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March 17, 2009


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ooooh, i love them so! i keep mine going year round and i nurture them so carefully. the sluglets are a problem in southern california so i spray my prims with ammonia water. not sure of the proportion, any seems to work. i just love them! jkj


Brilliantly done, Lucy! I want to be one of those lucky recipients!


These are so cute - so springy!!


Well done you, it's always good to hear about parents who get involved in their children's school. When my two were younger I was heavily involved, came up with all sorts of ideas for fund-raising and we had great fun organising all sorts of events. Like most schools, there was a small band of us willing to give up our time but I felt it was so important, teaches your kids a valuable lesson IMO.I love your project, you'll make the Mummys very happy. Be prepared to spend a lot more time at the school :)


Mothers day in England? Here in Italy its Fathers Day! I wonder why all the countries have different days for these events?
Lovely butterflies...is there one left for you?


How delightful! All the little people will be bursting with joy as they hand their butterfly PPP's to their proud and delighted Mums - it will surely be a sight to behold. Well done, Lucy.


PPP pretty perfect presents!


What a bootful of beauty. And what a wonderful idea. I'm sure the Little Peoples of your school will love making them, and as a Mummy I know I would be thrilled to receive a handmade gift like that. Lovely too that they have the pretty flower but then the butterfly card can be saved and treasured for years to come, how thoughtful.

Shelley in SC

These are fabulous! The moms will be thrilled!


wow, they are lovely and so nice of you to do that with them ! The mums will love them, i know i would. I have been busy using your tutorial for making the jar covers today, will pop some pics on my blog later, i think i am going to get addicted to making these they look so nice. I must try the flower next.
sarah x


This is such a lovely idea. Lots of happy Mommys on friday!
Jackie :-)


Having been talking about rainbows on my blog, I come on here and there are more rainbows!!! And what beautiful ones they are too!! A really lovely idea! Your school has a true gem in you! Keep the ideas flowing!


what an uplifting post!Full of laughter fun and mischief!!!thats a brilliant idea for the kiddies so cute. kathleen


ahh, there's nothing like having a project to get stuck into! Great idea, the mummies (and daddies in some cases) will be chuffed to bits, no doubt.
You will be seeing PPP and butterflies for weeks after this! (no bad thing)


what lovely gifts for Mothers day, I help out a my eldests school and at the nursery they both went to now and again, recently at school we did some bayeaux tapestry work, it looked fab (which reminds me I must go in and get some pics for the blog)


What an absolutely lovely idea! And how right you are - a boot full of lovely, flowery goodness. Brilliant!


I think that there will be many a mum with a tear in their eye this weekend when they receive their flower and label. A beautiful idea, best wishes, Pj x


Such a gorgeous idea!! I am going to hijack the whole project for my children's church class. Luckily only 10 on a good day -and as my daughter is in the class it means i will get to have one too!!


Ah Lucy! What better introduction can the little people population of the world have to the world of colourful craft than your good self.
I guarantee you will have tears in your eyes when all of those children come running out of school on Friday excitedly showing their mums what they have made (all by themselves of course)!!!


Excellent idea and very gorgeous project!
My compliments
With friendship


Lucy, I am so pleased that I popped in this morning to read your blog, as my two have painted plant pots to plant hyacynths and give to the grandparents for mothers day and I need to make a card so I have pinched your idea and guess what we are making today. I will take photos later and put them on my blog. I hope your activity goes well.


Oh I used to love helping with crafts when mine were tiny at school. These are just wonderful, how lucky the school is to have you on their team!


Just think of all the happiness you'll create with this wonderful idea. Well done. Brilliant!!

Sue xx

Anne Bebbington

When I was a little girl we always received a brightly coloured potted primula at the Mothering Sunday church service to take back to our mother - there were even extra there for those adults in the congregation who wished to pass something on to their elderly mums - seeing all those lovely plants huddled together in your car boot brought that memory right back to me.

tien nee

what can i say lucy....a boot blooming with PPPs. That's just delightful. I can imagine you opening and reopening the boot just to entertain yrself silly. LOL!!Oh! Such fun. :)

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