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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 05, 2009


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Just to let you know, I have left you an award, mightly well deserved I should add. x


Friends like that are wonderful aren't they!? I have two friends who I met under similar circumstances, and, again, much like you, now are children are in school we don't meet as often as we used to - you've reminded me of how precious our friendship is and how important it is not to let these things slide. Am off to make arrangements to see them now!


What a wonderfull post - like every day ! At the moment I am really addicted to your blog... and crocheting of course. I am working on a ripple, but looking at your amazing Grannys makes me want to make them too. We definitly need more Crochet in Germany here ! Thanks for sharing this all with us !



I love your blanket. My Mum had one at home that was made by my great-auntie years and years ago (must be vintage then - goodie!) and I can remember spending much of my childhood snuggled under it in the living room during the winter and on poorly days. I think I even had a smaller blanket of granny squares for my dolls. I must go and hunt it out next time I'm visiting Mum and Dad.

Your blog is so lovely - I look forward to the updates, perfect with hot chocolate and a nice biscuit. Thank you for so many simple pleasures!


What a thrill! Les grannies me font le même effet qu'à toi! They alaways remind me of " Rosane", the TV- show that I loved so much as a tennage girl... You know Rosane, this plumpy little woman, living with her family in a very cosy home? I loved her! Just the kind of mother I wanted to be at the time... Bises.


My Mother in Law has been making Granny square blankets forever. In the twenty eight years that I have known her she has made so many beautiful blankets. We have them on beds, in the car and even the dogs sleep on some of the old ones! They come on family picnics , cover poorly children on the sofa and babies in prams. All of her thirteen Grandchildren know them as Nanny blankets. I absolutely love them and yours are beautiful. I think it is time I joined my Mum in Law and started a blanket of my own. Thank you for the inspiration.


Meeting old friends, you can't beat it...all the memories, things that don't need to be said...glad you had a good time.
I'm looking forward to my trip to London for those reasons.
Take care


I feel the same about granny blankets :) x

Tien Nee

Thanks Lucy. It's wonderful to share life's precious moments with close friends. Looking forward to the tutorial which you will be posting soon. I've had endless fun with my granny squares & flowers. Loved yr trip to the seaside. The picts were awesome!


Love the two granny blankets together, they are both gorgeous!!!

Lucy, I made a crochet ball for my son, using your hexagon motif, also modified the hexagon because I needed some pentagons to get the right shape for the ball.

Here is a picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aleferrari/3331400740/

Ali Davis

lovely lovely.....wondering what kind of yarn was used? love all the colors..Cat


Lovely, you meeting your friends whilst your blankets had a good old catch-up on the sofa too! Oh I feel those hooks-a-calling again!


Dear Lucy
Have just recently started reading your blog and really love it! I thought I was the only one in the world who liked to look at organised laundry but not actually do it! What a delight to know that there are others! My Dad (yes, Dad!) taught me to crochet when I was a little girl and I have recently taken it up again. You are a fabulous inspiration!

kitschen pink

Clearly they are not so popular in Norfolk as they turn up all the time! Our airing cupboard is fit to burst as I have to give them a home when I find them! We put them out in the summer as a patchwork on the lawn for parties (but it's a nuisance picking off all the hay and straw bits afterwards!).
I put my shortbread recipe here
Check out the adaptations in some of the comments - just pure decadence!

karen smith

What a lovely post. How lovely it must be to get visits from old friends. Unfortunatly when I moved away it was a little more than easy travelling distance.

After 6 months ( and the purchase of several books)of trying desperatly hard to learn to crochet it was your blog that pulled things into place for me and now I'm a happy hooker with a passion for granny squares too. Not only have you and your lovely tutorials taught me to crochet. You also never fail to inspire me with your amazingly bright and cheerfull blog.


