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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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February 25, 2009


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Hi Lucy,

I just love your blog. Living in Canada and surrounded by snow it's so nice to open your blog to wonderful colours, creations and stories. Makes me happy to read each day!

Thank you so much.


Definitely procrastinate a little longer because that will make me feel better about my own procrastination. I loved that particular home too, don't you wish there was some method of zooming in on those pictures sometimes, so much to see and think about.


dream, dream and dream some more x


I found your blog and have just spent a delightful little while looking through it - I think your home is lovely; please don't be sad about it. You can bet there was a deal of tidying and cleaning going on before that photo shoot for the magazine so you really shouldn't compare!
Meantime, congratulations on a really gorgeous blog - will be coming back often to gain inspiration!


My house is awful, I could keep it tidy if I really tried but I loose the will to live when I sort clear and organise only for it to be trashed when everyone gets in.... Its never ending and soul destroying!

Instead I have chosen to crochet, drink tea and read magazines, and see how long it takes the others to realise I am on annual leave!

Everyone else gets 28 days off a year, why shouldn't we, its not like we actually get to work 9 to 5 anyway!

Have a good one
Alex x

French Knots

looks just fine to me, a bright, vibrant family home.
We'd all like to be tidier/more organised etc but there is always something more interesting to do than cleaning up. Like reading CL!


There is a lovely verse which goes: I hope my children look back on today and remember a mother who had time to play. There'll be years ahead for cleaning and cooking. Children grow up while you're not looking. So hush now spiders,dust go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep. I have started a ripple cushion cover to see how I get on!!


If our homes all looked like the ones in magazines we'd never buy them ..... ! I have a big house and 4 kids who have one mission in life it seems - "how much mess can we make". I make my own fair share too - with piles of fabric, yarn and paper here and there but I try to tackle one cleaning job a day and then I feel justified spending the rest of day on my projects!


Believe it or not Lucy I actually thought of you and your lovely rainbow bright world when I read the article about Jette the potter.... Wonderful


You show us so many little vignettes (oases) of beauty that your home can't possibly be as awful as you think. I know, others never see the jumbles in the closets or the towering boxes in the garage but, really, you're a long way ahead of some of us. It is rather reassuring to know, however, that I am not alone in having these feelings.


It seems like everyone has the same worries.I was looking at the layer of dust in mine earlier wondering if I could justify a cleaner and my friend said she thought it looked fine. The upshot is if I got rid of Cats,Kids and husband I could have a show house but I wouldn't want a life like that. and neither I suspect do you!

paty z from mex

Hi Lucy:
I read your blog every morning and you always leave me with a good sensation about life. But today is different. I didn´t like the part where you said your home looked messy, untidy, disgraceful etc... I think that including me, all your blog readers have had our homes looked the same. We all have family (little people, teen age people, husbands, boyfriends etc), dogs or cats. We all share the space with someone. It´s what our homes are. I know that magazines look divine.... let´s make our homes look the same.
Start painting your coffee table in that turquoise color, paint your walls, paint some terracota pots, make new curtains, buy some basktes and rearrange the space (kids toys, magazines etc). There are a million things you can do. Start today.
But the most important thing is that a home is where your family lives. Treat it kindly and with lots of love.
Good luck!!

susan hall

Dear Lucy, your house is just fine, its ahome and a rather nice comfy cosy one at that. Your children will not remember how spotless and tidy the place was but all the fun things they did there with you. carry on the way you are, making a lifetime of happy memories. There will be time for "magazine photoshoot" tidy during their university term times and believe me you won't mind the mess when thry come home.Love S. x

hip chick

'round Hip-Ville we call that spring fever...and I got a bad case of it right now...and I love those painted pebbles...in fact I may need to make some of my own.


You can't imagine how I understand you so well.And I keep saying to myself: if I didn't work outside my home I would be a better homemaker, I would have a nicer house...
One day the dream will turn reality.


Hi Lucy, dont worry about the mess-at least your house it clean-not like mine! a dog and a farmer boyfriend does not a clean house make!....Just wanted to check you did get the necklace email i sent you(no pressure-just making sure you got it) xxx


Sounds like you are writing about me in this post! I have great plans to organize my whole house and clean out what I don't need/love but it never seems to happen... Oh well.
BTW, I love all your crochet tutorials/patterns and am eagerly awaiting your tut on joining granny squares!


Well, it says it all, its a Wednesday afternoon and we are all reading your blog instead of doing the many chores and dull dull things that need doing around the house. You are not alone believe me, creative minds have so many better things to do that tidy....eeuuuurrgrghhh!!!
Me, I am patiently waiting for my midwife to arrive. Not feeling great this week so just want to be safe. Finding distractions wherever I can. Country living was a good one, just wish it lasted all month!!! xx


Well, instead of doing something about my cozy/messy house, I'm reading about yours! Is your bathroom renovation finished? When do we get to see the new and improved room? Having been through a bath remodel I know it takes far longer than expected. I'll be patient.



If you fel bad about your house then I don't think theres much hope for me! The photos you show give the impression of such a beautiful home.


it does take me a while to get round to things sometimes but then i feel so happy and content when all is tidy, clean and in order (even if it doesnt last long!!)
my new tactic this morning involved emptying the worst drawer in the world into a bin bag and dumping it in the utility room to see if we miss anything out of it .................
enjoy the book ;-)


Dear Lucy:
So glad to hear that you experience the same stay at home concerns that I do!Sometimes I think it is because we spend all of our days in our homes that we are so hard on ourselves. My sister came for a visit yesterday and commented on how cosy my house was. This is the same house that I have been meaning to dust and straighten for the last week. I have odds and ends all over the place. I don't entertain to any degree so I find that I am not motivated to keep everything in order.I am trying to develop a simple way of living and to be happy with what I have. I am. I figure if it isn't up to someone elses standards then thats quite alright too.I am sure you will eventually get done what has to be done on your own time.

Life Looms Large

Isn't the plotting a necessary first step before the doing???

(I love to procrastinate as much as the next girl, but really....the first step toward any change in your life is dreaming, right?)

Of course, sooner or later, just dreaming isn't enough!

Good luck!



Funny my son and I were talking about this only this morning, he asked what I was doing and I replied "Plotting" ie. dreaming we both agreed that the "plotting" is SOOO much nicer than the actual doing!
Unfortunately he then went on to declare that this family trait was probably one of those bag habits he had picked up from me!
Oh the shame....


Morning (here) Lucy,

Your Country Living is so much better than ours. So much more color and charm. I may have to see about getting a UK subscription. :~)

Now how am I supposed to tell you what is best, when here I sit on my computer neglecting my own duties in favor of your bright, colorful, beautiful, and inspirational blog? ;~)

I would however have to agree with Kar above. Sometimes I have to whip this place into shape in order to fall back in love with it again. It also helps me to focus better on enjoying the things that I like to do if I know that the clutter is gone and the floors are clean.

I think your home if full of so much loveliness and charm. I see a lot of those colors from the magazine in your home. :~)

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