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March 23, 2009


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Hehe, I'm having a similar issue trying to start my own store....Although, I decided to pay for an ArtFire account, so the fact that I'm dishing out money might make me try harder to sell something ^_^;;

The Moo cards are very cute :)


Congrats to you lucky ones ;o)


Congratulations to your lucky winners -- and to YOU for so many fab comments. LOVE the moo cards -- they're tooooo cute!

Nura Karpowitsch

Oh! Many Congratulations to the lucky winners, am sure that your picture Lucy will be treasured as much as it has been by you.

Nura x


Congrats to the very lucky winners. Am sure that any Attic24 goodies would fly off of those Etsy shelves as soon as they were put there. Glad you had a good weekend, and that it was restful after so much rushing about last week.

Bet it was a thrill on Friday to see all the PPPs making their way home. Am sure there were a lot of happy mamas in your town this weekend. x


Yes please Lucy open an etsy shop I have been wondering for quite some time now why there is no little link on your blog.I certainly would have a few pennies for some flowery lovliness


that's right! your etsy shop. when *are* you going to stock it ;) i don't think you need worry about selling things. your stuff is marvelous. i would be a proud owner of something you did!


Glad you had a good weekend :) congrats to all the winners xxx

Bairbre Aine

I'm so happy for all the winners!
Oh what a wonderful thing for them.

I've finally finish my very first ever, blog/crochet/tutorial.

Lucy, you inspired me.
It wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention this, to you, right off.

I hope you will nip over and view my Wee Bunny Crochet Tutorial.
My teenage son took the pictures, of me, whilst I was crocheting. He then gave me STRONG pointers on how to link it to my blog.
Thank you for all your creative posts, I've enjoyed them!
~Bairbre Aine


Oooooh...open an Attic shop! Pretty please! There are so many of us who would love to add some of your bright colours and cheerfulness to our homes. The only trouble is, now that my birthday has gone it seems a long while until Christmas. Who said it's wrong to treat yourself though?


Lucy get working, of course your shop would be a success, i for one would love one of your textile pictures (i must say here Congratulations to Wend for winning your gorgeous picture - but i am envious!!) i think all that you make are wonderful and would brighten anyones day!


I think those are the loveliest Moo cards I have seen yet. Just gorgeous and yes, of course your stitchery will sell. Get going girl! x


lovely flowers you have made!

Linda och Bertil


i've my fingers crossed that i'll win next time!

let us know about the etsy. i'd love a brooch.


Darn, I hoped it would be me! Oh well, congratulations to the winners. They are so lucky.

Lucy, you are just so creative and talented. You're amazing.

bethel of bethania

Bummer I'm not a winner but a BIG congratulations to those that did win ... you have been greatly honoured, I believe ...
Lucy I think you should go ahead with your etsy site ... you know the old saying 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'... so go for it girl, what are you waiting for ... you do such lovely work - those buyers are just a-waiting for you to take that Great Big Leap of Faith ... believe in yourself & just do it ...
OOroo ... Bethel


Firstly congratulations to the lucky winners :) Like everyone else I wish it had of been me!! Please Please Please open up your etsy shop :) I would love to bring a piece of the attic to Australia...but then again - you are here every day to brighten my world.

Have a great day/night in your part of the world and I will see you for coffee in the morning :)

Sarah Allen

Congrats to all of you that won such beautiful work from our wonderful LUCY!!! I too would certainly browse the ETSY shop but the price of the goods for all the love and time you put in them!! OH MY!!! or at least what I would think the price should be!! Hope your week is fabulous!!


Oh, I didn't win a posie brooch. Too bad. I'll just have to have a gin & tonic to console myself like you did on the pear shaped day.
Or maybe I could figure how to crochet my own...
Thanks for the daily bit of cheer,


I am pleased you had a relaxing weekend and have recharged your batteries! I love your little moo cards - another string to your bow! As I have said before, you are one talented lady!! Go on, go for it!! Take care.


congratulations to the winners!!
I really love your little flowers and those brooches! I really like your blog because of the way you use colors and the beautiful landscapes I've seen here!! And you make such beautiful things, really a great inspiration!


Lucy, I hope that you do get your ETSY store up and running..I would love to buy a fabric picture. They are beautiful. My business partner and I have one..it is not going to great yet but we are hopeful. Check it out if you have time..it is www.robebags.etsy.com. One word of advice, don't let selling your things and becoming a business stop you from enjoying to process. Sometimes when we get a lot of orders or do a "Purse Party" all the creating gets to be a hardship and sort of turns into work.(We have handmade high end fabric handbags with handles that convert to necklaces made from gemstones that my husband imports for his company)So keep Attic24 a joy for you..because it is a joy for all of us who read it. Have a great week and congrats to the winners!!! BeBe in Florida at the dreary police station.


I only just discovered your blog...and am now wondering how I missed it all this time! Happy belated blogiversary! And I absolutely adore your Moo cards. K x

Linda O

Hi Lucy, glad you had a good weekend.
Hope you have a quieter week this week, you deserve it,
Congratulations to all the winners (lucky things!!)
An etsy shop would be great, you'd be very busy, I suspect!!


Even if i did'nt win anything.For me you're great!!!!!!!!! BACI BACI Marigio .xx

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