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March 03, 2009


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Lucy Ward

Lucy you take such gorgeous photos. I have so enjoyed the arrival of spring this year. Love your photos, love your blog. Lucy xx


If I could only find the Rowan cotton cheaper anywhere!!! lol... Love all the yarn colors through your blog! lol...


March officially contains the first day of spring and, this year, we need it...very much!!! But it also is the mounth of my husband's and daughter's birthdays. My name is Miriam and I "follow" your blog from Italy.I can say it relaxes me, with all that colors and nice thoughts. I love all that is British so, I enjoy a lot, your works, pictures, magazines,...How could I receive Country Home in my little village in the south of Italy?
Hugs & kisses,


Hi Lucy,

I thought I recognised one of the pictures... my favourite calendar page so far... March in the Country Homes & Interiors calendar.. I am just in love with that sofa!



you always have such pretty flowers..
Love the colors on the ripple, beautiful..
take care,

Lucy Ward

Ohhhh Lucy, you have no idea what a lift your gorgeous blog gives me. When I see there's a new blog entry I give an excited little "yipee!" - a bit like when your latest magazine plops onto the mat. You have a true gift - your photos, your art, your love of all things yummy, your outlook on life, your obsession with colour. Your blog is truly inspirational. Please don't ever stop writing Attic 24, it would be a national tragedy. From one Lucy to another. Thank you. Hugs. xxxxxxx


thanks for the colourful start to the day.
very uplifting.
i found your blog last week when 'googling' "Nanny McPhee" childrens bedroom images.
funny how you find things.
i love those bedrooms!
your crochet work is really beautiful. one day i will try crocheting but for now, as far as textiles go, it's mostly knitting and a bit of sewing.
thanks for the colour!


I've been waiting for the bossy calendar!!! Love the PPP, I brought some Anemones on saturday after to seeing yours but I've noticed today they have died!!! How sad only lasting 3 days & costing me £2.50!!! :)

Sarah Allen

I stumbled upon your site by accident recently and was thrilled with the ADDED BONUS of you being across the pond... I am in the Southern part of the USA... Georgia to be exact.. I enjoy the break in the day to see what you have been up to...I have been learning the wonderful art of crochet and sooo enjoy your projects.. You are in England?? My mother was from England.. Thank you for a great escape!!


I love the poppies! And the wavy crochet makes me want to go and knit a 'wave and shell' something in candy stripes. I totally understand how you can find one colour against another so uplifting. One of my favourite song lyrics is by Crowded House; 'Colour is its own reward...'


Lucy, I read your blog at work(nightime in a police dispatch center)and it totally brightens up the space. I love that you can potter and be creative most of your time and you inspire me. I wish for that life back again someday, but in the meantime I will make do with hearing about yours and living my pottery wobbley life on the weekends..thanks for the brightness BeBe


What a lovely post, such gorgeous, cheering colours. I must get crocheting again, I've been immersed in fabric for quite some time. But seeing your beautiful ripple has reminded me how satisfying sitting twining the wool can be. Perfect timing too, as we're almost touching Autumn in Australia.
I look forward to your seaside post tomorrow, I do so miss the Devon coast I grew up next to. As a family we loved walking along the beach when it was wet, windy and empty!

Elspeth Thompson

Lucy - I've just caught up with recent developments - well done!! It must take you all morning reading your comments now! I'm sure a book will be next - if you want it. If you need a good agent and don't have a recommendation from friends then Jane Turnbull, whose link is on my website, is great. But perhaps the immediacy of Blogland suits you better. I must say, even though I don't post half as frequently as you, I do find it intoxicating.
All good wishes - and warmth and spring sunshine - to you,
x Elspeth

Tamara Erbacher

Hi Lucy, Thanks for stopping by my blog and a big thank-you also for the inspiration once again. Happy Hooking. Tam xo


love the ripple blanket, and all the cheery colourfulness, look forward to the seaside trip tomorrow.


Hello Lucy
Thankyou for the invitation to join in the fun with you at the seaside, I can't wait. I used to do a lot of seaside picnics when my children were younger. Sadly am agoraphobic now which is a bit of a bummer (am I allowed to use that naughty word?. I Love your little PPP and yes it's set off very well with the lovely red jumper. I also wish I had more terracotta pots, they are quite expensive these days :o(. Your Bright March post is wonder to behold.
Warm Blessings


Ohhh that ripple made my fingers itch to get out the wool, but I musn't, not untill all the projects on the go at the moment are done. Love the covers though.

Jo A

Luce - I have potted up four cheeky primulas in a hanging basket. They are so scrumptious togther. Love your Skipton picture, love all the layers of dreary colour

suzanne b.

Your blog is delightful. I'm looking forward to the seaside. :)


Oh what a jolly cheery blog today! Thank you ever so!! I gotta have a go at the Ripple next, have 21 hexies in total and they are all wonderfully gorgeous.
Will be here tomorrow for the trip to the seaside....


Very, very lovely Lucy! You brighten my day with your lovely posts! I will look forward to visiting the seaside with you tomorrow.


Your blog is so charming and beautiful! I love the photos of the flowers and the vintage laundry paraphernalia. I like how you take pleasure in the little things, like colors and flowers and ripples. It inspires me to do the same.

Yes, please, I want to go to the beach!

Bairbre Aine

Happy March to you my friend!
Inspirational post.
Sending you more grateful cyberspace
Bairbre Aine


You must check out the photos on this post - http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2009/03/parisian-flowers.html

They are just divine! I shall be spending tonight plotting my 'let's move to France' plan. How I wish we had markets like they do!! Cat xx


Hi Lucy
What a wonderful post! Loveley pictures.
March is also a favourite month for me.In the garden begins anything to grow and to bloom
Snowdrops and Crocus in different colours it's wonderful.And the clothes flutters in the wind,Oh,that smells.
Your ripple cushion looks fantastic with the
wonderful colors.My ripple blanket is finish.
I have started a new granny.
Have a nice evening in your wonderful home!!

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