Although the blankets have the same colours in them, the edging makes them look totally different! Both very cosy! But it isn't just the look of them that makes them cosy, it is the name - Granny Blanket!! I bought some wool yesterday to add to the Granny on my guest bed. I loved doing the shell edging on your bag pattern so much, that I have decided to finish this blanket with it. Thanks for the introduction!


hi.i have to say.. i love you blogg..and looks to your sweet photo.. but unfortynatly..my english is not good .i wish you did have a translater to swedish.. so i could read every word..and understand ..
love this Granny Squares...
best regards from mia/sweden


Hello. I just wanted to leave a quick comment. I stumbled across your blog about a month or two ago when searching for a new crochet pattern. I remember my grandma teaching me the basics when I was growing up. A few years ago I decided to start making scarves, which was a great start but I crocheted so fast that my project would be over within hours. I decided I needed something that would take a little longer. I have since started crocheting blankets. It is a very relaxing hobby for me. It helps me to calm down in the evenings from my job - which can be quite stressful during my busy season. I can always tell when I stressed by the amount of progress that I make on my blankets. Anyway, I made several blankets before deciding that I did not need all of these piling up in my home so I have started donating them to an organization that gives them to foster children in our area. Many times foster children do not have many items of their own and this organization feels that a blanket is something that a child can have to be their very own and something that can accompany them from family to family. What a great idea! Now mind you, I am a very novice crochet-er but I truly, truly enjoy it.

Since stumbling across your blog, I have been giddy with crochet. Your site has become part of my morning routine when getting settled in for a long day's work. I find myself with anticipation on my drive into the office - can't wait to see what you have to share each day. I am fascinated by your outlook on life and wish I knew more people who shared your optimism and love of the "little things" in life that bring joy. Please keep posting your crochet creations. They help to stimulate our creativity and your remarks remind us to step back and not get caught up in the stresses of everyday life.

Rosie Graham

Hi Lucy, what a wonderful post, you always cheer me up. Do you watch Emmerdale, the Dingles seem to have loads of granny blankets in their kitchen, I doubt ITV new how cool they were, but they do look just right in there.
Going to start a cushion cover right this minute!


What a delight your blog is.  Love the Granny blankets.  Sounds like a perfect afternoon.


I have recently found your blog by way of Anna Maria's and am glad I did. I learned to crochet years ago but also haven't done much of it for years. I once made a granny square coat for a coworker, sort of designing the pattern as I went along. It was only three colors, with green the joining color, and I got sort of crocheted out by the time it was done. Now, reading your blog, I'm thinking of starting up again - I love those little squares! And I love the bag and the flowers and all of it!

Tilly Rose

Hi Lucy....

I am too in the process of making a granny squares blanket, well 3 infact, one for each of the boys beds......I will share the pics with you when I get a bit further along....only new to this whole crochet world....Please do share the recipe for the caramel shortbread as your choc chip cookies are now a permanent fixture in our house.... its what i spens sunday evenings doing when I really should be ironing .....



Hi Lucy
What a loveley post!!!!Wow,they granniea are
amazing.In my magazin(called Vakre ) was exactly the same photos from winter picnic.I
love winter picnic.Today I have my first picnic,with hot tea and homemade cookies.My
face in the sun and my feet under my ripple blanket,that was so loveley.But now rains .
Have a nice evening!!!!!!!!!


Such an invigorating post! So nice to have had a get-together with your friends...I'd gladly fly over the ocean to have tea and chatter with you! :-)
Can't wait for the connect-the-blocks tutorial...I will be checking in tomorrow!


hi Lucy, the grannies are gorgeous. Will be updating my blog tomorrow with news of the weekend just gone and our 2nd honeymoon but just wanted to let you know that we made it to Skipton today and the lovely wild oats cafe - very very tasty, and a very pretty waitress/assistant commented to my husband that she liked his green knitted cardigan which made his day/, also I noticed a very interesting advert while I was there for a learn to crochet morning!!!! very very good idea sounds fantastic - do you think there may be more in future months? I could be very tempted to try and book a day of work and trundle over. Fingers crossed it works well for you.

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