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March 24, 2009


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ohmygosh, I LOVE this post -- gasped and flailed at the pic of the narcissi in the pretty mug by the bedside. I am not a flower person, Lucy, but your blog is changing that! ;)

ps: I have been reading your blog from the beginning over the past couple of months, and I'm finding it to be like a good book that I cannot put down! It's well after midnight here. I am going to age badly at this rate... :P

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I've come to look at your lovely blog again.
Hope you have a happy weekend
Love and hugs
Sumea xx


Lucy, if you are bonkers, you are my kind of bonkers! The world would be a much better(and more colorful)place if more people were our kind of bonkers. I have som "summer amaryllis" that blooms here in Florida once it gets hot and I have cut most of them and mixed them with spirea stems and have filled up most of my containers and put them all over my house! I love flowers inside...I haven't been carrying them around but have had several conversations with them this week...just letting them know how much they are appreciated. I love your pictures and thank you so much for brightening up my dreary police station office. BeBe in Florida


Hi Lucy
Loveley flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love flowers,too.


"flowers are food for the soul" I have to agree with that, very well put.
Love your flowers!!!


Aaahhh, blue against blue, lovely!
I was just testing to see if I could leave a comment with that last sentence! I've been fiddling around with firefox, and joy of joys! I can finally start leaving you comments again Lucy. I've so missed being able to leave comments on your wonderful posts. It's such a shame this didn't happen in time for your giveaway, which I was so disappointed not to be able to join in.
Anyway, love your little bottles, I'm a fan of the single flower stem in one of these bottles, so simple, yet so effective.
Lots of love, Vanessa xxx


You are absolutely wonderful. =) I have been sick with endometriosis and was diagnosed with diabetes recently...and your blog makes me smile every single day. I have always meant to post a comment on here but I have been busy with hospital appointments and what not. You inspire a lot of people - me included. Big hugs and more power to you!

Bairbre Aine

Oh, what a lovely flowery post!
And thank you so very much for the kind comments you left on my tutorial post.
I was tickled pink to receive and read it.
You are so kind.
As always, you posts always bring a smile to my face and a hop to my step.
Thank you!
Bairbre Aine


Beautiful photos Lucy!! please be in touch, you won my giveaway:) hugs


Hello Lucy, writing you late from New York, just to let you know how much I liked seeing those beautiful multi-petaled narcissi. Fabulous!

Have you ever been overseas to visit my blog? It's found at http://cityviewscountrydreams.blogspot.com/

You will see how this big city dweller still tries to stay in touch with nature.

Looking forward to seeing what lovely colors you will show us tomorrow.


Alex Mason

what beautiful flowers xx


Lovely photos - as usual ... I've been browsing back through your blog to see what I missed (only found you a couple of weeks ago) Thought your shop was a physical shop there in Yorkshire ... feel a wally now as I followed some links to discover what Etsy was all about. What a great philosophy. Have you got started yet? I couldn't find Attic 24 on there.


"Oh to be in England now that April's (almost) there!" (R. Browning)
I wish that our farmer's market was up and running now. My kids love going there. One of the best things about living in York was the market. It was so invigorating walking into town, getting to know the merchants, gawking at all the flowers and buying some to glory in in our little flat, which was right outside the wall leading up to Walmgate Bar, in full view of the hill below the wall which were covered in daffodils! I'm jazzed just remembering it! Happy Spring!


I love your little blue vases Lucy especially the one on the left. Our bathroom isn't finished yet either although R did begin the work in September 2007! New floorboards, lovely white suite, blue and white tiles but everything else waiting to be done including the shower which is in a box under the bath. Love your narcissi,the frilly cream ones are my favourite. Karenx


i love flowers, they brighten your day, your home...


Dear Attic24, I am following your example and I am so happy to have fresh flowers every day in my home! I bought saturday "renoncules". Kind regards!

Lori French

Men never understand! I sometimes carry my flowers to work and back just to have their lovely company. Say no more, but I must say I've managed that a couple of times. Enjoying your flowers so much. Thanks once more for your bright inspiration. Love, L xxx

sharon - nz

Beautiful flowers so fresh........ I am making my first ever granny square this week after getting fired up looking at your gorgeous squares, fingers crossed it comes out as nice as yours........

jacoline (lien)

Just saw your blog, love the wonderfull colours. !!!


i just love having flowers around - they instantly cheer you up! fressias are my favorite as i love the smell - but in the summer sweet peas take some beating.



Love the flowers, I had a lovely nosy through your blog after following the link from my sister's blog (skippinginthemeadow). I found your dreamy cookie recipe which I cooked immediately and it was so popular in my house that I had to cook another batch. My children and myself are eternally grateful for your recipe share and this is now a favorite here.
Much love will pop over again soon to read more love Rayofsunshine x


Just wanted to say after reading your blog for a few months I've been inspired to start buying flowers for myself to put around the home - something I've rarely done before. And I love splitting them into smaller vases to place around the home - again, something I never did before. Thanks so much for sharing your love of flowers. It does indeed make me very happy when I see them.



You look so pretty looking down at your lovely flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Lucy!Beutiful narcissi!Oh I love,spring,flowers,bird singing...
I still look at your blog EVERY morning,drinking my coffee,looking at your wonderful colours,photos...Thank you on your blog.
I would love if you could post ripple pattern with instructions,I would love to make one sooooooo much.I just have started to crochet,and your previously instructions are great.
Greetings from Croatia!

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