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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 25, 2009


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chanel bags

What a remarkable article which have almst take my breath away.I really enjoys everything of your blog.Thank you for your constant sharing of remarkable posts with us.Enjoy your weekend!


Hi Lucy,
I know that I read somewhere in your blog about the book that started you in your love of crocheting although I am unable to find the reference to it again. Would you mind giving me the title? Thanks, Becki


Well your off again---we all do this lucy---up and down and away---you seem to pick me up and i feel good myself THANK YOU
Id love to get back to the bag you made I seem to go alright while increasing---and then which is the easiest part l take it just keep going BUT my shape dosent seem to form L have no idea where im going wrong "can you help me please" thank you lucy Australia


Dearest Lucy,

I have you to thank for bringing me back to crochet. Your blog is amazing to say the least. You live the life I've aspired to since I was a teenager! You are so lucky and blessed.
Thank you for the flower tutorials, the ripple tutorial, thank you for sharing your life with me.

MariAngel on Ravelry


Hello Lucy...I just love all you do. I've been quilting, but I want to incorporate some of your flowers in my designs. I cannot find the pattern you mentioned. I would also love the pattern for on-the-go granny square afghan. Great to find you. Huggies...Carol


Naughty lady showing such a beautiful book on your blog - I think I need to visit amazon now. I have recently made my first crochet flower and I think I am hooked - pun intended of course (sorry). Best wishes, Pj

bethel of bethania

G'day Lucy
Well believe it or not you got me crocheting again - only at night though as I have other things I want to do during the day but ohh the bliss of it all ... thank you ...
I was a mad crocheter 'many' years ago... shhh... too many to tell you my Dear or else you might think me 'old'. Anyway I had a go at making your lovely little flowers & it all came back to me in a minute so I've been & made my own version [much the same but with thicker petals - you will understand what I mean, I think, just gotta 'tweak' it to your own way of crocheting, I think it's called ... then I remember how I used to crochet beads into everything & then I thought of .... well you know, my mind it running at 100 miles per hour with ideas etc...
OK I'm getting to what I was going to say really I am ... I love the way you have written up that pattern in your last photo ... I understand that better than anything else ... I think it is the Japanese or Chinese that write up patterns with synbols & I think it's a breeze. As you say some patterns are written in such gobblygonk you need a degree in Gobblygonk to understand them & crocheting is a real 'handed-down' 'hands-on' craft so ever country explains it differently & call different stitches different names so, Good On You with all the work you do deciphering patterns. Really, do you have to worry about copyright to such a craft, so long as you don't say you are deciphering someone else pattern[or from which book] or else all crochet patterns would have copyright issues I think cause as I said before it's a "'handed-down' 'hands-on'" induvidual craft... Keep up the great work & I'll be back to read more after lunch ...OOroo ... Bethel


I am drooling with anticipation for the instructions for the small throw (joining squares) and can't wait to start my own. Yours is gorgeous!! Great blog this week - kept me going! Thank you!!


Hi Lucy
Had to visit for a blog fix again! Always feel like I'm stealing a look into your diary!
I bought myself a small crochet hook (2.5) today - I've had a size 5 since school days ... want to 'play' with some cotton I've had for ages. Still need to master basic stitches instead of my impro style!
Saw your comment on La-la lands blog - re what to do with your flowers ... why not create a textured cushion cover ... like a little garden ... would go great with the lovely house you were given.
How's Etsy shop coming along?
Goodbye until the next episode ....
Emma :-)


i must concur with all the other Lovely sentiments. I so love your work.


Hi there, just wanted to let you know I l.o.v.e your blog and everything you do. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and document patterns to share with us all. I am an avid follower of your blog since last week :) Seriously! Also started crocheting and my own blog in the last week - which is all been inspired by you. If you get a chance please check it out http://polka-dot-daze.blogspot.com/ I have a lot to do and post on it, but all in good time.
Thanks again for sharing your wonderful crafty life with us all!


What perfect timing. Inspired by your beautiful rug and cushions, last Saturday I bought a range of colourful wools to attempt my own ripple cushion, but couldn't find a pattern that was like yours and easy to follow. This will be the perfect winter project for me. I can't wait for your Neat Ripple tutorial.

karen smith

I too love being an at home mum. I thought I'd get boared because I've always worked but I don't, There's always something to do and I enjoy doing it.
I can't wait to take a look at your ripple blanket pattern. Your patterns are so easy to understand that even I can manage it.
Thanks for another inspiring post


Love you Lucy.......You light up my life.


Well you have me completely inspired! And Im sitting impatiently on my hands til the ripple pattern appears!! :) Lovely, lovely work, so happy your week is beautiful!

Sending love and calm
Julia xxx


I'm so glad you're going to be doing a ripple pattern because I just can't seem to get my head around the one in the Jan Eaton book!


Oh dear, I'm really sorry Lucy, I know you sent me instructions on how to crochet around the 4 squares and I swear I kept it...but I've scoured everywhere and can't find it. Am I going mad?? I've looked all over your blog... I've looked at all my emails...
It's my friends birthday mid April and I've crocheted all these lovely squares,have you seen them on my blog?? Now I don't know how to block them and crochet around 4s....Please please help, I promise to print it out as soon as I receive it...
HELP.... Still love your site....


you're awesome, I feel the hug! Love all the colors and am working on a hex afgan and a circular stripey bag too! Thanks for all the helpful tips and inspirations!


New to your blog and I love it! The colors and your "voice" make me happy!!


That's such a coincidence about the ripple blanket, because I was looking at patterns to potentially start one, so I'm going to wait for your pattern before I start, I like the sound of thigs simplified to make life easier!
This is a scrumptious post Lucy, love the flowers........ I've got that book on order from seeing it on your blog!
And I love the cushion for your chair!
Lucy, you're just soooo generous with your time and knowledge, I just want to say a big thank you, and give you a big hug, we all love you in blogland.


Hi! Have recently discovered your lovely blog, and as a result I'm crocheting again after a gap of about 25 years, during which I was a confirmed knitter. Now it's granny squares all the way, and I can't wait to learn the ripple effect!!! Thank you xx


I spotted the very same cushion pads for sale yesterday, but couldn't think on the spot of how to use them. Problem solved! Thankyou
louise x


I have bought the flower book but I am waiting for a child free moment to sit down and really concentrate on it, the cushion cover is excelent, it looks like the same pattern I am following for a childs hat, its really exciting watching the subtle pattern emerge where you increase every so often... I have just finshed a beach bag but I can't show it yet as I am sending to Australia to my Easter swap partner, its amazing how much wool it has eaten but I used Rowan and it is lovely.... I must remember to take a picture... I really am useless at that part! lol

take care glad you are back to normal with your home-bird routine

Alex x


Oh Lucy, you are a star! I've bought wool ready for your ripple pattern. I just know that it will produce an altogether more gentle undulating ripple than some I have seen and I can't wait. Thanks to all who have congratulated me on winning your picture. I'm so excited!


Hi Lucy,
Such wonderful colours! This post has definitely brigtened up my day and provided plenty of inspiration.

I discovered the "join as you go method" a few months ago in several of my Japanese crochet books - it must be a common approach in Japan. I have been enjoying joining as I go in my crochet projects, it helps to provide me with some instant gratification when working on longer projects.

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