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March 05, 2009


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The blanket that little boy is sitting on, on the winter picnic page, is the IDENTICAL TWIN of one I made for my baby's pram. It had a lovely life with us: first the pram, then the sofa, then to line our gorgeous cat's basket, then, very sadly, to wrap her when she died. Greens and blues and greys. I loved that blanket.

And I love clicking to your colourful pages, hoping there'll be a new entry every day. There almost always is and I thank you for them.


Lucy, your blog is one of the best things about my mornings--so uplifting!
Thanks so much for sharing!


I love so much your blog, i love every post you do, but i love very very very much your pics with wonderfull fantastic color granny.
I want to do lots and lots as you!!!!!!!!!!!
Such lovelies!!

Lace hearts

I definitely agree with you about granny squares - I find it so relaxing doing mine, and I join as I go along, so the blanket I'm making seems to grow so quickly (though not as quickly as your crochet!). Those blankets look very good together... perhaps she forgot to take it when she left?! LOL. xxx


Oh, you make me want to learn to crochet granny squares! I tried to teach myself how from a book, but that didn't quite work out. Must find someone to teach me.

Your post was lovely, as usual. Love the picture of the sled with the picnic box and granny blanket.

Bairbre Aine

Oh I love this Ode to granny squares post!
I've been a fan of the multi-colour blankets for years. Presently working on a tri-colour blanket.
I'm excited to view your tutorial, once complete.


Awww, Lucy....I love your blog so much! I really, really, REALLY want to learn to crochet! Can you recommend where I can get started? Nobody I knows can crochet so unfortunately I cannot ask anyone to help me. Any help would be gratefully appreciated xx


Such lovelies! Not only do you choose terrific colour combinations and designs, but you finish your projects gorgeously.

Are you on Ravelry yet? If so, I imagine you've had great fun looking at the hundreds of pages of granny square projects. If not, may I entice you with a few of my favorite photos? Your projects deserve to be in there with the best of them!





I forgot one thing. :} You mentioned the blankies made from acrylics. The best way that I have found to make them scrummy is to wash them a couple of times and put softener in the rinse cycle each time. They come out very soft and fluffy warm. You can't help but cuddle with them then.



Well, first the two blankies from two friends are simply stunning together. WOW !!!!! What else is there to say. How lovely it is to get with one another and just be in the same room. That is worth the travel time indeed. Glad you had a FAB day with everyone.

I'm starting to gather different colors that catch my eye for whatever may come up next in my list to crochet. The wheels are turning upstairs. And thanks for taking the time to share you joining secret with us all.

FAB day to you Luce!

toodles! xxxxxx

Shelley in SC

It was lovely and inspiring to look at all the grannies, but can I just say, Lucy, that your color choices outshine them all!! Give me a modern-day Lucy granny any day.


20+ years ago, I gave my grandmother some yarn that was leftover from a blanket that I crocheted for my daughter, and she proceeded to make granny sguares. I have those squares still, because we never did anything with them , and she is long gone now. I have often taken them out and looked at them, and wondered what to do with them. I love them.
I also have a granny square blanket and there is a pillow cover, that her mother made. They are treasures,indeed.
I am so interested in trying your tote bag, but I was wondering how many skeins I might need to make one following your directions??
It's been a while since I followed a pattern, so I am really starting from scratch! Thanks!


Wow! Those two blankets certainly zing together! I must dash off now to check out all the links you have provided. Looking forward to the tutorial. Very excited actually!

Nina - Tabiboo

Hi Lucy,

everso beautiful and lovely, Granny squares that is, though I'm sure you are too judging from your blog! It is a daily treat to visit and I wish I could crochet! I'm going to nag my mother to sit down and show me - one day, oh one day...

take care,

Nina x


Oh you are lucky! Best friends who share the love. The grannies look lovely together it seems your friend is equally talented with her colour choices.


Thank you so much for all you share with us. I can feel almost there. I am rippling a cushion cover and I am quite delighted the way it is going. I am off on long haul flights to OZ/NZ in less than two weeks. Have bought the bamboo hook and worked out how many yards the first and second 'rounds' of grannies garden take and fully intend grannying while flying. I hate flying so I am hoping the crochet will be calming!!


Glad to see you had a lovely day - true friends are to be treasured, thats for sure! - My oldest friend is 4 junctions 3/4hr down the motorway, & with the little ones at school our get togethers are no longer weekly - more like monthly - but still worth it! Lx


Did i read right you have on being making granny squares since 2007 - you are just so talented, keep showing us your crochet thngs, as the more i see them the more i really want to learn, i just need that one big push and i to eventually will be able to snuggle up with my own granny blanket or ripple rug!!

susan hall

lovely lovely granny blankets, how the make me sigh with longing for one of my own.... I will learn the crochet art !
Also loved the Heysham day out. We used to holiday near there at Silverdale in a cottage near the Lindeth tower- Mrs Gaskell's (of Cranford fame) favorite summer holiday home for her and her children. You were in good company Lucy!

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