Hope it is Ok.




the crochet club (with cake) looks great. I'm determined to learn to crochet some day soon........I hope!


Just have the G&T. The housework will need doing again five minutes after children/husband come home.


Bairbre Aine

Oh I just loved the children's butterflies!
I plan to add that art project to my classroom art centre in a week or so.
thank you for fun idea!

And oh, the pics. Your walks and cafe' are filled with such lovely views!

As always, thank you for sharing.

I'm actually putting up a tutorial on crocheting, on my blog, inspired yes, because of you!
I'm humbled by your blog, and only hope me first tutorial will be half as nice as yours.


Isn't there something about the word potter that conjures up perfectly the busy act of contentedly doing lots of unimportant things? Jam is another one...fruity, sugary, jelly soup couldn't be anything other than jam, could it?
I think you deserve a day off, pottering.

Laura K.

Be pleased and proud that you had such a fulfilling day. Your project for school looks wonderful; the moms will love it, certainly.
Enjoy diving under the ripple blanket tonight...deserving of good rest.


I love your days. :~)


I have recently begun reading your blog and have fallen in love with your positive attitude and your happy, content life. Although I am far away, I feel like I can relate to so many of your "feelings". I am also a stay at home, artist, mommy, and enjoy every minute of it. Your attitude about your children has encouraged me to be more patient with my own "thanks!" I went back and read the blog about your one year birthday and was most amazed by the pictures. I really think you could make it as a photographer as well (if you really wanted to, that is). Sometimes it is more fun to do it just for fun. When it becomes a job, it's not as much fun anymore. Thank you for brightening my days. I wish I could sit down and have a chat with you (and you could make me one of your yummy coffees!).

Marianne in BC

Hi Lucy, The paper butterflies are darling! How are you enjoying teaching crochet?


The butterflies are looking lovely.


Just wanted to say I made some choc chip cookies today following your recipe - they're delicious.


This was fun ! Loved sharing your day with you ! What a beautiful place you live in ! The canal ... wow !! Lovely ! I am trying to learn to crochet ... not very successfully. I'm a better knitter than crocheter. I'll keep practicing ... any tips ?


What a perfect day! The photos are lovely - so insightful and colourful.

Don't complain too much about being busy. When you get on with the housework you'll soon want to find a diversion. I always feel like that.

Enjoy your gin cocktail - cheers! x

Alison Hutchison

Just reading your post has me needing my own gin cocktail. Cheers to you busy lady. This sounds like my every day. I am literally counting the days until Easter hols, not a good way to be...have booked myself a table at a local craft fair first day of the hols so sewing in earnest as well as working, reading your lovely blog...oh and looking for a new home, sold ours yesterday!! x


I always think Spring Cleaning goes much easier with a Gin Cocktail, so I say do both at once :)

paty z from mex

I understand you perfectly. On Wednesday´s I give cooking lessons in my house in the morning. It´s really nice but the rest of the house is terrible. I have 3 children, (1 teen ager, other in the middle and my little one (10)). In the afternoon I have lots of work to do. I love your walk by the canal. It´s so English!
Paty Z.


you live in such a beautiful place..
I just love your beautiful crochet grannies..
take care,


lovly photos.. thank you .and even more thank you...
wish you all the best..:)

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