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February 23, 2009


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Carolina Elizabeth

This past year I made it a goal to learn to oil paint. I have been just doing still lifes, but recently I've been wanting to do landscapes. I love your photos and I would really appreciate if you would, please grant me permission to paint one of them. Pretty please. You can see my work at carolinaelizabeth-art.blogspot.com


Am so glad to read this - not just for the words and pictures which are as lovely as ever, but for the insight into the Little People's thoughts. I've also been on the end of such similar comments after what I thought was a wonderful day out for our Little Man, and it's good to hear that he's not the only one with a 'different' take on the day - sometimes I'm left completely crushed! Am sure though, as others have said, that they will have wonderful memories as they grow older (here's hoping anyway!)


Your kids are so lucky to have such wonderful parents. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Such beauty!


Hi Lucy
What a wonderful family walk.Your little man is sweet.How old is the little man?
Thank you for the nice pictures.It looks very
Have a nice evening!!!!!!!!!!!

sara nixon

It's you in Simply Knitting April 2009.
You are a star.

Bairbre Aine

What a lovely post.
I especially got an enormous giggle
out of your little man's comment, at end of the day.
My little man is now 18. He still has bouts
of similar complaints. LOL.
Your blog is such a joy to read.
Equally, are the comments your devoted followers leave you. (excluding myself of course).
Now I'm off, to make more of those delightful crochet flowers you shared with us a bit ago.


How wonderful, I used to love days like that when my children were small and we lived in Cornwall. You have stunning country side near you, I'm glad you get out and enjoy it as a family. No snow!!!


Love the pics Luce! Thanks for sharing again.

I love going on the hikes with my wee ones. Expecially our oldest (21) because he always complains about joining along but when we get our destination he has the most fun out of us all. The girls like to see if they will be able to see a moose or something. I'm always hoping we don't. As long as they all have fun and they aren't sitting in front of the tv, I'm happy.

Just think of all the wonderful memories you will all have from this trip. :)

toodles! xxxx


Your landscape is breathtaking in its beauty, in the eyes of this adult.

I am laughing at the evening reviews of that walk given by your little people. It's grand that they can tell you exactly what that thought. All the same, bet that the seeds were indeed planted for the joys to be gathered on future walks.

Thanks for taking us along. xo


Feeling jealous that you get to enjoy such beautiful walks. Kids are funny. Apparently when Billy Connelly did a tour of the UK with his kids the thing they liked best was the tape they listened to in the car :-).



Lovely, lovely photos, I felt like I went on that walk with you. And my legs didn't get tired! Thx for sharing your day.

The Coffee Lady

once again you send me down memory lane, this time to family caravan holidays in Grassington


Oh Lucy, the pictures of the walk are just beautiful. I was 'made' not too far from that neck of the woods.

As for Barbie friction...have you ever been rail-roaded into sewing Barbie outfits?
I have , years ago and the foot control on my sewing machine blew up....all those thicknesses to sew through, it was a swimsuit as I recall. Those were the days.
b.t.w. satay noodles again for dinner. Great recipe. Thanks.


wow, wow, i love that area, so green and breathtaking..Its a beautiful place...


Aaw, what a lovely walk you had. Gorgeous pics too. We had a lovely walk on our holiday with our youngest singing "are we there yet" all, yes, ALL the 2 miles back. Lovely!! Kathy


What a lovely way to end the holidays. You are very lucky to live so close to such beautiful walking country. Hope the lovely weather lasts. Karenx


Oh my god! What an absolutely beautiful place! The view from your window is always a joy, but that is some wonderful walk.

Thank you for keeping so many of us sane, I can't wait to get home from work and see if you've had a day I can only dream about!


Children are quite honest, aren't they!? I am sure they will look back on the day with many fond memories. It sure is beautiful there...and green! I am still dreaming of spring. Have a great day! Liz


I would love to come on a walk with you.. looks beautiful :)


The sun found you Lucy! He knew how much you love colour!!! The little moss hedgehog is very cute. I bet your LP will look back in years to come and remember what fun it was to go on long walks with their Mum and Dad.


Thank you for taking us on a walk with you... I enjoyed it!


Oh bless those little people so scrummy, so quaint, so normal!


Trust children to inject a touch of reality into what looked like a blissful day. They never quite see it the same was as us do they?

A Thrifty Mrs

Your posts are beautiful, so full of happiness.

Anne Bebbington

Ahhh Grass Woods - fond memories - thank you for reminding me :o)

We have a book which would serve you well: Yorkshire Dales Walks with Children by Stephen Rickerby published by Sigma Leisure - www.sigmapress.co.uk - ISBN no:1-85058-569-5 Great children length walks with lots of stimulating questions and things to look out for - we've not used it much but used the Gloucestershire equivalent to death as we lived there when ours were the age of yours - check it out :o)

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