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March 17, 2009


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Such a lovely idea for Mothers Day. The school must be very pleased to have you helping them out. Well done.


Sooo Cute !!! You always manage to have the best ideas !!!


What a beautiful idea Lucy! Your little ones and a lot of others will remember this gift they gave their Mummy for a very long time. Just lovely!


Great idea :)


Beautiful!!! Sadly my children think themselves a bit to big for such things (the youngest being 21. I might get a PPP though if I hint loudly enough. I always laugh a lot when I read your blogs and so enjoy all the colour. Have always been a fan of rainbowiness. All this colour and humour and creativity is so therapeutic. You might have invented some new kind of therapy. I think the school mum's are going to be overjoyed with their little ones offerings.
I am hoping to get up an Easter decoration blog tomorrow It's been quite tricky getting it all together. This blogging lark is hard work. I love it but I honestly didn't think I would get quite so addicted or have to work so hard. I thought I would just show up once a month with a photograph of a cushion cover or something I'd made and that would be it. How wrong I was, It is such fun though isn't it!
Lovely post Lucy


well done lucy they look just FAB!!!

dont know why i keep forgetting little lady is at school now, time flies doesnt it (says she who's own little lady is 2 next week!).



Clever, creative you have come up with a gift that the children actually can make. Well done!

I am thinking that you might find yourself being volunteered for future projects, as well. Lucky school.



Lovely ppp's. And last minute is just best for some of us ;)


All car boots should look like that when opened!


Oh, a boot full of prims. How splendid! Can I come to school please? I can scrunch right down and pretend to be tiny.


What a wonderful job Lucy! I know that all the Little People will love making those for their mommies. And the mommies will love getting those bright beautiful flowers from their Little Lovelies. It's fun seeing their little faces when they make something for a special someone. Happy days! Have fun with the rest of the classes.





That's a lovely idea Lucy. They look fantastic and I'm sure all the mummies will love them.
Nicola xx


omgosh I don't know a Mommy out there that wouldn't be just thrilled to receive one of them! Brilliant idea!


Hi Lucy,
Great idea for the Mother's day gift ! It's very rewarding to help at school, it think.When my daughter was younger i always joined in at school to do these kind of things. Really great ! By the way, in the Netherlands Mother's Day will be on the 10th of may :)
Greetings, Janneke.


these are absolutely fantastic!!

French Knots

There's going to be lots of happy Mummies and proud Little People! Well done Lucy!

Nina - Tabiboo

Phew, that's a 'wipe of the brow' posting!!

I love the idea and as a Mummie would love to receive one of those, what a beautiful, colourful gift.

Though can completely sympathise with 'by the seat of your pants's' as I'm becoming more and more that person since having three children!!

enjoy the other 70ish more you've got to make,

Nina x


You totally rock.
I'd have you on my team.


Ahh sweet but oh so effective, very ppp


That's just fabulous, I think I must be just as excited as you, just seeing them, and i'm not even getting one. they are lovely Lucy x


Ohhhhh, how gorgeous are they? Lots of very happy Mummies on Friday your way ! xxx


Oh, that's so sweet. It's great you are prepared to give your time like this, oh for more parents like you. In the Munchkin's school of 250 children, the same 5 or 6 parents turn up each time to help with school fairs and that's it. Given the events make money for the school which in turn benefits the children, it always saddens/annoys/amazes me at the lack of help but that's just the way it is. Lucky you that you are going to receive two PPPs yourself!
Hen x


Oh, Lucy, what a good idea and spirit!!! Congratulations! Teaching young kids how to prepare a gift for mommy that the whole family will enjoy . . .


You just make me laugh with pleasure, girl! Is there ever, ever, ever a boring moment at your house? Seems not! I'll bet you wanted to keep all those lovely flowers for yourself too? Anyway, what a great idea and your plan really looks so organized for 'seat of my pants' planning and I am so sure the Moms will love it...because I know I would! You're too cute, Lucy...just too cute!!!!!

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