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March 11, 2009


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well done you! It's a very good thing to be able to pass on skills - a friend and I are doing a 'skills exchange' at the moment - she's teaching me to knit and I'm teaching her to crochet... feels good to be spreading the crochet love!


Oh so jealous!!
I am torturing myself looking at your gorgeous work.
I learnt to crochet a few weeks ago, but overdid it one sunday because I was so excited about how easy I found it and how much fun it was,it caused my tendonitis to flare up. I was in agony, arm was burning with pain :(

So now I cannot do more than 3 stitches without it burning. I am going to go get some treatment and hopefully fix my arm so I can crochet again. I want to make beautiful things like you do, you are such an inspiration.


I wish I lived closer! I would love to learn to crochet!

Oh, please can you share the caramel shortcake recipe you mentioned a couple of posts ago....all the recipes you share are delicious. I have the carrot cake cooking as I am typing this!

Please stop by my blog if you have time, I had my 20 week scan on Tuesday and have revealed the sex of the baby - so excited!

Take care xx


Such pleasure for our eyes.
Pity I can't join you and your group of crocheting ladies.


Your stairs must be worn down from all the jumping up and down you do on them! Glad to see you are spreading the hooky love around!


WoW, what a lovely blog !!!!

I am a keen knitter, but now i am determined to teach myself how to crochet, i have a week off work next week, so thats my new mission!!!

Debra x


Lucy, you inspired me to learn to crochet 'properly'....no wonky squares here!
I've made table mats (circular), a bag from your pattern, and now I'm doing 'short 'n sweet' bolero from Debbie Stoller's book. All by myself with some colourful language along the way I must admit.
I've purchased the Babette blanket pattern...oh there's no stopping me and my knitting needles are neglected.
Glad your class went well, will check in tomorrow.


Wonderful that you're passing on those skills - it'll make every one of those ladies happy and giddy - just as giddy, perhaps as you felt before you went to teach them! Any books/sources you could recommend for the very very first steps?


Well done! But you know, you already had students: I didn't crochet at all some weeks ago. One day, I came across your blog and I decided to give it a try. I just finished my very first granny blanket yesterday evening!

Thank you so much for your great work, your inspiration, your pictures, and all the rest...


Have a great day!!
With happiness for you..


Hello and congrats on teaching your ladies and for having such a gorgeous blog. Pipany xx


How fantastic! And the photographs of your projects are so beautiful.


NO WAY, you are not one, OMG! Well I have enjoyed that one year of looking out your wonderful attic window. Congratulations.


Ahhh ohhh - I wish I could be with those ladys and listen to you !


wonderful work and day!! congratulations!! it's a pleasure to come here!!


Well done Lucy. I'm so glad you enjoyed dipping your toes into sharing your lovely work.


Well done Lucy, Like others have said the only thing that makes me sad is the fact that I couldn't be there, but you have taught me well and I love hooking now. Next step is a crochet a long for all us Blogging friends.


Congrats! That is so awesome, I bet you did a great job! I wish I could come! (I'm trying to get someone to teach me over here, wish there was a class!)


you are so cute lucy, how lovely to be taught by u. u not only spread the hexagon love, but the crochet love as well.

happy birthday to attic24, im glad im here to join attic24 through the previous few months. cant wait to get a bite on the cake, hehe ;))))

waiting to express uhhh, aaahh, ooohh, wowwww on friday... lol, called on doraemon to help switch tomolo to friday, keke..


wow what a fabulous array of colour, wish you lived closer to me - would love someone to teach me


I've been teaching crochet for nearly two years, and it's a great feeling to know one is perpetuating the craft. Good for you!

Bertie Meadows

Hello Lucy, I'm so glad it went well for you and the ladies. I knew it would, you're a natural. I wish I could have joined you. I think very soon you will have spread the joy of crochet to every corner of the earth, in fact I think you should write a book.
Bertie x


OMGosh! I just love reading your posts! And I just drool over the wonderfully colorful pictures you add. SO bright and cheerful! Thanks for the smiles! :O)


Hi Lucy, I recently discovered your blog via a friend and everything she said about you was right - you sound so cheerful and positive. I find that people who are negative about everything a bit wearing after a while, and its good to find a kindred spirit who takes pleasure in the little things in life. Well done with the teaching - I really must learn to crochet! Oh and my friend and I were talking about your photos today - they are beautiful - have you got a brilliant camera or are you just naturally skillful at using it?


Good for you - I'm lucky enough to get that feeling most days as a teacher, but on a Wed I do outdoor Education so it's even better as I combine all of my favourites (French, the outdoors, walking, even craftwork sometimes together in a very refreshing day)
Looking forward to Friday

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