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March 25, 2009


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tien nee

I've just completed joining 49 granny squares and looking out for the right material to make the backing...and oh that can wait. ;P Thanks for sharing the ripple notes. I know a couple of people have asked you (me included) and so wonderful of you to share with us.

I totally agree that you should take a short break from the blanket project, enjoy other life's little surprises and joys and then get back to that when you are ready. Have another wonderful day.


Hi Lucy
I love your colourful photos and pictures of life in the UK- I live in Australia, and looking at pictures of dreamy wintery English scenery has helped keep me sane during our recent extremely hot, dry, bushfire-ridden Australian summer! I also enjoy your patterns- I'm new to crochet, and your excellent instructions have helped to me to make the hexagon blanket- which I've nearly finished! Now I'm very much looking forward to learning how to make a ripple blanket :)

Mrs Bun

Getting the balance of being out and being at home isn't always easy is it when your fingers are itching to make something. I always look in awe at others who seem to have got the balance right and you seem to have done so. Very cosy post Lucy.

Lisa x

Laura K.

Stop it, Lucy. I lurked around for a few weeks and have started my first granny blanket due to your inspiration. I am enjoying the task daily when I sit in the evening. Don't get me started on a bouquet of flowers now!
But that daffodil is certainly very very lovely.....hhhmmmmm

Riches Stitches

I am so excited that you are writing a tutorial for your ripples. I can't wait to get started. I have just completed 2 bags from your bag tutorial and am in the process of finishing off the flowers and leaves to attach. Your tutorials are so easy to read and follow and I can't believe how quickly I have managed to finish the projects. I must admit that the colours that you use also give me a great deal of inspiration.

Thank you
Jane 8o)


Hi Lucy,
Really looking forward to the ripple tutorial. I had a go at your hex tutorial over the weekend and it was brilliant! I have been plucking up the courage to try them for a while now and your tutorial made creating them so easy! Thank you for another lovely colourful post of inspiration again today.


Just wanted to post a quick thank you! You have no idea how badly I needed to read your blog today. Your bright colors and gorgeous crochet helped to lift my spirits yet again! Oh and I bought the flower book that you have been using! I can't wait to start making all sorts of pretties myself!


Hi, Lucy. I´m Eva. I´m from Barcelona (Spain). Sorry for my english because I speak a little bit. I like very much your grannies and your ripples. I would like to ask you, are you in raverly (the crochet community?


glad you are having a better week, I love the crocheted flowers, and look forward to an unholey ripple, my previous attempt was very holey indeed, so a neat ripple written by you will be easy to follow, as all your patterns are,
thanks for all the inspiration.


It's so exciting reading about all these crochet projects and so wonderful to see in all it's rainow glory. I Love it so much. Snd your neat ripple looks marvelous Today though I am feeling a little sad, I feel a bit left behind. I can't understand ANY patterns, not even the simple ones. Being dyspaxic and dyslexic can be a bit of a bind sometimes. I would love to be able to crochet. My granmother, both my grandmothers are/were wizard crocheters. one of my grandmothers used lots of colour, just like you do (and I do in my knitting). This morning I made a flower using my crochet hook (it's on my blog) but it's not crochet - it's something I made up, it looks messy. colourful though :o) anyway that's enough complaining. Once I am able to get out I could might be able to find a little crochet circle, I tend to pick things up better if I watch someone. Have tried watching on you tube, but ther's something about htat which doesn't quite work. I'll get there in the end, I know I will, I just feel a little sad at the moment that I can't make all the gorgeous blankets and cushions I'd like to. And I would just love to make one of your little jar cosies, they really are the bees knees. In the meantime I could have a go at a making a knitted version! I wonder?! ok I'm off to get meself a jar.
Have I been rambling? I new it was a bad idea to write comments on peoples blogs with a temperature of 103.
lots of love


I always wanted to learn to crochet...I think that your wonderful blog will move me to action...



Hi! That's funny you know, because I have managed to understand the joining on the go looking at your pictures. I am very proud of myself right now :) and very thankful to you for all your explanations. I almost finished my hexagon blanket, and might try the ripple for my next project! Anyway, thanks again for sharing and brightening our days with all your beautiful pictures full of colours!
Hope your cold will be away soon!


So glad to hear you had such a wonderful week. :)


Hi Lucy
A ripple blanket is on my wish list, I've started collecting wool, so will love to see your version.......in the meantime I'm loving cushions and was fascinated by your technique of using a soft old wooly for the backing, but couldn't work out how you did it without everything unravelling - any chance of a tutorial or guidance between other projects??? thanks again for all the fun

Luci Sharp

Oooh Happy Hooking Days! They're the best!


My hook and yarn are ready for your "Neat Ripple". The anticipation of following your pattern has put a little tingle of excitement in my tummy. I've so admired your ripple work over the past few months, and now I can start my own!
Big Thanks.

Linda O

Hi Lucy, another bright cheery post!!
I'm a SAHM too, little one just started full time, so lots of me time now!!
Inspired by your blog, brought the hook, printed off your instructions, but must admit struggling abit!, using 100% acrylic, which I think isn't helping.
Can do a lovely chain, but then it all goes wrong when I start the ring, can't seem to see where I'm supposed to put the hook,IYKWIM!!
Will persevere, as you make it look so simple, and oh so relaxing.
Love the daffodil and all the beautiful colours in the ripple,think thats a long way off for me yet though!!
Will be back tomorrow!! xx


I am so excited to hear you are going to tell us how to make the "Neat Ripple"!!! I am so looking forward to it!!!! I think it will be an excellent pattern to use to make some of my Preemie blankets for the hospital....bright and cheery with a soft ripple....I can't wait!!!


I am looking forward to your ripple instructions. It sounds very much like the ripple I want to make. I don't like the really spikey ones and I don't want holes. Your instructions are always so clear :)


Hi Lucy, Looking forward to your ripple pattern-can't wait, got my hook at the ready! You are such an inspiration and sooo
talented. Thanks for introducing me to a new hobby. You seem like a beautiful sunshiney, rainbowey person, its always so good to read your blogs, so uplifting!
Love and hugs, Jane x


I agree with some of the other comments on here when I say you've definitely inspired me to try crochet! Im a fairly new knitter but sometimes find it difficult(being left handed) to work with both needles. I'm starting to think crochet might be worth a try since there's only one hook to control. I guess we'll see! Anyway, I love your blog and hope to see more of your stuff soon!


Can't wait to join the ripple-along! I am enjoying my granny blanket, but think that a little rippling will make a lovely change. My poor brain cannot translate written patterns, but here's hoping your photos will help my fingers ripple! Off to put on the kettle, find a chunk of chocolate and pick up a granny square. Thank you for the inspiration.

Jen Gough

I can't wait for your Neat Ripple pattern! Thank you for such a wonderful posting today! It made my day! Oh! I really am getting the hang of crocheting now... and I love it! Thanks for all the great patterns and photos!


Hi Lucy ...i have just bought the ripple book you used for yours and yes it looks a little foreign as the only pattern i have ever used is your bag one i am now on my seconds in a month ..yes i love em ...so i will use your ..version ... i was a stay at home Mum and loved it... still am ...hes older and autistic ..now a man but is still a young boy but i loved them coming home shouting Muuuummmm and i can answer ..i,m here ..x x x x


Hello Lucy, glad you have relaxed and enjoying life this week. I love your flower garden! I have been making the flowers into brooches. Like you I find the patterns frustrating at first but then the dawn breaks through the fog and I think I know where to go with each little petal/leaf!! Anyway continue to have fun. Bye.

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